How to Properly Prep Hair for Braids?

How To Prep Hair For Box Braids: Pre-poo, Clarify, ...

Do you want to know how to get your hair all ready for box braids? Well, you’re in the right place. Box braids are super cool and stylish, but before you can have them, you must prepare your hair. Think about how you will make beautiful shapes with your hair that will stay for a while, but first, you need to do a bit of groundwork.

We’re going to show you some simple steps to make sure your hair is just right for those fantastic box braids. We’ll also share how to untangle hairs without any problems. We’ve got a cool little secret to share about protecting your scalp, too.

By the end of this, you’ll be all set to start braiding and rock those awesome box braids. So, let’s jump in and learn how to prep hair for braids. It’s going to be a breeze.

What are Braids?

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Braids are a classic hairstyle where you weave three or more strands of hair together, making pretty patterns. People have liked them for a long time, in different places and times, because they’re creative and helpful. The cool thing about braids is they work for short or long hair and come in simple versions or fancier ones like fishtail or waterfall designs. Braids don’t just look nice. They stop hair from getting tangled, breaking, or getting hurt by the outside.

Braids mean more than looks. They can show where you’re from, your importance, or big moments in your life. For example, African communities pass down special braiding ways that mean a lot. Braids have changed over time, mixing old and new. From prepping hair for braids to trendy Dutch braids, they’re popular everywhere, from fancy events to regular life.

These styles mix art and tradition well.

Hair Preparing for Braids

1. Cleanse and Condition

First, make your hair clean and nice. Wash it with a special shampoo that helps keep it wet. This takes away dirt and stuff that makes your hair messy. After that, do something special for your hair. Use a deep conditioner. It’s like giving your hair a big drink of water. It makes your hair super soft and moist, like a plant after watering. This prepping hair for braids is easy to braid. Remember, clean and soft hair is like a blank paper. You can do cool things and make pretty braids. So, wash and use conditioner, and then have fun making awesome braids.

2. Detangle Gently

Before you braid, let’s make your hair smooth. Get rid of tangles by combing with a wide comb or using your fingers. This stops your hair from being pulled and hurting when you braid. It also keeps your hair from breaking easily. Think aboutyour hair like a strong rope knots make it weak, but smooth hair is powerful. So, by smoothing out tangles before you braid, you’re helping your hair stay tough and look great. So, remember to get your prepping hair for braids. Just use a simple comb or your fingers to make your hair happy and your braids awesome.

3. Consider Stretching

Time to braid like a pro. But first, let’s get your hair ready. Brush out the tangles gently with a wide comb or your fingers. This helps your hair not get ouchy and break when you braid. Choose your hair as a fit rope. Smooth hair is like a smooth rope without knots powerful. So, when you make your hair smooth before braiding, you’re making it hard and cool. So, remember to get your hair ready before braiding. Just use a simple comb or your fingers to prepping hair for braids. Awesome.

4. Trim Split Ends

Cutting split ends is like giving your hair a healthy start before braiding. Snip off the frizzy tips to help your hair grow better and your braids stay fit. Think of your hair as tiny threads together. When these threads split at the ends, it’s like they’re breaking. If you braid without fixing them, your hair can break easily. But trimming split ends fixes the threads and makes them tough again. Healthy hair is happy hair. When you cut off the bad parts, the rest of your hair does better. It’s like removing brown leaves from a plant for new green ones to grow. Split ends can also make hair look messy, so cutting them off helps braids look nice. Trimming split ends is an easy way to keep hair strong, help it grow, and prepping hair for braids looking great.

5. Choose the Right Size and Style

Picking the right braid size and style is about choosing what fits your hair length and prepping hair for braids. Small braids stick around longer. Big ones are quicker to put in. Your choice depends on what you like and how much work you want to do. If your hair is short or medium, small braids can make you look fancy. If it’s long, big braids can give you a relaxed feel. How your hair is can also help you decide. If it’s thin, small braids stop it from getting messy. If it’s thick, big braids might be easier to handle. Remember, it’s all about what you like. Whether you want to look tidy or chill, the braid size and style you choose help you get that look without too much fuss.

6. Pre-Braiding Treatment

Before you prepping hair for braids, try this: put on a special conditioner that you don’t need to wash out. It’s like a secret shield for your hair, giving it extra moisture and protection. Think about all the things your hair goes through every day: wind, sun, and maybe even some tangles.

Braiding is a cool way to style your hair, but sometimes it can make your hair feel tired. That’s when the special conditioner helps. When you use this conditioner before braiding, it’s like giving your hair a big drink of water.

It becomes softer, smoother, and less likely to get hurt while you do those braids. And it keeps working even after you finish braiding, still taking care of your hair. Don’t worry about making your hair all greasy or heavy; this conditioner is light and easy.

7. Protect Your Scalp

If you’re getting extra hair or hair extensions, make sure to take care of your scalp. Before you do anything, give your scalp some lotion so it’s not dry. This helps you not feel uncomfortable and keeps your scalp healthy. Sometimes, when you add more hair, your head might feel a little sensitive.

But if you put lotion on it, it’s like a shield that protects you from feeling itchy or annoyed. And don’t forget, when you put lotion on your head, it’s also good for the roots of your own hair. It helps them stay strong. Just remember, a happy scalp is a healthy scalp.

So, if you’re excited to try new hair with extensions, be sure to show your scalp some love. Keep it lotioned up, and you’ll be prepping hair for braids for a new and comfy look.

8. Rest and Nourish

When you braid your hair too tight, it can stress your scalp. So, when you undo the braids, let your hair chill out. Give it a break, just like you need a break after playtime.

During this break, treat your hair extra nicely. Try deep conditioning treatments. These are tasty snacks for your hair. They help bring back the health and strength that might have gone away because of the tight braids.

Try your hair taking a big gulp of water when it’s thirsty. After you take out the braids, don’t rush to braid them again. Let your hair be loose and relaxed for a while. Spoil it with deep conditioning. Think of it as a spa day for your hair. With some time and care, your hair will feel happy and healthy again.

Tips for Properly Installed Braids

  • Professional Touch: Getting a hair expert to help with your braids is a great idea. They really know what they’re doing and won’t harm your hair. This prepping hair for braids makes sure your hair stays strong and happy without any worries about it breaking. So, you’ll have awesome braids, and your hair will be super thankful. Just sit back and let the expert work their magic. Your hair will love you for it.
  • Pre-Installation Care: Before you braid your hair, give it a good wash and use some conditioner. Make sure it’s not all tangled up. This helps your hair prepare for braiding. It’s like getting your hair ready for a neat and smooth braid party. So just remember, start by cleaning and taking care of your hair, and then you can make those cool braids.
  • Right Size: When you’re getting braids, go for the prepping hair for braids that work well with how long and thick your hair is. You might see those small, fancy-looking braids, but be careful. They can pull your hair and give you a headache. So, it’s better to choose the right size. Those little braids might grab your attention because they looktwisted, but they’re not great in one way. They can stress out both your hair and your scalp. Think of it like someone tugging on your hair all day, not comfy.
  • Natural Hair Access: Keep a little of your own hair along the edges and at the back of your neck. This prepping hair for braids keeps your sensitive hairline safe and makes it easy to take care of and fix later. It’s like a protective border for your hair. This way, you won’t put too much stress on the fine hair at the front and back. And when it’s time for a touch-up or some fixing, you won’t have a hard time. This simple trick can help your hairstyle stay neat and nice without any trouble.

Natural Hair Access

  • Tension Matters: When you braid your hair, it’s good to make sure the braids are warm but not too tight. If they’re way too tight, they can hurt your head and make your hair fall out. Tight braids might even harm the roots of your hair and cause it to break. So, it’s important to prepping hair for braids. They should feel secure but not so tight that they hurt or make your hair fall out. This way, you can enjoy your braided hair without worrying about any problems.
  • High-Quality Extensions: When you’re getting hair extensions, choose ones that work well with your hair and aren’t too heavy. Bad-quality extensions can make your hair get all tangled, break, and not feel nice. So, be smart in picking the right ones to keep your hair looking good and feeling comfy.
  • Keep Scalp Moisturized: Keep your scalp from getting dry and itchy by using a bit of oil or lotion regularly. Just put a little on your scalp and massage it in. With prepping hair for braids, your scalp stays healthy and comfy. Dryness and itching can be annoying, but doing this simple thing can really help. Taking care of your scalp like this can stop these problems and let you enjoy a happy, itch-free head. Just remember, a little care goes a long way to keep your scalp feeling awesome.
  • Sleep Care: To stop your braids from getting messy when you sleep, try this before bed: use a soft scarf made of silk or satin to tie them up. This stops the braids from rubbing too much and getting tangled. When you wake up, your braids will still look nice and tidy. This prepping hair for braids is super simple and works well to keep your hair in good shape while you rest. Just remember, before you sleep, wrap your braids in a silky scarf to keep them looking awesome.
  • Maintenance Routine: Be nice to your braids and scalp by washing them gently, then letting them dry in the air. Don’t use heavy stuff that can make your hair messy and frizzy. Remember, soft cleaning is important, and letting your hair dry by itself is best. Don’t use thick products, as they can make your hair hard to deal with. Keep it simple and light to prepping hair for braids to look good. Your scalp will be happy, and you’ll have nice braids without frizz.


Preparing your hair for box braids is easy when you follow these steps. First, gather your tools, shampoo, conditioner, comb, and hair ties.

Start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. This makes your hair clean and ready. Next, dry your hair gently with a soft towel. Avoid rough rubbing to keep your hair safe.

Now, comb your hair carefully to remove tangles and knots. Smooth hair makes braiding simpler. To keep your hair strong, use hair oil or moisturizer. Apply it gently to your hair. It keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

Before braiding, divide your hair into small sections. Use hair ties to hold each section. This prepping hair for braids helps your braids look neat and tidy. These steps are easy to follow. Clean, smooth, and moisturized hair is the key to beautiful box braids.

Remember, take your time, and don’t rush. Your hair will thank you with fantastic braids. Enjoy your new look.

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