3 Unique Left Right Christmas Story

Left Right Nativity Game

The Left Right Nativity Game is an exciting activity that also involves story-telling. This activity fosters group interaction and mingling, acting as a great icebreaker.

It is a game to make the custom of exchanging gifts and gatherings interesting, engaging, and fun for people of all ages. It is a simple game. This game is typically played around Christmas.

Since it is played typically around Christmas, the stories used are Christmas and Jesus-related. These stories involve using the words “RIGHT” and “LEFT” in the story itself to guide the people playing this game.

Sounds fun, right? Let us look at some amazing and not-so-cliched stories.

How to Play the Left-Right Nativity Game?

How to Play the Left-Right Nativity Game

As mentioned above, it is a very simple game and can be played by people of all ages. It works well in all kinds of groups, whether small or large.

Follow the following instructions and have fun:

  1. Select one person to narrate the story.
  2. Sit or stand in a circle and hold your gifts/objects to be shared in your hands.
  3. The narrator starts narrating the story. They should emphasize “RIGHT” and “LEFT” to avoid chaos or confusion while telling the story.
  4. The people sitting in the circle should listen carefully to the story.
  5. When the narrator says the word “RIGHT,” the objects are to be passed to the person sitting on the right of each person, and similarly for the word “LEFT” too.
  6. At the end of the story, whichever object you hold is your gift.
  7. If the same gift returns to the owner, the narrator must say “RIGHT” or “LEFT” in an additional sentence to get the items moving.

Alternative Ways to Play This Game

There are slight variations of the game that people also play. Though the essence remains the same, the rules/instructions are changed slightly according to the requirement or the preference. A single object is kept as a prize, or each one of the participants can also bring one gift to be randomly exchanged through this game.

Let’s have a look at the following variations of this game.

  1. Instead of keeping multiple objects for gift exchanging purposes, only one item can be the prize. At the end of the game or the story narration, whoever ends up with the object wins.
  2. Another way to play this game with single or multiple objects is to pass it until the narrator says “RIGHT” or “LEFT.” Upon hearing that, reverse the direction of the object’s movement through the circle.

Some Unique Story Ideas

1. A Left-Right Journey to The First Christmas

Once upon a time, on a night when a bright star hung RIGHT in the sky, Mary and Joseph LEFT their home in Nazareth. They had to go RIGHT to Bethlehem, a long journey filled with twists and turns both LEFT and RIGHT. RIGHT after reaching the city, they found no room LEFT at the inn. Tired and weary, they were directed to a LEFT stable open for them. It was not the RIGHT place for a queen or a king, but it was the only space LEFT for them to stay.

Mary and Joseph settled RIGHT into the stable amongst the animals LEFT there for the night. RIGHT about then, a miracle happened. Mary gave birth to a baby boy, RIGHT there in the stable, and placed Him in a manger because there was no crib LEFT for Him.

Meanwhile, shepherds who had been LEFT in the fields to watch their flocks by night were greeted by an angel. The shepherds looked LEFT and RIGHT, completely astonished. “Don’t be afraid,” the angel said, “I bring you good news that will bring great joy. Go RIGHT to Bethlehem and find the child born tonight.” Leaving their flock, they moved RIGHT along until they found the stable. They knew RIGHT away that the baby was special. They LEFT the stable, glorifying and praising God for all they had seen.

A Left-Right Journey to The First Christmas

Now, far to the East, Wise Men saw the star rise RIGHT above where they were. They decided they could not be LEFT out of this miraculous event. They packed their gold, frankincense, and myrrh gifts and Left Immediately for Bethlehem. They followed the star LEFT and RIGHT, across valleys and deserts, until it stood RIGHT over where the baby lay. They LEFT their gifts and felt immense joy, for they knew their journey was RIGHT in its purpose.

As the Wise Men LEFT to return to their lands, the star that had guided them hung RIGHT in the sky, a beacon for all. The shepherds, too, LEFT for their fields, spreading the word to everyone they met, RIGHT and LEFT. And RIGHT there, in a humble stable, with animals, shepherds, and Wise Men LEFT in awe, the world was forever changed. Baby Jesus lay RIGHT in His manger, a promise of hope, love, and redemption for all who would come after, be they RIGHT or LEFT, young or old.

End of The Story!

2. The Left-Right Nativity Story

In the town of Bethlehem, far to the RIGHT of Jerusalem, Mary and Joseph had just LEFT their hometown of Nazareth. They traveled RIGHT along the dusty roads, LEFT only with their faith and a donkey. The donkey’s LEFT hoof was a little sore, but they had to get RIGHT to Bethlehem to register for the census, as ordered by Caesar Augustus. As they approached the town, it became clear that there was no LEFT room at any inn. Inn after inn, they were told to turn RIGHT back where they came from. Tired and frustrated, they found themselves RIGHT before a stable, a place LEFT for animals.

“We can’t go any further. It’s better than being LEFT out in the cold,” Joseph said. He was RIGHT, and Mary agreed. They settled in for the night, making themselves comfortable RIGHT in the corner of the stable, surrounded by animals who had been LEFT behind by their owners. That night, RIGHT under the shining star, something miraculous happened. Mary gave birth to a baby boy, Jesus. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and LEFT him to rest in a manger since there were no cribs LEFT available.

Suddenly, angels appeared to shepherds who were LEFT in the fields with their flock. The shepherds were frightened, but the angels reassured them, saying they had LEFT heaven to bring good tidings. “Go RIGHT ahead to Bethlehem, and you will find the baby LEFT in a manger,” the angel said. The shepherds didn’t think twice and Left Right away for Bethlehem. When they arrived, they found Mary, Joseph, and the newborn Jesus RIGHT, which the angel had said.

The Left-Right Nativity Story

Around the same time, Wise Men from the East saw the bright star on their LEFT as they looked to the sky. The star LEFT them amazed, and they knew RIGHT away they had to follow it. After what seemed like a lifetime of traveling LEFT, then RIGHT, through deserts and valleys, they arrived to find Jesus. They LEFT gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh and knew their journey had been RIGHT in its purpose.

With their hearts full, the Wise Men LEFT Bethlehem, going back to their lands to spread the word about the baby who was LEFT in a manger but would one day be the RIGHT hand of God. The shepherds also LEFT, their hearts and minds forever changed, knowing they were among the first to welcome this special baby into a world that would never be LEFT the same. And so, RIGHT in a little stable in Bethlehem, LEFT somewhat on the edge of town, the greatest story ever told had just begun.

End of the story!

3. The Left Right Star of Bethlehem

RIGHT in the heart of a silent and holy night, something extraordinary was about to happen. Mary and Joseph had LEFT their home in Nazareth to travel RIGHT to Bethlehem, as Caesar had decreed everyone must return to their ancestral homes for a census. They had LEFT no stone unturned, trying to find a place to stay, but there was not a single room LEFT. Just when they thought they were out of options, they turned RIGHT into an alley and found a stable. It wasn’t the RIGHT place for a birth, especially one so significant, but it was all that was LEFT.

RIGHT as the clock struck midnight, Mary gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and placed Him in the manger on her LEFT. Standing on her RIGHT, Joseph looked in awe at the baby, who would set the world RIGHT. Now, miles away, shepherds were sitting LEFT around a campfire, keeping an eye on their flocks. Suddenly, an angel appeared RIGHT above them, and they were filled with fear. “Fear not,” said the angel, floating RIGHT to the left. “I bring you tidings of great joy. Go RIGHT away to Bethlehem and see the newborn King.” And just like that, the angel LEFT, ascending RIGHT back to the heavens.

The shepherds knew they had to act RIGHT away. They LEFT their flock in the care of their trusty dogs and journeyed RIGHT towards Bethlehem. With every turn LEFT and every turn RIGHT, they finally reached the stable and found the baby RIGHT, which the angel had said. They LEFT feeling blessed and told everyone they met, on the LEFT and the RIGHT, about the miracle they had witnessed.

The Left Right Star of Bethlehem

Meanwhile, Wise Men from the East had seen a star shining so brightly on their LEFT side that they couldn’t ignore it. They prepared gifts and LEFT their homes, knowing they had to follow the star. It led them RIGHT to Bethlehem and the very stable where Mary, Joseph, and the baby were resting.

They knew RIGHT away that they were in the presence of the divine. They LEFT their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh RIGHT next to the manger. With hearts full, they LEFT, eager to tell their people what they had seen and felt. And so, RIGHT in that humble stable, with shepherds on the LEFT and Wise Men on the RIGHT, a new chapter in human history was written. As they all LEFT to spread the good news, one thing was clear: the world would never be the same, for the RIGHT path to love, hope, and redemption had been illuminated by a star, by a baby, and by faith.

End of the story!

Summing It Up

The stories listed above are unique and will keep the participants on their feet. The use of similar stories each time makes the activity predictable and boring. Using cliched stories year after year takes away the element of surprise from the game. It is important to twist stories around a bit to avoid redundancy.

This game makes the gatherings around Christmas more lively and interesting for everyone. This game has more than one variation, and each is equally engaging. The Left Right Nativity Game is also an effective icebreaker in social gatherings and work environments.

Use the stories mentioned above to make your Christmas more happening!

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