Top 10 Reasons Why Your Hair Strands May Have a Crinkly Texture

Why are Some of My Hair Strands Crinkly? (10 Reasons)

Have you been recently asking yourself this question?

Why are some of my hair strands crinkly?

Many people mistake crinkly hair for its nature and consider it normal. However, thicker strands of hair in some parts compared to others is a sign asking for extra care. The uneven and rough texture in different parts of your hair denotes a significant change in your lifestyle. Instead of accepting it as a part of your routine, bring the necessary change to enhance the quality of your hair.

This article will help you get freedom from rough and improper hair structure. It explores the possibilities of having wavy hair and suggests some solutions. It will guide you through each possible reason and help identify the specific result of your hair damage. Hairstyle is much more than just a look; it is an element of your personality.

Why Are Some of My Hair Strands Crinkly?

If you have been genetically passed on a coarse hair texture, it is not a problem. However, if it is a result of certain changes in the lifestyle in the past few years, it can be changed. If they have not been rough and coarse since the beginning, you can identify the effecting factors and change their quality.

Let us dive deep into the possible factors that can make your hair uneven and wavy.

1. Excessive Stretching in Hairstyling


The hairstyle you choose to carry daily has a lot of impact on the quality of your hair. Braids, knots, and similar patterns keep the hair uptight for a longer duration. Putting excessive strain on the roots can lead to crinkly hair in the long term. So, while thinking about why some of my hair strands are crinkly, reflect on how you keep your hair.

This calls for a change in your daily hairstyle. Introduce new methods of tying hair that allow them to relax. Repetitive tension in the head area causes the hair to stretch past its limit. In extreme cases, overstretching can also be a reason for traction alopecia. Opt for protective hairstyles that extend your hair to a reasonable extent without causing any damage.

When done properly, cornrows, low buns, knots, box braids, and locs can also be healthy for your hair texture.

2. Chemical Treatments

Chemical Treatments .jpg

Are you someone who gets regular treatments for your hair? It can be straightening, smoothening, coloring, or any other similar chemical procedure. Any method that uses chemical-filled products can harm your hair.

The chemicals present in the products are harsh on the smooth hair texture. When such treatments become a regular part of your lifestyle, your hair texture gets rough and damaged.

If getting such treatments is a part of your lifestyle, then you have the answer to your question, “Why are some of my hair strands crinkly ?”. To restore the moisture and health of your hair, you will need to massage your hair with nutritious and natural hair oil. You can also nourish your scalp with deep moisturizing masque.

Avoid such chemical treatments until your hair restores its original shine and strength. Thereafter, only get the treatments only when it is inevitable.

3. Heat Damage from Styling Tools

Heat Damage from Styling Tools

Why are some of my hair strands crinkly is what you might be thinking! However, did you ever ponder upon why you use so many styling tools to get ready regularly? Having perfectly placed hair daily is not possible in real life. If you are using styling tools with heat to keep your hair perfect, it is the biggest damage.

Researchers have found that flat and curling irons can damage 85% of your hair’s keratin proteins. This makes your hair dry and brittle in the long term. Such tools reach high temperatures to give your hair the perfect shape. However, this heat also damages the hair cuticle. Crinkly hair is one of the main signs that shows the damage caused by extreme heat through tools.

Use an appropriate hair mask or conditioner to treat the damage and nurture your scalp.

4. UV Exposure and Pollution

UV Exposure and Pollution .jpg

Are you somebody who has to travel regularly for work? Is your exposure to sunlight and pollution more? This might be the biggest reason for your hair damage. When you think about why are some of my hair strands crinkly, think about your routine. Do you expose your hair to sunlight and dust during your travel time? This UV radiation causes hair protein loss and also results in color change.

If you have the freedom to change your routine and reduce the exposure time, implement it. However, if it is not possible to do that, protect your hair with a cap or long cloth. Cover your hair every time you step out for some work to avoid the impact of UV Exposure and pollution. Use the cap and a scarf to ensure that every inch of your hair is protected by the cloth.

You can also use coconut oil to restore your hair and protect it from further damage.

5. Split Ends

Split Ends

Split ends are one of the main reasons for crinkly hair. However, the split end is an outcome of many unhealthy hair habits. Using inappropriate products, over-stretching, not trimming your hair regularly, and extreme pollutants are some of the main reasons for getting split ends. When the split ends are not treated properly, they result in crinkly hair. It gives a wrinkled, rough, and shabby look to your hair.

Trimming your hair regularly every few months is one of the best ways to avoid split ends. However, if the split ends keep recurring despite the trimming, it calls for special attention. You will need to ponder upon the question, “Why are some of my hair strands crinkly ?”

Find the root cause and use an appropriate oil, mask, shampoo, or conditioner to help them grow. Your hair might need a certain amount of time to return to its original nature once you start nourishing it.

6. Overusing Hair Dye

Overusing Hair Dye

Dyeing your hair regularly will tend to make your hair a little dry. If you overuse any color to change the tone of your hair, it will adversely affect its texture, too. Many individuals love to change their hair color now and then to get a new look or to stay updated with the latest trends. However, this fashion can lead to a huge disaster when it comes to your hair health. It is necessary to be aware of the impact these colors have on your hair.

The dye contains multiple chemical agents that weaken our hair strands. The bleach used in the coloring procedure contains higher amounts of peroxide. It harms the hair from the roots, causing disruption. When done in moderation, dying will not cause much harm to your hair texture. You can use deep conditioning products to restore any damage caused by excessive coloring.

7. Frequent Shampooing

Frequent Shampooing

We would all agree to the fact that washing hair gives us a fresh and perfect new look. However, washing your hair regularly is not a good idea for healthy hair. When you use shampoo, it strips the scalp of its natural oils by giving it a deeper cleanse. This leads to dry and unruly hair. If you frequently shampoo your hair without oiling it, in the long term, it will result in a wavy texture.

It is advisable only to wash your hair when you feel the need to do so. When they feel dirty, smelly, and extremely oily, it’s time to wash them. Oiling your hair before the wash is yet another technique to retain the smoothness and strength of your hair. You can massage your scalp with any warm hair oil. Leave it for about 45 minutes to 1 hour before the wash.

Rosemary oil is one of the best to enhance hair growth and reduce dryness.

8. Improper Detangling After Wash

Improper Detangling After Wash .jpg

How do you dry your hair after washing them? Damp hair and extremely wet hair can easily be damaged if not treated properly. Using the wrong products to dry wet hair can cause crinkly strands. If you are not in a hurry, the best method is to let your hair dry naturally.

Use a microfiber towel, an old T-shirt, or a thin cloth to dry your hair. Once they are about 50% dry, you can detangle the knots slowly. Use a wide-tooth comb to make the detangling process easier and less harmful.

9. Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional Deficiencies

Despite all the efforts for your hair health, do you still end up with the same question: Why are some of my hair strands crinkly ? If nothing is working, it must be a nutrition deficiency. Yes! Lack of specific nutrition can also result in less growth of your hair and improper texture.

It takes a lot of time to notice this reason. So, it is better to be careful about your food intake and regular habits for healthy hair. You can also add hair gummies to your routine. They specifically provide you with the needed nutrients for better growth of your hair.

10. Overbrushing and Breakage

Overbrushing and Breakage

Overbrushing your hair causes a lot of friction in the hair. People tend to brush their hair now and then, considering it healthy. However, this can cause a lot of damage to the texture and length. You should only brush your hair when it is necessary to style.

Using an appropriate brush is another important aspect of keeping your hair healthy. If you have curls or extremely long hair, use the brush that suits your hair texture. If you are not sure about which kind of comb to use, experiment with different styles until you find the best one. Wooden combs, paddle brushes, round hair brushes, wide tooth combs, lice combs, detangling brushes, tail combs,scalp massage brushes, flat hair brushes, and vented brushes are some of the types.

The Solution to ‘Why Are Some of My Hair Strands Crinkly?’

Here are some simple solutions to keep your hair texture smooth and strong. Identify the cause of damage and take appropriate action for healthy hair.

1. Have a Hair Care Routine!

Have a Hair Care Routine! .jpg

Having a hair care routine is essential for nourishing your hair, including massaging, using essential oils, and nurturing through hair masks. Such small habits once a week will keep your hair healthy in the long term. Try different options until you find the best routine that suits your hair.

2. Select the Right Products

Select the Right Products

Every hair has a unique texture and needs a suitable shampoo and conditioner. Instead of asking yourself why are some of my hair strands crinkly, identify the unique needs of your hair. Select the right products to get the right outcome. Opt for natural products to avoid excessive chemical intake.

3. Healthy Habits for Overall Benefit

Healthy Habits for Overall Benefit .jpg

Keep consuming healthy food along with using suitable products. Right vegetables, fruits, nuts, and oils will nourish your scalp from within and accelerate growth. If you are unaware of the nutrition deficiencies in your body, get the reports done. When you have an idea about which vitamins or nutrients are missing, you will be able to change your diet accordingly.

Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy!

‘Why are some of my hair strands crinkly?’ will no longer be a question of concern once you bring these basic changes in your life. In the initial stage, it might be difficult for you to identify the exact reason for the roughness in your hair. Start by observing your day-to-day activities related to your hair and identify any of the above habits. Once you identify the damaging habit, make a plan to alter it.

The process of reversing your damage will take some time and patience. However, the changes will be seen in the initial weeks. Be consistent with the new healthy habits and keep your hair healthy for years. Hair health is an integral part of your body, requiring attention and care.

Take care of this aspect of your body by giving it the needed attention and care.

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