30 Must-Try Curly Hair Fade Styles for Men

30 Must-Try Curly Hair Fade Styles for Men

With curly hair, finding the right fade haircut that won’t overwhelm your curls can be tricky.

But the good news is, tons of cool fade styles look amazing with a curly mane.

From high and tight fades to drop fades with a curly top, these cuts allow you to rock short sides while letting your glorious ringlets take center stage up top.

In this article, we’ll showcase 30 of the best curly hair fade styles for guys.

We’ll review different fade types like high, mid, and low fades and how they pair with curly hair.

You’ll see popular options like the curly Caesar haircut, curly undercut fade, curly pompadour fade, curly crop top fade, and more.

With short, medium, and long curly hairstyle inspiration, you will find a cut that brings out your natural texture.

So, if you’re ready to transform your curly mop, let’s dive into these awesome fade haircuts for curly hair!

We’ll also give tips on styling curly fades using the best curl-defining products. Ready to make waves?

Let’s do this!

Key Curly Fade Styles to Consider

Here are 30 subheadings with haircut suggestions and word counts for curly-hair men’s styles:

1. Slicked Back Hair with Fade

Slicked Back Hair with Fade

Ask your barber for a high bald fade on the back and sides to create contrast against the longer curly hair on top.

Use a quality pomade or curl cream to slick back the curls smoothly. This style looks great with a tapered neckline—the slicked look amps your professional style for business meetings or formal events.

2. Fluffy Boy Hair

Fluffy Boy Hair

Let those luscious locks fly free! Encourage your natural texture with a fluffy boy haircut. Keep the sides and back trimmed to avoid bulk, but let the curls on top grow out.

Use a moisturizing curl cream and diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to boost volume and enhance definition.

Finger style or shake curls out for a touchable, cloud-like texture. The fluffy boy cut looks great with stubbly or clean-shaven faces.

3. Micro Curls

Micro Curls

Tight micro curls can rock a textured curly fade, too. Ask your barber for a mid-skin fade that transitions sharply into your small spirals on top.

Mix some of the density with internal layering, then use gel or styling foam to define each perfect coil. Let it air dry or diffuse for extra volume.

The weightless finish prevents your hair from shrinking too much.

4. Curly Mullet Fade

Curly Mullet Fade

The modern mullet gets a fresh twist for curly guys. Go for dramatic contrasts with a high bald fade that gives way to bountiful curls sweeping past your neck.

Even out the density so your hair moves fluidly. Make sure to hydrate those thirsty curls properly. Let it air dry or diffuse for extra body.

The curly mullet fade allows you to change textures and shapes depending on the occasion. Style it sleek, or let it get gnarly.

5. Short Scissor Cut

Short Scissor Cut

Keep your curls low maintenance with a simple scissor-cut trim.

Ask your stylist for an evenly shaped perimeter with textured layers cut throughout the interior. This removes bulk while encouraging dimension.

Finger-style curl cream through damp hair, then let your texture air dry naturally. Finish with hair oil for frizz control and touchable shine.

6. Taper Fade Curly Hair

Taper Fade Curly Hair

The taper fade complements curly hair beautifully at any length. It gradually transitions from very short hair at the temples, sideburns, and nape to longer locks on top.

Ask your barber to cut the sides and back with clippers, blending the fade into your curls. How short you go depends on your style.

A high taper pairs well with defined ringlets, while a low taper can support fuller afro textures. It’s a versatile style you can balance between neat and rugged.

Use pomade for polish or let your texture run free. The taper fade works whether you slick it back, pick it out or let those luscious curls occupy their natural state.

7. Heavy Angular Fringe

Heavy Angular Fringe

Make a bold statement by spotlighting a chunky, curved fringe contrasting sharply angled temples.

Ask your stylist to undercut the back/sides to draw all attention front and center—texture the heavy bangs subtly with point cutting.

Let them air dry or diffuse carefully on low heat to boost gravity-defying height. Lock in the radical shape with a strong hold finishing spray.

8. Extra-Short Curls

Extra-Short Curls

Show off your tight coils and curls with a cropped cut. Ask your barber for an all-over, even perimeter with textured interior layers cut close to the scalp.

This removes bulk and spotlights texture. Define those perfect spirals with curl cream or foam, scrunching gently.

Air dry or diffuse lightly to encourage coils without disturbing formation. Go for volume on top.

9. Tousled Top With Short Sides

Tousled Top With Short Sides

Play with alluring contrasts between long, touchable texture on top and closely cropped sides.

Ask your stylist for long, peeked-out layers cut to encourage your natural pattern. Keep the length primarily on top while tapering tighter on the back/sides.

Boost waves with sea salt spray. Use a finger rake for sexy separation as hair air dries without frizz or clumping.

10. Thick Curls With Fade

Thick Curls With Fade

Prevent ultra-thick density from becoming unmanageable with a bald fade around the sides/back.

Tell your barber to cut longer pieces on top and crown, keeping extra length in front to encourage a natural growth pattern and fluid curl movement.

Diffuse gently until 80% dry, then let those healthy spirals air dry the rest of the way without disruption.

11. Longer Bang And Full Beard

Longer Bang And Full Beard

Showcase confidence and rugged style with longer forehead-grazing bangs and a full mouth-framing beard.

Use beard balm to nourish whiskers and prevent dryness as facial hair grows out fully. Style bangs swept across your forehead or back off the face depending on preferences/occasion.

Keep both beard and curly bangs hydrated.

12. Curly Hair Undercut With Design

Curly Hair Undercut With Design

Make a unique personal statement by having your barber shave an intricate pattern or graphic into one side of your curly undercut fade.

Keep hair long enough on top to show off springy texture. Consider lines, dots, abstract shapes, or an iconic image carved around the ear.

Show off your custom cut with the textured top swept to the opposite side.

13. Quiff Bald Fade

Quiff Bald Fade

Get gravity-defying height with a bald fade quiff. Your barber cuts the back/sides very short using clippers before seamlessly fading into the textured top.

Blow dry, damp hair upward from roots while smoothing ends taut. Set the dramatic sweeping shape in place with high-hold pomade or wax, brushing upward.

Add flexible structure with your fingers as the hair dries.

14. Medium Taper Fade

Medium Taper Fade

This versatile fade respects curly hair beautifully at almost any length.

Ask your barber for a classic medium-height taper with the sides cut shorter near the hairline and temples, getting slightly longer and moving up toward the crown.

This gradual blend means endless styling options, from sleek to free-formed. Simply maintain the tapered neckline and temples for easy upkeep.

15. Side Part Fade Haircut

Side Part Fade Haircut

Refine your dapper style by enhancing a natural growth pattern with a defined side part and fade combo.

Ask for longer layers on top cut to encourage wave formation, then create a deeply etched side part line. Neatly comb and tuck the heaviest side behind the ear.

Contrast with a tight skin fade around the sides/back for precision.

16. Shadow Fade Haircut

Shadow Fade Haircut

Get an organically edgy version of the classic taper fades with this subtle “shadow” finish.

Pair longer spiraled top layers with barely-there fading around the hairline, sideburns, and nape.

Using clippers, your barber tapers subtly for a faded shadow effect rather than harsh lines. Shake out your air-dried top for a sexy finish.

17. Burst Fade Thick Top

 Burst Fade Thick Top

Make a seriously bold statement with this high-contrast faded style.

Your barber cuts a burst fade, starting very short and circular at the temples, then blends down sharply over the ears and a tapered neckline.

Thick upper curls contrast for maximum impact. Diffuse gently until almost dry, then let ringlets occupy impressive height and volume.

18. Swept Back Undercut Fade

Swept Back Undercut Fade

Get a taller, streamlined version of yourself with this fade undercut combo swept back off the face.

Ask for longer layers on top with concentrated volume flowing backward, contrasted by a very short undercut fade on the sides/back.

Your barber taper fades the temples/nape for precision. Sweep back the long top with pomade for structure.

19. Short Thick Temple Fade Haircut

Short Thick Temple Fade Haircut

Control naturally dense curls with this smart taper fade look. Ask your barber for shorter layers, keeping the top slightly longer to encourage growth patterns.

Fade the sides and back very short at the temples and behind the ears for a streamlined lift.

Fingerstyle top forward to soften the face shape. Air dry for a touchable finish.

20. Brushed Back Shag + Low Fade

Brushed Back Shag + Low Fade

Channel carefree rockstar appeal with this brushed-back curly shag. Your stylist cuts choppy layers to thin and texture, keeping length up top.

Subtly taper fade the sides for lift contrast. Blow dry hair backward with volumizing mousse, brushing the shag back away from the face.

Air dry the rest of the way for an authentic lived-in vibe.

21. High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade

Draw attention upward and highlight your curly mane with this streamlined high-taper fade.

Ask your barber to buzz the sides/back very short near the temples, ears, and nape before expertly blending lengths into the textured top section by section.

This puts all the focus on your beautiful springs and coils. Let them take center stage.

22. Buzz Cut Skin Fade

Buzz Cut Skin Fade

Go for the ultimate element of surprise with a buzz-cut skin fade. Evenly trim hair to 1⁄4 inch, contrasted only by a razor-bald fade on the back/sides.

Apply beard oil and add sunglasses to finish this edgy summer look.

Let your beard become the focal point as spirals occupy the shadows above.

23. Messy Low Curly Fade Style

Messy Low Curly Fade Style

Embrace urban texture with shorter layers cut on top, blended with slightly longer shattered pieces toward the front hairline.

Keep the low taper fade subtly around the temples and neckline to support messy shapes. The finger rake was pomade through damp curls in place.

Air dry for touchable flyaway imperfections.

24. Short Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

Short Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

Fake the funk with a faux hawk fade. Keep curly hair long and full through the middle mohawk section, tapering shorter on the sides.

Ask your barber for skin fades around the back/sides to accentuate the spiked top. Blow dry hair upward from roots to ends, blasting the middle with a round brush.

Set the gravity-defying shape in place with hardcore hold hair spray.

25. Modern Mullet with Textured Top and Fringe

Modern Mullet with Textured Top and Fringe

Business is in the front; the party is in the back. This updated curly mullet trim adds beautiful bounce and dimension.

Your stylist cuts short, shattered layers to remove weight while leaving extra length in front as floppy fringe bangs. Subtly taper fade the back/sides.

Scrunch top and fringe with sea salt spray. Let it air dry for maximum untamed texture.

26. Sharp Razor Fade

Sharp Razor Fade

Get precision crisp lines around your curly ‘do with this detailed razor fade.

Have your barber cut super sharp edges at temples, behind ears, and along the neckline using a straight-edge razor. This neatly frames springs and coils on top.

Apply curl cream, gently pick hair out for height or diffuse carefully for seamless definition – both create curated polish.

27. Curly Hair Fade

Curly Hair Fade

Keep it gorgeously simple. Ask for longer layers on top cut to encourage and enhance natural growth pattern and curl formation while subtly tapering sides/back for easy upkeep.

This cut respects texture instead of disturbing spirals. Define ringlets with curl cream.

Air dry and let those healthy springs bounce.

28. Simple Temple Fade

Curly Hair Fade

This straightforward taper fade puts a curly texture at the center stage.

Ask for an all-over consistent trim, keeping hair slightly longer up top. Then, have your barber fade the hair ultra short around the temples and back into the nape for a subtle lift.

Show off carefree coils with minimal fuss.

29. Silver Brushed Up Faded Cut

Silver Brushed Up Faded Cut

Make a seriously stylish snowy gray statement with this textured faded undercut. To achieve the icy color, visit your colorist for professional bleaching and toner application.

Keep natural curls a bit longer on top, then have your barber fade the back/sides short. Blow dry top section upward from roots while brushing ends under for volume.

Let hair air dry further, then use mattifying styling cream for a brushed-up finish.

30. The Beard Fade

Choosing the Right Fade for Your Curly Hair30 Must-Try Curly Hair Fade Styles for Men

Take the attention off your spirals and coils by pairing an afro fade haircut with a full beard.

Ask your barber for a very short clipper cut all over, keeping hair cropped close to the scalp at a half-inch length all around. Expertly fade down to the skin around temples, neckline, and ears for streamlined polish.

Let your facial hair become the real style statement while curls subtly occupy the shadows above.

When it comes to personalizing your curly hair fade, the key is to adapt the style to match your unique hair texture, face shape, and personal aesthetic. Here are some tips to ensure your curly hair fade reflects your individuality:

Personalization Tips for Better Styling

1. Understand Your Curl Type

Identify your curl type (from loose waves to tight coils) to select styles that enhance your natural texture.

Work with a stylist who understands curly hair. They can recommend the best fade and length for your specific curl pattern.

2. Face Shape Considerations

Oval and round faces often benefit from higher volume on top to elongate the face, such as a pompadour fade or a high top fade.

Square and rectangular faces can opt for softer, rounded fades to balance angular jawlines, like a low fade with a curly top.

Heart-shaped faces should consider styles that don’t accentuate the forehead’s width, like a balanced mid-fade with textured curls.

3. Personal Style and Maintenance

If you’re low maintenance, consider a short, easy-to-style cut like a cropped curl with a simple taper fade.

Consider your profession and how your hairstyle might be perceived in your workplace. A neat, slicked-back look with a clean fade might be more appropriate for conservative environments.

Experiment with length on the top to find a comfortable style that suits your aesthetic. Longer lengths offer versatility for styling, while shorter cuts require less upkeep.

4. Styling Products and Techniques

Invest in quality styling products designed for curly hair, such as curl creams, gels, and pomades that offer hold without sacrificing moisture.

Learn styling techniques that enhance your curls, like scrunching, twist-outs, or using a diffuser when blow-drying to maintain your hair’s natural texture.

5. Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular trims to keep your fade sharp and your curls healthy. Fades typically need refreshing every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Adapt your hair care routine to include deep conditioning treatments and regular hydration to keep your curls looking their best.

6. Experiment and Evolve

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fade heights, designs (like shaved lines or patterns), and lengths on top until you find the perfect match for your personality.

Stay open to change. As your style evolves, so might your preference for haircuts. Regularly reassess what works best for you, and don’t shy away from trying something new.

Choosing the Right Fade for Your Curly Hair

When looking for the perfect fade haircut to complement your curly locks, there are a few key factors to remember.

The level of the fade, how tight your natural curl pattern is, and the shape of your face can all impact how flattering a fade will turn out.

Finding the best match means accounting for your hair type and personal style preferences.

Men with tight coils and curls should consider high-contrast fades like bald, high skin, or drop fades.

These showcase tighter patterns beautifully while preventing the dreaded “triangle head” effect some curly hair fades can take on.

If your ringlets are looser, use more subtle options like taper, temp, or low fades. These support curlier textures rather than competing with them.

The other major factor is the face shape. Oval and heart-shaped faces tend to suit most fade styles.

But men with rounder faces should avoid high fades as these can widen the appearance of the cheeks.

Opt for low taper fades that draw attention downwards instead. Similarly, longer face shapes should steer clear of low fades. Aim for baldness and skin fades to add balance.

You’ll also want to be realistic about your daily maintenance level. Super sleek styles like slicked-back fades require vigilant upkeep compared to textured cuts.

Don’t commit to a look that demands more than you’re willing to spend on products and styling daily. Find the right intersection of style and practicality.

Think about which fade is the best foundation for your curly hair.

The right choice can enhance your natural texture beautifully while working harmoniously with your facial features.

Maintenance Tips for Curly Hair Fades

  • A curly fade haircut makes a bold first impression, but keeping it looking crisply lined and shaped takes some effort.
  • Be vigilant about daily moisturizing, styling, and grooming to prevent your look from becoming unkempt.
  • Use curl cream and a leave-in conditioner to maintain a soft, defined texture without making curls dry or frizzy.
  • Pomades and styling waxes also smooth thicker hair for sleeker, contoured fades. Apply starting from the roots to coat each strand evenly. Those with highly textured coils might prefer oils and butter for lightweight control and shine.
  • No matter what products you use, don’t allow buildup to accumulate, or it will diminish definition. Clarify at least once a week.
  • Also, see your barber every 2-3 weeks for trim and fade touch-ups to keep the edges clean. Use a beard trimmer in between to detail your neckline and sideburns at home.
  • As curly hair grows out, longer layers on top can make fades seem undersized or dated. Getting additional shapes and layers will refresh the proportions of your cut. Staying on top of maintenance ensures your curly fade makes as bold an impression on day 30 as it did on day 1.

Final Thoughts: Embrace Your Curly Hair with Style

Experimenting with different fade haircuts can unlock stylish new looks to embrace your curly locks. As we’ve seen, pairing fades with curly hair creates edgy contrasts and dimension.

The variations are endless, from high and tight fades to temple and drop fades. Play with different fade heights and pair your cut with a hard side part or design.

Embracing the unique texture of curly hair opens up possibilities straight hair simply can’t achieve. The key is finding inspiration from the latest trends and other gents wearing their curls proudly.

Then, make each style your own with the right barber and products. Keep exploring, try a new fade with your next trim, and most importantly, take pride in the natural curves that make your mane stand out.

Your distinctive curls are what make you, you.

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