How to Have Gorgeous-Looking Smooth Boobs

Want your boobs to look drop-dead gorgeous? Start the Pampering. Now!

Who doesn’t want their breasts to look firm, smooth, and beautiful? That’s a rhetorical question; everyone aspires for soft boobs. The actual question is, are you doing the needful? One of the basic things is wearing a right-fit bra, and most women are doing that wrong to begin with!

Paying attention to the skin on your breasts has to be an important part of your skincare regime. When it comes to skincare, the prime focus is on the face, followed by both sets of limbs. So much time, effort, and money is invested in taking care of the skin of the face.

Breasts are often neglected. The breast skin is sensitive and more prone to abrasion as compared to any other upper body part due to body-hugging bras and clothes.

Before delving into the solution, let us discuss why taking care of your breasts is important.

Factors Affecting Your Breasts

Breasts go through so many stresses on a daily basis. Since the skin around the breasts is very sensitive, these stresses can have an adverse effect on the breasts. The impact may or may not be visible instantly, but it will be evident in the long run.

Look at the following stresses on the boobs:

1. Poor-Fitted Bras

Poorly fitted bras can make the boobs look bad. Not just that, an ill-fitted bra can cause irreversible damage to the breast tissue and also impact your upper body posture. An extremely tight bra will cause skin problems such as irritation and redness, and it will also cause breathing discomfort.

A loose bra, on the other hand, will result in pre-mature sagging of the breast tissue. It is very important to wear the right bra size to avoid suffocation or sagging of breasts and avoid unnecessary stretch marks in the long run. Just the right amount of support is required to counter the gravitational pull and avoid descending the delicate tissue sooner than it should.

Poor-Fitted Bras

2. Sunlight

Exposure to the sun has the potential to cause damage to the skin. This damage is not limited to the face and the neck. Any body part exposed to direct sunlight is bound to get damaged due to the sun’s UV radiation. If you wear plunging necklines or often bask in the sun on a beach, wearing a bikini, the sun can damage the sensitive skin on the chest.


3. Sweat

Living in hot and humid weather conditions can cause people to sweat more. A good workout session, such as gymming, cycling, running, etc., can also result in sweating profusely. Sweating exposes the skin to increased incidents of skin infections, bacterial acne, sebum and dirt buildup, and clogging of the pores. Clogged pores and accumulation of dirt and sebum for a long duration of time on breast skin result in acne breakouts.


4. Sleeping in a Prone Position

Sleeping flat on the tummy is called a prone position. Sleeping in a prone position puts unnecessary pressure on the boobs. This undue pressure can affect the shape of your breasts. This also results in the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the breasts. Therefore, sleeping flat on the breasts can affect the overall appearance of the breasts.

Sleeping in a Prone Position

5. Fluctuating Weight

Fluctuating weight is your enemy that you are not aware of. Weight can fluctuate because of several reasons, such as menopause, pregnancy, thyroid-related issues, and a condition called PCOD. Frequent and major weight gain and loss can affect your body greatly. Eventually, it affects the breast tissue as well. Cycles of major weight gain and loss can add fat to the breasts when weight is gained and reduce breast size when weight is lost. This makes the breast tissue lose firmness, develop stretch marks and look bad.

Fluctuating Weight

6. Pregnancy

Pregnancy also results in an increase in breast size. The breast size starts increasing around six weeks to 8 weeks and continues to grow throughout pregnancy. This size remains the same till the time the baby is being breastfed. Soon after breastfeeding is over, the size begins to decrease gradually. This results in saggy breasts and stretch marks on the boobs. Breastfeeding itself is a pressure on the breasts.


Tips for Having Smooth Boobs

Despite these stresses, your breasts can look amazing if you take care of them properly. Taking care of your breasts would obviously include taking care of the stress and keeping them in check.

Here are some amazing tips to make your boobs look drop-dead gorgeous!

1. Begin with a well-fitted Bra

There are slight discrepancies when it comes to wearing the right size bra. The measurements vary depending on brands, materials, and types of bras. Try multiple brands and sizes to find the right fit.

How to find the right size? If you don’t want to go through the trouble of trying things out, you can always rely upon the conventional way of finding the right size bra. Measure the cup size and the belt size separately using a measuring tape.

It is also advised to change your bras every six months. With regular use, any bra is bound to lose its support over some time. Hence, it is important to buy new bras for better support.

A common misconception is that only larger breasts are prone to sagging. Even breasts of smaller sizes are prone to sagging if adequate support is not provided.

It is very important to wear a bra that provides the correct amount of support without suffocating the breast tissue. Wearing a bra of correct fitting will help in avoiding unnecessary sagging or wrinkling of the breast skin.

Begin with a well-fitted Bra

2. Exfoliate Often

Breasts are tightly enclosed in bras for most of the day, which is why they tend to have more dead skin cells and sebum accumulation. Exfoliation has several benefits for the skin. Exfoliation helps in the removal of dirt and sebum buildup. It helps in unclogging the pores on the breast skin. It also helps in the prevention of sweat and oil-related acne breakouts and significantly delays the onset of premature aging of breast skin.

Products containing salicylic acid are great for the exfoliation of breasts. Salicylic acid prevents acne breakouts on the chest skin.

The skin around the breasts is sensitive, so exfoliation should be done gently. Do not exfoliate daily, as it can irritate the skin and cause redness and itching.

Exfoliate Often

3. Moisturise Daily

Just like the face, the skin on the breasts is also sensitive. It is also subjected to a lot of stress, so it becomes even more important to hydrate and moisturize the breast skin. Any good body lotion, face cream, or even serum can be used to moisturize the breasts. Right after bathing, slather the breasts up in a good moisturizer. A moisturizer having vitamin E should be preferred. Moisturizing daily helps to prevent sagging and dryness of the breasts.

Moisturise Daily

4. Use Sunscreen on Exposed Chest Skin

Sun rays can cause far more damage than you can think. If you are wearing a low-neck top, a bikini, a sports bra while working out, or even a swimsuit, it is imperative to apply sunscreen to your chest and other exposed areas as well. After applying moisturizer, apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your breasts to prevent premature aging of the sensitive skin around the chest, tanning, or any kind of sun damage.

It is advised to wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 or above to have an effective barrier against the sun’s harmful radiations.

Use Sunscreen on Exposed Chest Skin

5. Cold Water Treatment for Breasts

Splashing cold water on your breasts helps in improving blood circulation to the breast tissue. Improved blood circulation results in appropriate oxygen and nutrient supply to the breast tissue, resulting in healthier-looking breasts.

Cold Water Treatment for Breasts

6. Massage Your Breasts Regularly

Massaging also improves blood circulation and imparts similar benefits as cold water treatment—better blood circulation results in firm and healthy-looking breasts. After bathing, massage your breasts gently to have a firmer shape and better-looking breasts. Massaging also helps in draining excess lymph fluid. This results in the suppression of any swelling in the breasts.

Massage Your Breasts Regularly

7. Sleep on The Back

Avoid sleeping in a prone position to avoid unnecessary pressure on your breasts. Try sleeping on the back more often. Sleeping on the back helps in avoiding fine lines, wrinkles, and deformation of the breasts.

Sleep on The Back

8. Exercise Daily

Maintaining a healthy weight helps a lot in maintaining smooth and firm-looking breasts. Frequently fluctuating weight results in stretch marks on the skin and sagging breasts. Exercising daily helps the cause. Exercises that are focused on the chest muscles help in lifting up breasts. These exercises aim to build the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts, giving a lifted and firm look to them. Wear an appropriate sports bra to reduce the damage caused by jolting movements.

Exercise Daily

9. Consume a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet goes a long way! It has more than one benefit for the breasts. Consuming a healthy diet not only helps in maintaining a steady and healthy weight but also prevents the risk of developing breast cancer. The benefits of eating dark-colored grapes are mentioned in an article published by The Times of India, which states that the skin of the grapes has anticancer properties. Consuming dark-colored grapes protects the skin of the breasts from damage, which could lead to the development of cancer.

Consume a Healthy Diet

10. Take a Shower After Working Out

Do not just change into a new pair of clothes after working out. The sweat and dirt will remain there on your chest until you take a shower the next morning, probably. Accumulating dirt, sweat, and body oil for a long duration will attract bacteria and other microbes that will cause acne breakouts in the chest region. Taking a shower after a good workout session is advised. This will minimize the chances of sweat-induced acne breakouts on your chest. Use a mild body cleanser to wash off sweat, oil, sebum, and dirt from the breasts and rest of the body.

Take a Shower After Working Out

11. Keep Your Back Straight

Hunched shoulders and slouching while sitting and walking result in a bad posture. Not just that, a bad posture also affects how your breasts look. A lot of women develop bad posture because they are conscious of their breasts. Don’t be conscious; keep your back straight and walk with confidence!

Keep Your Back Straight

12. Pamper Your Breasts Every Now and Then

Pamper your breasts with a good hydrating mask every once in a while. Use a gentle and nourishing mask for your breasts to have smooth-looking breast skin. One such home remedy involves the use of papaya and buttermilk. To make this mask, mix two tablespoons of buttermilk and four tablespoons of papaya in a bowl. Uniformly apply this mask on your breasts and let it sit there for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Use lukewarm water to wash it off, and enjoy the resulting glowing breast skin! It is, however, advised to do a patch test before applying anything on the full surface area of the breasts to avoid allergic reactions.

Pamper Your Breasts Every Now and Then

Summing It Up

All in all, the breast skin is very delicate, and it requires your attention. Not just the skin but also the breast tissue needs care and pampering.

Breasts are subjected to a lot of stress, which can result in bad-looking breasts. Wearing the right size bra can reduce the damage to the breast tissue as well as the breast skin. Having a straight posture makes the breasts look good.

Wearing sunscreen with more than 15 SPF will protect the chest skin from sun damage and premature aging. Showering frequently, especially after a sweating episode, is recommended to reduce acne breakouts.

Gentle exfoliation will certainly aid the cause. Cold water treatment and massaging regularly help in improving blood circulation. Exercising and a healthy diet go hand in hand to improve the look of your breasts.

Lastly, moisturizing daily and pampering your breasts with hydrating masks at regular intervals can alleviate the look.

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