Vicco Turmeric: The Budget-friendly Miracle Cream for Skin

Vicco Turmeric Cream:The $7 cream that changed everything I knew about skincare

Skincare has become an integral part of the lifestyle of an individual. In fact, the skincare market has witnessed massive growth in the last decade. Between the period of 2021 to 2026, the US skincare market will witness a CAGR of 4.08%.

The skincare industry is highly dynamic. The emotional change and the competition to reach every customer’s list of top favorites pushes the companies to develop more effective products.

Amongst the different elite brands that attract customers, a modest yet effective brand has been able to hold its position in the market because of its effectiveness. Vicco turmeric brand offers a strong brand value. With its 16% turmeric composition, Vicco Turmeric is more than just a cosmetic product.

This write-up will share a brief review of the extraordinary journey of Vicco Turmeric, a revolutionary product in the makeup and beauty segment.

About Vicco Turmeric Brand: The Story

About Vicco Turmeric Brand

Vicco Turmeric is a product of Vicco Labs, founded in 1952. The company is known to have a wide array of product lines, including toothpaste, cream, shaving cream, and pain relief cream. The company has a strong national presence and exports its products to around 45 countries. As per the Brand Trust Report, Vicco was ranked the 17th most trusted brand in India. Vicco has never failed to impress its users with outstanding results.

Although Vicco Turmeric faces stiff competition from its rivals, it continues to have its customer base. The brand reported a revenue of Rs. 190 crores in 2021.

The Miraculous Composition

Ingredient Name

What It Does



Stearic Acid

Viscoscity Controlling

Turmeric (16%)







Preservative, perfuming

Sodium Hydroxide


Sandalwood oil (.5%)

With these miraculous ingredients, Vicco Turmeric became one of the most sought-after cosmetic products. The abundance of turmeric makes it a skin-friendly cream. Its use is not just limited to skincare, but it is also widely used for soothing boils, pimples, inflammation, and blemishes.

The Role of Ayurveda in Skincare

Ayurveda has always been acclaimed for its everlasting impact. While there is a surge in cosmetic products in the market, customers have become more concerned about the choice of products. Ayurvedic products are in great demand. Since they have no side effects and a proven track record, these products have carved a strong niche in the market.

Vicco Turmeric is one such brand that has continued to sustain its position in the market. One of the reasons for this is the optimal amount of turmeric in this crema.

Key Features of Vicco Turmeric Cream

Key Features of Vicco Turmeric Cream .png

1. Presence of Turmeric

One of the primary reasons that make Vicco Turmeric stand out is the presence of turmeric in it. The cream is loaded with the richness of turmeric. It contributes to 16% of the total component. Since turmeric is a powerhouse of benefits and antibiotic properties. Moreover, turmeric has wholesome benefits. It not only helps in treating skin issues and moisturizing it, but at the same time, it can work as an antiseptic. And Vicco Turmeric cream brings all these benefits in one tube.

2. Natural Ingredients

Besides turmeric, Vicco Turmeric cream is made from all-natural stuff. It has sandalwood oil and saffron(kesar). Both these are naturally aromatic and also infuse their goodness in the cream. Sandalwood oil has soothing properties, which makes it a skin-friendly ingredient. The next natural component is kesar or saffron. It comes with aromatic properties. Besides, it has proven effects on improving skin complexion, thus adding to the list of benefits of Vicco Turmeric Cream.

3. Optimal Pricing

We all know that cosmetic products are priced at peak, but not every product that falls in the pricey slab is effective as well. Conversely, with Vicco Turmeric, the scenario is different. It’s priced cheap and does have cosmetic benefits as well. Priced at $7, it is one of the most budget-friendly products in the market. Besides, when you compare its effectiveness and price-worthiness with other products, it qualifies to be a better one.

4. Suitable for Different Skin Types

One of the unique properties of Vicco Turmeric cream is that it is skin-friendly. Since it’s made of turmeric and other natural ingredient, it suits most skin types. Moreover, one doesn’t have to worry about the side effects. However, it is recommended to do the patch test before using it.

5. Antiseptic Properties

Another unique proposition that Vicco Turmeric Cream claims to have is that it is not just a cosmetic product. Though it helps in improving skin issues, at the same time, it is also laden with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a multi-purpose cream. One can use Vicco Turmeric for treating skin scars, inflammation, burns, cuts, and acne. To sum it up, it promotes good skin health.

6. Cruelty-Free Products

Nowadays, people are more concerned about the products that they are using. This is where Vicco Turmeric shines bright. Vicco ensures that its cream is cruelty-free and is not tested on animals. Besides, Vicco Turmeric cream is vegan so you can use this product guilt-free.

With all these features, this cream is certainly one of the best in the market. However, there are certain pros and cons to it, and so our next segment takes you through the same. But before that, we will be answering a few questions related to the product. This will help you get a holistic overview of this product.

Pros of Vicco Turmeric

1. Natural Ingredients

The USP of Vicco Turmeric is that it is an all-natural product. Turmeric is the major component of the same. Moreover, these natural ingredients also bring with them a wholesome benefit for the skin.

2. Skin Brightening

Since 16% of this cream has turmeric and also has a percentage of Kesar, it adds to the skin-brightening properties of this cream. It increases the natural radiance of the skin and also adds more glow to the skin without causing any harm.

3. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Investing in Vicco Turmeric cream is a good deal because it brings with it anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric helps in soothing skin irritation and redness, thus making it suitable for those who have sensitive skin. Besides, turmeric has antibacterial and antiseptic benefits, which are useful in treating acne and preventing bacterial growth on the skin, which makes it the best choice for your skin.

4. Cruelty-Free Products

Another point that adds to the positives of this cream is that it is cruelty-free. Vicco ensures that its products are safe to use and also cruelty-free. Vicco Turmeric is not tested on animals. It is a vegan product. So, all the people who are conscious about such aspects while buying cosmetic products can indulge in a guilt-free purchase. Besides, the product doesn’t pull shells out of your pockets.

Cons of Vicco Turmeric

1. Stain Issues

Sometimes, even the best thing can turn out to be a bummer, and in the case of this cream, the abundance of turmeric can be bothersome for a few. It can leave stains on clothes, towels, and bedding. So, you have to be cautious while using it.

2. Slower Results

Another bothersome point could be that you may not get instant results. Skin care products may need some time to show effective outcomes, and with this product, you might have to wait for a while.

3. The Smell Can Bother

Although this product has some effective impact on the skin, its smell can bother a few people. Some people are allergic to the strong smell, and for them, this cream can be a downer.

This quick comparison of the key features, pros, and cons of Vicco Turmeric cream would have given you a better insight into what this product is all about. Vicco Labs had put in that test technology and Research to formulate the screen and make it better. The cream is loaded With Benefits if you can overcome the negative for yourself. However, there are several other alternatives in the market. If you are looking for a natural cream, the next segment will take you through some of the best options available in the market.

Alternative to Vicco Turmeric Cream

1. Blue Nectar Skin Moisturizer

Blue Nectar Skin Moisturizer

If you are looking for a skin-friendly moisturizer, you can consider buying this Blue Nectar skin moisturizer. This is a day cream and also has SPF30. Besides, it is soaked with the benefits of Eladi Kumkumadi, turmeric, and almond. All these leave a brightening effect on the skin. It is free from sulfate and paraben, which makes it a perfect product. Moreover, you can also use this cream under the eyes to get rid of dark circles. Overall, it’s a great product for your skin.

2. Herblov Turmeric Face Cream

Herblov Turmeric Face Cream

To complete your skincare routine, you can consider investing in this product. The product has the richness of turmeric and also has additional benefits such as hydrating properties. This crema comes with a richness of linoleic acid, which promotes skin repair and creates a natural barrier on the skin. Besides, it has SPF, which prevents sunburn. It is also effective in brightening skin and removing scars and acne marks. Also, the product is priced well, so you can consider investing in Herblov turmeric face cream.

3. Liquid Curcumin Drops

Liquid Curcumin Drops

If you are into serums, then this product is for you. Made from the extract of turmeric, this product provides your skin with numerous benefits. Besides the skin, these drops have a holistic impact on the skin. It helps in improving immunity and increases the antioxidant level. Besides, it also helps in nourishing the overall health of the body. The drops can be added as a dietary supplement. And soon, you may see its effects. People using this product have found it to be effective in overcoming chronic issues. Unlike the other supplements, these are easy to consume. Thus, making liquid curcumin drops apt for your daily use.


As the world is slowly moving towards natural products, creams like these are here to stay. Vicco Turmeric is a 7-decade-old brand, and with a legacy like this, it surely has garnered some amount of trust from its patrons across the globe. This Indian brand has made a mark for itself. However, in a competitive beauty product market, Vicco still has a long way to go.

Since the cream is projected as a holistic and multipurpose cream, it is facing stiff competition from its contemporaries who are solely projecting themselves as cosmetic cream and beauty product.

However, if you are still considering adding a safe and effective skin care cream to your kitty, Vicco Turmeric can be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Key Benefits of Turmeric for The Skin?

Turmeric is good for the skin. It is loaded with septic properties. Besides, in Ayurveda, turmeric has been set to prevent an impact on improving skin texture and get rid of skin issues like acne and scarf. The antiseptic property of turmeric makes it useful for treating Inflammation scars and acne marks. Besides, turmeric is still friendly and doesn’t have much of side effects.

Is Vicco Turmeric Cream the Only Product from Vicco Labs?

Discrim is one of the many products in the product line of vehicle lapse. Some of its other famous products include name slide to Vicco toothpaste and Vicco Narayani pain relief cream.

Are There Any Side Effects of Vicco Turmeric Cream?

Well, since Vicco Turmeric cream is made of all-natural components, there is a lesser probability of having Side Effects. These are all-natural ingredients and are friendly. However, it is recommended that before using any product on the skin, one should do a patch test.

Can Vicco Turmeric Cream Be Used for Specific Skin Treatment?

Yes, Vicco Turmeric cream is a multipurpose cream. One can use it as a cosmetic product and use the same for its antiseptic properties, like you can use the same for treating hyperpigmentation, blemishes, scars, and acne marks on the skin. It is aslo useful in case of burns and cuts.

How Often Should I Use Vicco Turmeric Products?

Well, it is a natural product, so you can use it worry. Preferably, once a day should be enough. However, here, we would like to recommend a patch test before using a product.

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