16 Trendy Long Beard Styles Every Gentleman Must Try

Did you know that the longest beard recorded was over 17 feet long? While you may not be aiming for a Guinness World Record, there’s no denying the appeal of a well-groomed, lengthy beard.

If you’re considering embarking on your long beard journey, you might wonder: Will a long beard suit my face shape?

How do I keep my facial hair neat and stylish instead of messy and untamed?

What are the best products and techniques for maintaining a healthy, luscious beard?

Fear not, my friend—I’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore ten trendy long beard styles that will help you unleash your inner lumberjack while still looking sharp and sophisticated.

But we won’t stop there. We’ll also delve into the nitty-gritty of growing and maintaining a long beard, from the essential grooming tools you’ll need to the best practices for keeping your facial hair soft, hydrated, and tangle-free.

Classic Long Beard Styles

When it comes to long beard styles, several timeless classics have stood the test of time.

These styles exude masculinity, sophistication, and a sense of rugged charm.

Let’s explore five of the most iconic classic styles that every modern gentleman should know.

1. The Viking Beard

The Viking Beard

The Viking beard is a bold and rugged style that channels the fierce warriors of ancient Scandinavia.

This style is characterized by a full, thick beard that is allowed to grow long and wild.

To achieve the Viking look:

– Let your beard grow naturally without much trimming
– Use beard oil to keep the hair soft and manageable
– Pair with a longer hairstyle for an authentic Viking vibe

Embrace your inner warrior with this impressive and commanding long beard style.

2. The Uniform Beard

The Uniform Beard

The uniform beard is a perfect choice for the modern gentleman who desires a neat and polished appearance.

This style involves maintaining a consistent length throughout the beard, resulting in a sophisticated and well-groomed look.

To achieve the uniform beard:

– Regularly trim your beard to a desired length
– Use a beard comb to distribute natural oils and keep the hair tidy
– Define and shape the edges for a clean, professional appearance

The uniform beard is an excellent option for white-collar professionals who want to maintain a well-kept aesthetic.

3. The Verdi Beard

The Verdi Beard

Named after the renowned Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, this beard style combines a rounded bottom with a bushy, prominent mustache.

The Verdi beard adds a touch of sophistication and drama to your facial hair.

To rock this look:

– Allow your beard to grow to a medium length
– Trim the bottom into a rounded shape
– Grow a full, bushy mustache that extends slightly beyond the beard
– Keep the cheeks and neck well-defined

The Verdi beard is perfect for those who appreciate a classic, operatic-inspired style.

4. The Long Natural Beard

The Long Natural Beard

For the free-spirited gentleman, the long natural beard celebrates the beauty of untamed facial hair.

This style allows your beard to grow to its full potential, embracing its natural texture and shape.

To maintain a long, natural beard:

– Let your beard grow without excessive trimming
– Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle and style
– Apply beard oil to keep the hair soft and hydrated
– Trim split ends and flyaways as needed

The long, natural beard is a testament to your patience and confidence in your unique style.

5. The Long-Boxed Beard

The Long-Boxed Beard

The long-boxed beard is a style that requires precision and attention to detail.

This beard is characterized by its cube-like shape, sharp angles, and defined lines.

To achieve the long-boxed look:

– Allow your beard to grow to a significant length
– Trim the sides and bottom to create a square shape
– Use a beard trimmer to maintain the desired length
– Keep the edges clean and sharp

The long-boxed beard emphasizes your jawline and adds a modern architectural element to your facial hair.

Creative and Bold Long Beard Styles

For the modern gentleman who wants to make a statement with his facial hair, there are plenty of creative and bold long beard styles to choose from.

As someone who has experimented with various unconventional beard styles, I can attest that these daring looks will turn heads and spark conversations.

Let’s explore six eye-catching and unique long beard styles to help you stand out.

1. The Braided Beard

The Braided Beard

The braided beard is a style that exudes confidence and creativity.

You can create a stylish and practical look by weaving your long beard into intricate braids.

Here are a few tips for achieving the perfect braided beard:

– Ensure your beard is long enough to braid (at least 6 inches)
– Use a beard comb to detangle and smooth out the hair
– Experiment with different braiding techniques, from a single long braid to multiple smaller braids
– Secure the ends of your braids with small elastic bands

This style will make a bold statement, whether you opt for a Viking-inspired single braid or a more intricate braided design.

2. The Colored Long Beard Style

The Colored Long Beard Style

For those who want to take their long beard to the next level, coloring or highlighting is a trend that has gained popularity in recent years.

Adding a pop of color to your facial hair can create a unique, eye-catching look that reflects your personality.

Consider these tips when coloring your long beard:

– Choose a color that complements your skin tone and personal style
– Opt for temporary or semi-permanent dyes to experiment with different shades
– Be prepared for more frequent touch-ups to maintain the color
– Use a color-safe beard shampoo and conditioner to keep your beard healthy

Whether you choose a subtle highlight or a bold, all-over color, this style is perfect for the modern gentleman who wants to express his individuality.

3. The Long Goatee Beard

The Long Goatee Beard

The long goatee beard is a style that combines the best of both worlds – the elegance of a long beard with the precision of a goatee.

To achieve this look, follow these steps:

– Allow your goatee area to grow long while keeping the cheeks and neck trimmed
– Shape the goatee into a pointy or rounded style, depending on your preference
– Pair the long goatee with a well-groomed, thick mustache
– Consider adding a soul patch for an extra touch of style

This sophisticated and edgy style is perfect for those who want to showcase their facial hair while maintaining a neat and polished appearance.

4. The Ducktail Beard

The Ducktail Beard

The ducktail beard, named after the sleek and tapered shape of a duck’s tail, is a style that exudes refinement and class.

To achieve the ducktail beard:

– Allow your beard to grow to a medium-long length
– Trim the sides and bottom of the beard into a pointed, tapered shape
– Keep the mustache neatly trimmed and styled
– Use a beard comb and wax to maintain the shape and keep flyaways in check

This polished and stylish look is ideal for the modern gentleman who wants to draw attention to his facial features while maintaining a well-groomed appearance.

5. The Long Two-Tone Beard

The Long Two-Tone Beard

Embracing the natural color changes in your long beard can create a stunning and distinguished look.

The long two-tone beard celebrates the beauty of salt and pepper shades or other natural color variations.

To rock this style:

– Allow your beard to grow out naturally, without dyeing or coloring
– Use a beard comb to blend the different shades
– Keep the beard well-maintained with regular trimming and shaping
– Embrace the uniqueness of your natural beard color

This elegant and mature style is perfect for the modern gentleman who wants to showcase his wisdom and experience through his facial hair.

6. The Wild, Frizzy Beard

The Wild, Frizzy Beard

The wild and untamed long beard style can be a great way to embrace your texture for naturally curly or frizzy hair.

To make the most of your wild, frizzy beard:

– Allow your beard to grow out naturally without trying to tame the frizz
– Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to detangle the beard gently
– Apply a lightweight beard oil or balm to keep the hair moisturized and healthy
– Trim any split ends or stray hairs to maintain a neat appearance

This carefree and natural style celebrates the unique texture of your facial hair, making it perfect for the modern gentleman who wants to express his authentic self.

Modern Takes on Long Beard Styles

As a beard enthusiast experimenting with various contemporary styles, I’ve discovered that modern gentlemen are unafraid to put their unique spin on classic long-beard looks.

These trendy interpretations combine elements of traditional styles with fresh, innovative ideas to create eye-catching and stylish beards that reflect the wearer’s personality.

Let’s explore five modern takes on long beard styles that will inspire you.

1. The Long Beard with Dreads

The Long Beard with Dreads

For an edgy, rasta-inspired look, try combining your long beard with dreadlocks:

– Grow your beard to a significant length
– Section off portions and twist them into dreads
– Use dread wax or locking gel to hold
– Be patient – locking can take weeks or months

This bold style exudes confidence and individuality, perfect for standing out.

2. The Long Straight Beard

The Long Straight Beard

If you have naturally straight facial hair, consider a sleek and sophisticated long straight beard:

– Focus on length rather than volume
– Use a boar bristle brush to distribute oils
– Apply beard oil or balm for moisture and shine
– Trim split ends and stray hairs for neatness

This polished look is ideal for the modern gentleman who wants to exude elegance and refinement.

3. The Long Pointy Beard

The Long Pointy Beard

The long pointy beard, a hipster favorite, involves shaping your beard into a sharp, tapered point:

– Grow your beard to a significant length
– Trim sides and bottom into a pointed shape
– Use a comb and scissors to maintain the taper
– Apply wax or balm to hold the shape

This edgy, fashion-forward style is perfect for making a bold statement with your facial hair.

4. The Beardstache

The Beardstache

The beard stache is a trendy hybrid style that emphasizes a full mustache with a shorter beard:

– Allow your mustache to grow fuller and longer
– Keep your beard trimmed to 1-2 inches
– Use mustache wax to style and shape
– Keep cheeks and neck well-defined

This unique look combines vintage charm with contemporary style for the modern gentleman.

5. The Short Shaggy Beard

The Short Shaggy Beard

The laid-back, effortlessly cool, short, shaggy beard is increasingly popular among modern men:

– Grow your beard to 2-3 inches
– Use a trimmer to maintain length, avoiding clean lines
– Apply lightweight beard oil for softness
– Embrace the natural texture and messiness

This casual, rugged style exudes a devil-may-care attitude perfect for the modern gentleman.

Grooming Tips for Long Beards

As someone who has grown and maintained a long beard for years, I know firsthand the importance of proper grooming habits.

Keeping your long beard healthy, soft, and stylish requires extra effort, but the results are well worth it.

In this section, I’ll share some essential tips and techniques for maintaining the health and appearance of your long beard.

1. Washing and Conditioning

– Wash your beard 1-2 times per week with a gentle, beard-specific shampoo
– Avoid using regular hair shampoo, as it can strip your beard of its natural oils
– After washing, apply a beard conditioner or softener to keep the hair soft and manageable
– Rinse the conditioner out thoroughly with lukewarm water

2. Oiling and Moisturizing

– Apply a few drops of beard oil to your facial hair daily, focusing on the ends
– Massage the oil into your skin and hair to help distribute it evenly
– Use a beard balm or butter for extra conditioning and styling hold
– Choose products with natural ingredients like jojoba, argan, or grapeseed oil

3. Combing and Brushing

– Use a wide-toothed comb or boar bristle brush to detangle your beard daily
– Start at the ends of your beard and work your way up to the roots
– Be gentle to avoid damaging or breaking the hair
– Brush your beard in the direction of hair growth to help distribute oils and maintain shape

4. Trimming and Shaping

– Trim your beard every 2-4 weeks to maintain your desired length and shape
– Use sharp, high-quality scissors or trimmers to avoid split ends and uneven cuts
– Start with a longer guard or setting and gradually work your way shorter to avoid over-trimming
– Focus on maintaining a neat neckline, cheekline, and mustache

Follow these grooming tips and techniques to keep your long beard looking and feeling its best.

Remember, growing a long beard is a journey that requires patience, dedication, and some trial and error.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different products and techniques until you find what works best for you and your facial hair type.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored many long beard styles for the modern gentleman. From classic and timeless looks to bold and creative styles, there’s a long beard for every taste and personality.

We explored five modern takes on long beard styles, including the long beard with dreads, the long straight beard, the long pointy beard, the beardstache, and the short shaggy beard.

These contemporary interpretations combine elements of classic styles with innovative twists, offering a range of options for the fashion-forward beardsman.

Finally, we provided essential grooming tips and techniques for maintaining the health and appearance of your long beard.

By following these guidelines and experimenting with different styles, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect long beard to suit your unique personality and face shape.

Remember, growing a long beard is a personal journey that requires patience, dedication, and a willingness to embrace your unique style.

So, take the time to explore the many options available, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

With the right care and attention, your long beard will become a true expression of your individuality and a source of pride for years to come.

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