What Does Your Nail Color Say About Your Personality?

What do your nail polish colors say about you

Is it hard to believe that even nail paints can defy your characteristics and traits? Yes, nail experts definitely believe so. You apply nail paints to reveal your sense of fashion and add aesthetic value to your nails.

But certain shades you choose define the innate characteristics you may possess, and these shades can reveal volumes about the type of personality you belong to.

You can wear nail paints to showcase your moods or the color of outfits you plan to wear for an office meeting, a coffee date, or a movie outing with your girls. The shades can be chosen in a versatile way that syncs with the occasion you are going in for.

Nail art or designer prints can also be added to bring out the peppy side of your fashion. In a way, you tell people how fashionable you are!

In this fashion guide on what your nail color says about you, we are going to discover multiple aspects of how nail paints describe your character traits vividly.

1. Wearing Red

Wearing Red

Scarlet reds reveal that you are a bold and glamorous person. You are here to make a statement and don’t really care about what other people think about you. The shade also reveals that you are a daring person and are passionate about taking those risks in your life. In a nutshell, people see you as a person with bold and peppy vibes.

Again, if you have a look at it, red comes to you in a variety of tones and color variances, and the shades can be worlds apart from each other. Brighter reds reveal a retro kind of vibe and are suitable for warmer months of the year. Hence when you choose a red color, you are certainly the ‘I-don’t-care’ kind of a person.

2. Hot Pink

Hot Pink

When you choose a hot pink shade as your nail paint color, you reveal your outgoing and bubbly character. You are cheerful and carry those happy vibes wherever you go. And you spread happiness and smiles among your friends and family, too. Similarly, you are considered playful, hot, and sexy while you sport this shade on your nails. In a way, you must be bold, confident, and feminine to carry this shade gracefully.

Choosing nail art in a dazzling array of designs goes well with the hot pink vibes. Traditional clothing and modern outfits suit hot pink or bubble pink nail paints, and therefore, you vibe well in both worlds, wherein you portray your sense of fashion and elegance.

3. Maroons


How about choosing a maroon nail paint shade? This is a darker variance of your peppy red. The shade is more of a winter nail paint, as a matter of fact. Similarly, maroon nail paints reveal your regal attitude while wanting to remain posh and sophisticated.

Wedding events or show-stopper events prefer maroon nail paints as you stay in sync with the occasion. Again, this is a dynamic shade of nail paint that goes well with traditional or contemporary outfits, the same way it goes with mermaid skirts or modern outfits. Maroon as a nail paint shade is, therefore, a wonderful choice of color you can pick as such.

4. Light Pink

Light Pink

While you wear light pink nail paint, you disclose that you are a quieter person who believes in the minimalist way of living. Although you have an inbuilt sense of fashion, you feel it is better to contain your emotions over revealing them outwardly.

Here, you wanna remain youthful and not labeled the ‘cutesy girl in town.’ In other words, you want to be regarded as a classy person without all that fuss. Overally, you do not want to stand out of the crowd. DIY nail art designs can bring brighter hues to this all-nude shade of pink. Nude pink goes well with Western outfits and subtle forms of clothing over jazzy ones.

5. Oranges are Always in Demand

Oranges are Always in Demand

Wearing orange nail paint indicates how groovy you are. Apparently, when you choose oranges or bright summer hues, it reveals that you are bubbly, easygoing, and can make friends pretty easily. The tropical orange is also a typical sunny color which also reveals that you are a warm-hearted person and are always ready to help people in times of need.

This peppy shade can have DIY nail designs or boutique prints when you want to make bold statements at parties or celebrity events. Women who love oranges or neons are also quite creative in nature, and they would be the first in line for fun outdoor events and adorable outings.

6. Lavenders Reveal a Softer Feminine Attitude

Lavenders Reveal a Softer Feminine Attitude

Lavender is a softer shade. The violet or the typical magenta color can tell the softer or the more feminine side of you on the whole. Here, you remain graceful and collected rather than being overtly bold or outspoken.

You are softer and gentle when you want to put your points to the table. This shade implies that you would rather be subtle and friendly with people than be rude to them. However, you bring out the subtle and feminine side of yourself while you do not want to appear too over-empowering or dominating.

7. Do You Love Wearing Purple Nail Paint?

Do You Love Wearing Purple Nail Paint

Are you fond of donning purple hues when it comes to choosing nail paints? Then, you must remember that this is not a primary color, after all. In fact, purple is formed when you mix blue with red. If you are a wearer of this enigmatic shade, you are bold, charismatic, and highly creative in nature.

Again, this extravagant shade reveals that you are highly artistic and confident. You would be open-minded to support modern ideas and not shy away from standing out from the crowd. The luxurious hue can be mixed with nail art designs if you want to make statements with your costumes or attire.

8. Yellows Can Never Get You Wrong

Yellows Can Never Get You Wrong

How can we skip out the sunny and vibrant yellows? When you choose yellow as your nail paint to accessorize, you are considered warm, friendly, and easygoing to deal with. You bring warmth and show astounding leadership qualities similar to that of the sun.

It is this never-ending gaze of energy drive you have that draws people closer to you as such. As you prefer yellow nail paints, you are also considered to be extroverted bohemian and carry your unique sense of style and persona wherever you go.

9. Green is Always in Vogue

Green is Always in Vogue

For those of you who love the green shade, you are known to have an earthy touch in you. You consider yourself to be the warrior of environmental issues, and you can also be a vegan who mostly consumes a plant-based diet. You may own your own garden, and you are endowed with a natural flair for green thumbs.

Green also has emerald or turquoise shades attributed to it. Those of you who love the turquoise shade of nail paint would be into water sports like swimming, sea diving, or snorkeling. With myriad greens like light green, bottle green, emerald, turquoise, and lime, you can wear different nail shades and almost rule the fashion world.

10. Blue- A Shade that is Always on The Go

Blue- A Shade that is Always on The Go

Again, blue takes shape in a variety of hues, after all. Here, the shades are sky blue, royal blue, and dark navy blue. For those of you who love sky blue, you are fun, outgoing, and dynamic. Royal blue exudes a sense of regality or royalness present in your attitude or personality.

Here, you would love to do everything posh and elegant, and you have a taste for rich and luxurious possessions in life. For those of you who wear dark navy blue, you have a spunky and darker edge to your character semblance. For wearers of this shade, women usually belong to the eerie or secretive types, and it is hard to judge what they are up to. Depending on the kind of blues you choose, your character traits differ accordingly.

11. Grays are Posh and Classy

Grays are Posh and Classy

Do you love sporting gray? Then, you are the kind of person who loves combining art with minimalism. You are highly artistic and creative, but however, you love keeping things simple and subdued. Wearers of this nail paint are, therefore, clic intellectuals who love keeping things classy.

Darker grays are a little edgier than lighter-gray nail paint lovers. Gray lovers are also highly sophisticated and posh and cannot compromise their lifestyle for anything. Combining shades of grays with nail art designs can help you stand out from the crowd after all. In this guide on what your nail color says about you, maximum efforts have been put into covering the best character traits that are associated with each nail color.

12. Black Says It All

Black Says It All

Black is a nail paint that is absolutely meant for the rebellious and no-nonsense kind of people. As a lover of the black shade, you rather want to create your own rules than conform to society’s rules.

Again, black is more of a winter color that is trendy and spontaneous. You expect black lovers to show off their attitude rather than appear to be people pleasers. These women can be brutally honest at times. In a way, you can accessorize black with a variety of trendy Western outfits. Mixing and matching other accessories also gel with black nail paint.

Summing It Up

We have covered a maximum number of cool color combinations you can go for while picking your nail paints.

Character prototypes for each nail paint have also been discussed with you at length.

Accessorizing nail paints with your outfits, belts, or jewelry again can speak volumes about your sense of fashion and style.

You can reveal your persona better when you know how to mix and match the right kind of accessories.

DIY nail art designs can be done via nail art salons, or you can download internet tutorials to learn them yourself.

Glitter paints can again add to a more glitzy and glamorous you.

So, which one of these nail paints are you going to try right away?

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