Why is Your Hair So Tangled and Falling Out? Causes and Solutions

Why is My Hair So Tangled and Falling Out?

We all hate that feeling when we see a bunch of hair tangled with each other. The falling out of hair from the scalp has given us all heartbreak, which is quite hard to endure. However, it is perfectly normal to shed a certain amount of hair daily. Still, there are multiple reasons as to why your hair might be forming knots and falling out. 

Hair gets tangled easily when it is in a damaged state. Anyone with the hair long enough to brush knows that hair tangling is inevitable. At the same time, some extent of hair tangling is to be expected within the hair. We can take a few measures and adopt certain traits that would help prevent hair tangling and falling out of the hair.

With thorough research, we have made a few points for you to understand the root of this problem and how to reduce it. 

Why is Your Hair So Tangled and Falling Out?

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Tangles are created when dead hair, which is removed from the scalp, and the live hair still attached to the scalp gets intertwined. When the cuticle is open and rough, hair tends to tangle and fall off. To understand this issue better, read ahead to know the causes behind the hair tangling and shedding off. 

1. Chemical Treatment 

Chemical Treatment

Using chemical treatments like bleaches, hair dyes, and other treatments that use harsh chemicals can ruin your hair. These kinds of chemicals cause the chemical degradation of proteins and lead to the stripping of protein layers of your hair.

It attacks the outer layer of your hair, which is called the cuticle, and damages it. As a result of which, the strength of the hair fibre gets reduced. It can lead to various problems like dry and rough hair, split ends, hair breakage, loss of texture, hair loss, and dry or itchy scalp. 

2. Harsh Weather Conditions 

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Exposure to extreme and harsh weather conditions can lead to dryness of the hair. When the hair is not protected against humidity, harsh sun, and extreme weather conditions, the hair becomes dull and lifeless. It impacts the cuticle of your hair, which leads to a breakdown of the protein present in your hair. As a result, the hair becomes knotty and frizzy and is bound to fall off. 

3. Hardwater 


The type of water you use for your hair can also affect the health of your hair. Hard water can be bad and cause damage to your hair. It contains dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals are proven to be an absolute nightmare for the hair. It can easily damage the hair cuticle. It makes the texture of the hair dry and rough, which is prone to tangling. 

4. Overexposure to Heat 

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Most of the styling tools use electric heat to change the appearance of the natural hair. This heat can cause tremendous damage to the hair cuticle. This can break the bonds in the hair’s keratin structure. The hair can become dry and damaged, making them prone to tangling and breakage. 

5. Using Harsh Products 

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Keep an eye on the products that you are using on your hair. Sometimes, hair products can become the reason for extreme dryness and breakage of hair. Hair products like shampoo, conditioner, or gel could contain chemicals that can ruin the outer shaft of the hair. Using harsh hair products can easily make your hair weak and prone to tangling. 

6. Dehydration 

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Dry hair can lead to extreme tangling and hair breakage. Dehydration is the most common reason why your hair might be tangling a lot and falling off. You have to moisturize your hair from the outside and hydrate from within as well. The outer layer of the hair is also important, and the moisture keeps the hair cuticle hydrated enough. Don’t over-moisturize the hair by putting on too much product. Make sure to have a balance of moisture and protein in your hair. 

7. Improper Washing of Hair

Improper Washing of Hair

When the hair is not washed properly, then it can lead to many hair problems. Not using the right products and the right amount can lead to hair and scalp problems. It makes the hair more susceptible to damage and entanglement. The improper washing of hair can lead to product and residue build-up, making the hair tangling the next step in the process of damaging the hair. 

How to Prevent Tangling and Falling Out of the Hair 

Now that we know the causes of hair tangling let us look at some points to help prevent this problem. If you are currently struggling with the tangling and falling off the hair, then do read ahead for some great suggestions. 

1. Make Wide-Toothed Comb Your Bestfriend 

Make Wide-Toothed Comb Your Bestfriend

A wide-toothed comb is a necessary part of the haircare routine. It is very gentle on your hair shaft. You can also detangle your hair with this kind of comb while conditioning. It is one of the best practices to prevent and treat all the detangling of your hair. This increases the hair’s elasticity with the moisture of water and product. As a result, more elasticity of the hair means less susceptibility to breakage and tangling. 

2. Use a Microfiber Towel 

Use a Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel is the best towel to dry your gently. The traditional towels can cause knots and tangles in your hair due to friction. To prevent the major tangles caused by friction, using a microfiber towel is the best. Simple blot excess water from your hair using a microfiber towel can make your hair healthy and free from dryness. 

3. Go For Regular Trims 

Go For Regular Trims

It may seem counterproductive to cut your hair frequently to grow them longer. But regular trimming can indeed help you achieve your hair goals. The split ends in your hair can damage the hair shaft, which, as a result, will hinder the growth of your hair. It can cause shedding and breakage of the hair. It contributes to creating tangles in your hair, which is not good for your hair. That is why it is suggested to get hair terms at least two or three times a year to prevent split ends. 

4. Oil Regularly 

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For ages, oiling has been considered a crucial step in a haircare routine. And it still is the best option to give your hair the nourishment it deserves. Regular oiling can improve the health of your hair. It can save your hair and prevent dryness, and brittle and damaged hair strands. So, make sure to oil your hair at least once a week to give your scalp and hair some moisturisation. 

5. Use a Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Use a Sulphate-Free Shampoo

A sulphate-free shampoo is a great cleanser for your hair. It removes the dirt from the scalp without stripping off the natural oils of the hair. Drying is the number one cause of the detangling of the hair.  More tangles mean more damage to the hair. To avoid damage to your hair, a sulfate-free shampoo is the best choice. This kind of shampoo will reduce the dryness in your hair. 

6. Stay Hydrated 

Stay Hydrated

Hydration from outside and from within is very important. Make sure that you are drinking that 8 glasses of water every day. Also, consume water-rich foods and fruits to enhance the quality of your hair from within. Hydration is a must if you want your hair to be free from dryness. When you hydrate your body from within, it will make your hair clear from breakage and brittle hair. Dehydrated hair leads to dry hair, which, as a result, tends to form more knots and tangles. So always stay hydrated and eat healthy food for your healthy hair. 

7. Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning .jpg

Deep conditioning is recommended by every hair expert to treat your damaged hair with some hydration. We have talked about hydration from within, and now it is time to talk about hydrating your dry and dull hair. Using deep conditioning treatments like masks is great for nourishing your damaged hair. Many trichologists suggest using these treatments once or twice a month for fantastic results. It will seal the moisture in your hair cuticles and repair the split ends that have been caused by using heat styling tools and brushing your hair violently.

8. Protect your Hair When Stepping Out 

Protect your Hair When Stepping Out

Make sure to protect your hair from getting tangled while stepping out. There are various ways in which you can protect your hair, like wearing a hat when out in the sun, covering your hair when getting into a swimming pool, and oiling your hair when getting into salty water. Your hair cuticles will remain protected and free from damage if you use these tips while going out. 


Hair is a very important part of an individual life. And that is why it is necessary to take proper care of your hair. Just a few thoughtful steps can make your hair look healthy and gorgeous.

We hope that you liked our points on how to prevent your hair from getting tangled and falling off. If you are also suffering from the same problem, then try the above-presented tips for beautiful hair.

Good luck, and take good care of your pretty hair. 

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