15 Fashion Hacks to Make Your Heels More Comfortable

how to make heels more comfortable

Let’s all be honest. We love wearing heels and how they make us feel, but on some days, even the thought of wearing them stresses us out because of the discomfort they cause. The thought of how sore your feet will be after wearing those heels last time comes rushing back. But today, we are here to tell you about how to make heels more comfortable.

We cannot stop wearing heels because of how dull our lives and our outfits will be without some sass added! Several fashion fixes can make your heel-wearing experience more comfortable.

We do not promise that you will feel like walking on a flower bed, but these hacks are definitely going to make your life so much better.

Ways to Make Heels More Comfortable

1. Cut Them Short

Cut Them Short

The easiest way to make your heels comfortable is by keeping them a bit short. If you find a pair of heels that you like very much because of its color and look, but it has a heel higher than you want, you can always get them cropped. Ask the salesperson or take them to a local shoe repair shop to get them short to a comfortable height. It might happen that you bought a heel, wear it for one time, and you find out later that you cannot bear the comfort the heels cause; getting them short will also save you money, will not have to compromise on the looks, and also make the heels more comfortable. So this is a very smart thing to do.

2. Watch Your Walk

Watch Your Walk

Walking in heels is an art. The technique and the way you walk in heels are very different than the way you walk in your shoes or flats. Your whole body is involved in the task of walking in heels. The best way to walk in heels is by tightening your core and walking heel to toe. Accept that you will have to be extra conscious in heels, and you cannot run around like you are wearing trainers. You cannot be slouchy in heels; always keep your spine straight and maintain your posture. The most important thing is to have that bounce and confidence in your steps. Walk like a diva who has all eyes on her.

3. Pick The Right-Shaped Heels

Pick The Right-Shaped Heels

Choose a heel type according to the shape of your foot. Yes, it’s not only you; we all have a type of heel that suits our feet the best. If you have wide toes, do not buy pointed heels. Flat-tip heels are not recommended for people whose toes cascade down from the biggest toe to the little toe too steeply. Buy something that feels comfortable, no matter how hot that stiletto pump makes you look. Do not get tempted to pick them if they hurt your feet. Anyways, these days, comfort is ruling the fashion game. You may ignore these small things and keep bearing the pain, but it may hurt your back and legs in the long run.

4. Let Your Heels Adjust

Let Your Heels Adjust

Wear your heels inside the house before you wear them out. Put on thick socks and your new heels and walk around the house for an hour. This may sound weird, but trust us, this helps your feet not get sore. When you have brought new heels for a special event, the last thing you want is your feet getting blisters. You may think that the heels are comfortable until you wear them for a long period. This will help mold the heels according to the shape of your feet, and the socks will create a small gap that will not let the material bite on your skin or create a rash with friction.

5. Use Foot Padding

Use Foot Padding

Stick padding on the part of your feet that you may think will get rubbed against the heel and can give you rashes or blisters. These are easy to use and carry; peel them off and stick them whenever the heels are rubbing. The back of the ankles and side are two that get blisters quite often. You can cut these padding in your desired size and stick them on. It is a smart move always to carry them in your handbag if you often wear heels. Whenever you feel like a blister is about to come, cut and apply this to stop worsening the situation and make the heels more comfortable for you.

6. Carry an Anti Blister Balm Stick

Carry an Anti Blister Balm Stick

For the times you cannot bother sticking plasters on your foot, you can use this transparent anti-blister stick to make things more comfortable for you. It will work as a lubricant for the area of skin that is getting rubbed off against the heel to decrease the friction and will also moisturize the skin. This is a very cute and small thing to carry in your bag to use whenever and wherever your shoes are causing you discomfort. This will instantly give your feet some relaxation, but this may not be long-lasting; you may have to keep reapplying it if you are planning to spend a lot of continuous hours in heels.

7. Consider Buying Platform Heels

Consider Buying Platform Heels

There is no denying the fact that platform heels are more comfortable than stiletto heels. These heels give you height, but do not bend your foot at a steep angle. Platform heels do not give so much stress on your toe or heel area; rather, the weight is equally divided on your foot, and that is why they feel so comfortable to walk in. Always have them in your collection for days when you are in no mood to go through the pain of wearing pointy heels. Platform heels are also very much in trend and are pretty stylish, too. You will get them in almost all brands, colors, sizes, and shapes.

8. Stick Padded Heel Insoles

Stick Padded Heel Insoles

If the balls of your heel start screaming every time you wear heels, padded heel insoles will work like magic for you. This peel and stick insoles will create a gel cushion between your soft feet and hard heels. You can go for full insole pads only if your heels are slightly big; otherwise, your feet might not get enough space to breathe and get cramped. The insoles on just the back of your heels help to ease the discomfort. These kinds of insole pads are easily available and user-friendly. Just put them on before leaving the house; the best thing about these insole pads is that they are never visible.

9. Heels with A Sandal Strap

Heels with A Sandal Strap

We cannot deny that wearing heels with laces, straps, or ties around the angle brings more comfort. They are comparatively more comfortable without compromising on the looks and style of it, especially when the straps are adjustable. These heels come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The options are wide; you need to look for them. The straps help to wrap more feet around the heel and keep them in place. Your foot will have a nice grip, and it won’t keep slipping off. So next time you are enticed towards adding new heels to your wardrobe, make sure they have an ankle strap, elastic crisscross straps, or laces on them to aid your comfort.

10. Use Heel Grip Caps

Use Heel Grip Caps

Usually, the pointed heels are very difficult to walk in because they keep slipping on the surface and do not have a nice grip on it. Using heel grips will help you walk stable without slipping off. These also work as heel repair caps for your worn-out heels. If you are sad about parting ways with your favorite heels because of their worn-out heels, worry no more; just put these grips on, and you are ready to go. Heel grips come in various sizes and colors to choose from. These bring you more comfort with the added foot balance and without fear of slipping off your heels at a party.

11. Carry an Extra Pair Along

Carry an Extra Pair Along

Sometimes, you badly need a break from your heels at a long event or a party, even so desperately that you are ready to walk barefoot. In this situation, a pair of flats feels like an oasis in the desert. You can carry extra slip-ons or foldable ballet flats in your bag when you know that it is going to be a long time before you can get off your heels. You can get off those heels as soon as you leave the venue and on your way back home, or you go to an afterparty. Sometimes, just changing your shoes can relieve so much stress and get you in a better mood instantly, so it is always a good idea to keep an extra pair around.

12. Silicon Heel Inserts

Silicon Heel Inserts

Heel cushions are for ultimate comfort. They are lightweight, invisible, and fit all kinds of shoes and heels. Your back and your feet are going to thank you for these as these inserts will not let your foot slip, and the gel technology will absorb the direct shock and impact on your feet. These inserts fit and take the shape of the back of your ankle and also protect it from blisters. You need to stick them in your heels, and you are ready to go. This works exceptionally well if your heels are a little loose and your foot keeps slipping off by filling in that extra space.

13. Give Your Feet Some Rest

Give Your Feet Some Rest

Do not be hard on yourself because carrying yourself in heels is tough; no one can do it every day back to back. Please avoid wearing heels for more than two days in a row. Give your feet some break in between. Stick to flats or your comfortable pair of shoes to let your feet feel at home. Pamper them with a pedicure or relieve tension in them with a hot water tub and moisturization. You can also stretch your toes by drawing an imaginary letter with the biggest one. The point is not to let the pain build up. Once your feet are relaxed, you will be more comfortable wearing heels again and slay.

14. Wearable Foot Pads or Heel Cups

Wearable Foot Pads or Heel Cups

These add so much comfort to your feet. You can wear any of these two according to the types of heels you are wearing. Use foot pads when the area around your toe gives you too much pain and heel cups if the balls of your feet are in pain only after a few minutes of being in heels. They provide an extra cushion and make the experience so much more comfortable. It protects you from pain by cushioning your feet and also saves it from blisters and rashes. You can even wear them with your regular shoes or boots. But sadly, these are mostly very visible and cannot be worn with all types of heels.

15. Heel Stoppers

Heel Stoppers

Walking on the grass when you have high heels on is a nightmare. Heel stoppers work as a rescuer in such situations. These will help you to walk on the grass effortlessly, even with heels. These are different from the heel grips we talked about earlier; they cover up the pointy part, while heel stoppers extend the pointed heel and make it more flat so it does not get stuck in the ground, especially in the rainy season. So, if you are about to attend a backyard party or a lake-side open-ground wedding, you can still wear those hot heels with these stoppers on.

Final Thoughts

Heels are fashionable; they make you look stylish, and there is nothing better than your heels being comfortable too. Heels may also cause back or foot pains in the long run, so if you really really cannot bear wearing heels, don’t! Because we highly believe that fashion is what makes you happy and comfortable.

Some days, we cannot even picture our look without those hot heels, whatever the cost. So, for those days, these fashion hacks will help you ease your discomfort. Try them and see which one works for you.

In case wearing heels was a daunting experience for you, and you had no idea how to make heels more comfortable, we just showed you how!

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