Learn How to Make Yourself Look Sick by Applying Makeup

How to look sick with makeup (works for office, friends and family)

Makeup is an art, skill, and powerful weapon with enough potential to transform your look. But do you know that looking sick with makeup is trending? If you are excited to learn the techniques to make yourself look sick, you need to know the right proportion of the product.

We know such circumstances are very common when you do not want to attend work, events, or school. A common way to escape this type of situation is doing makeup that can help you look super sick. With proper makeup, you can create a look that will convince you that you are sick. You can even get an unhealthy and swallow look.

In this article, you will find all your answers and learn the techniques to achieve that look.

Why the Crying Girl Makeup Become a Latest Buzzword Now?

Why the Crying Girl Makeup Become a Latest Buzzword Now

Have you ever thought that someday, the crying girl makeup will be one trend? Probably not. Well, believe it or not, it is true. The crying girl’s makeup has become an internet sensation. Millions of people worldwide have watched it. From the day professional makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenealy posted her video on TikTok, it has gone viral, breaking the internet.

While thousands of glamorous and gorgeous makeup videos transform looks and win people’s hearts, these teary, swollen-eyed looks have broken the stereotype.

Just like Kenealy demonstrates in her crying sick makeup look, she shows soft-pink eyelids, puffy under-eyes, watery eyes, reddish cheeks, plus a puffy lip and runny nose, pairing with cupid’s bow, and it’s done.

This video has over 130 million views, explaining how to make yourself look sick using a few makeup products. How girls look when they cry was why she posted this video. She even called this look for the “unstable girlies” who are not in the mood to cry but want to fake it.

So, are you ready to achieve that crying girl makeup look that will make you look sick? Below, you can get your answer.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Look Sick with Makeup

Do you know you can create a realistic sick look with a few step-by-step methods and just some makeup? Just take some time, follow the application process, and you can possess the skills to make yourself look sick without any failure.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face with Your Preferred Facewash

Cleanse Your Face with Your Preferred Facewash

You must clean your face with your preferred facewash to start the makeup. The natural oil and sebum from your face make your face look oily. It prevents the makeup from being set properly.

So before you start applying your powder or foundation, wash the face properly with a face wash and lukewarm. It will gently clean your face and remove all the dirt and oil. Then pat dry your face using a soft towel.

Step 2: Apply Face Primer

Apply Face Primer

Now, you have to apply primer as the first step of making up. Primer works as a barrier in your skin and gives a smooth look by hiding the wrinkles and pores and filling the fine lines. Primer plays an essential role in achieving a flawless makeup look.

This protects your skin so other makeup products can evenly blend with your skin without causing any irritation or clogging the pores. Primers even keep the makeup fresh and long-lasting.

Step 3: Use a Light-Colored Foundation Different from Your Skin Tone

Use a Light-Colored Foundation Different from Your Skin Tone

As you are trying to make yourself look sick and want to create that look, make sure you choose a 2 to 3-shade lighter or darker foundation that does not match your actual skin tone. Start applying the foundation to your chin, browline, and cheeks.

Then, blend evenly so that it will not be noticeable. Once you complete it, you will find that your face has lost all its colors. You can mix two different foundation shades to create the perfect bruises under the eyes. Thus, they will appear more sunken and hollow.

Step 4: Contouring is Important

Contouring is Important

Contouring is a must for making the sick face look believable. Apply contour to your cheeks to achieve that look. Contouring on foundation has specific features that could enhance or even change your face shape.

If you want to add more drama, consider using contouring powder to create a shadow on your jawline and temples. It will appear that you have lost weight, too, over time. Thus, you can get a skeletal face with drowsy-like cheeks.

Step 5: Apply Highlighter or Bronzer

Apply Highlighter or Bronzer

Don’t forget to apply bronzer on your chin, forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Thus, you can create an angular shape. You must get a rounded tip brush to work on the small areas, such as around your mouth or under the eyes. But choose a flat brush to do your makeup on the bigger areas such as cheeks or forehead.

Apply some bronzer on your nose on both sides, along with under your eyes. It will help you create a shadow on those specific areas and naturally make them appear darker like you are sick.

Step 6: Make Dark Circles with Makeup

Make Dark Circles with Makeup

To make dark circles, take some cream shadows to put on your eyes. You can use bluish, purple, or reddish eye shadow colors, as it can help you get a realistic look. You should start with the eyes’ inner corner and extend outward.

Applying some neutral eyeshadow of a darker shade compared to your normal skin tone is also good. You must put it in the area where you wish to create the dark circles. Then, blend it seamlessly with a pencil brush or a brush. You can add different colors and blend till you get that perfect texture.

Step 7: Create a Swollen Circle Under Your Eye

Create a Swollen Circle Under Your Eye

Creating swollen eyes will add an extra layer that can take your makeup to a new level and will complete your sick and tired makeup look. When we cry or fall sick, the corners or rims of our eyes get puffy and red over time.

So, you can not miss the step as it creates a more natural appearance. Add lipstick, red blush, or eyeshadow on the fingertip to the corner section beside the eyelids to get this look. Now start blending it carefully and slowly using your fingertip or small tip brush so there will be no leftover pigments.

Step 8: Make Eye Bags

Make Eye Bags

For the next step, use dark-shaded eyeliner or eyeshadow for your eye bags. You can even choose an eyeliner brush that is angled with hard bristles that will make applying the product easy. This trick will make the eye bag look darker, saggy, and bigger than normal times.

Lastly, take a blush and slowly dab it under your eyes to make it more sunken. Put extra mascara on your lower lashes to make it look more voluminous than usual.

Step 9: Focus on Creating Pale Chapped Lips

Focus on Creating Pale Chapped Lips

Even if your lips aren’t chapped or cracked, make them chapped and pale by applying makeup. Add foundation to your lips, then use a sponge to dab it. This will give you an appearance of cracked lips.

If you want to make it look more real, don’t forget to apply some foundation to the inside corners and sides of your lips. Afterward, choose a nude shade way lighter than the natural lip color and wear it all over your lips.

Step 10: Use Blush to Create a Runny Nose Look

Use Blush to Create a Runny Nose Look

You can use a grease pencil on your upper lip for a runny nose and then blend the color over your nose. You can even add some red lipstick to flaunt a runny nose. Just apply the lipstick to the tip of your nose and around both nostrils. Then, you can spread the lipstick in the outward area with your fingertip.

Instead of a cream blush, you can even use a powder blush. Thus, you can have more control over the colors, especially if you’re a beginner. It will help create a swollen look, and people will think you have a cold, cough, or flu.

Step 11: Create an Illusion of Puffy and Teary Eyes

Create an Illusion of Puffy and Teary Eyes

As you learn how to make yourself look sick with makeup, you can create puffy and teary eyes. Just apply a few drops of saline to your eyes. This will give you a teary eyes appearance.

As saline is very safe, you can use it to create a puff temporarily in your eyes until you are not allergic to it.

Step 12: Apply Glycerin Under Your Nostrils

Apply Glycerin Under Your Nostrils

Apply some drops of glycerin under your nostrils, and you are good to go. Consider using a soft cotton cloth or swab to spread the glycerin. Blend the glycerin right under your nostrils. The glycerin can play excellently when you dab it around the hairline and brow. It will create a look like the beads of real-looking sweat.

Don’t forget to apply the glycerin to your temples and neck. This trick can give you a victory card if you attempt to fake a severe illness such as the flu. Glycerin is non-toxic and safe and is even applied with moisturizer to moisturize skin. That means using as much glycerin as possible to create the symptoms properly is okay.

Step 13: Use the Eye Drops to Create a Bloodshot Stare

Use the Eye Drops to Create a Bloodshot Stare

Use eye drops to create a bloodshot stare. Squeeze 1-2 drops of regular saline into each eye, and then all you need to do is blink a few times. This is harmless and temporarily puffs up your eyes, creating the look that you are suffering from allergies.

Be careful not to use too much saline, making you extremely teary. Then, there could be chances that your makeup will start melting. All of that hard work and effort will be ruined if your eye makeup gets washed off.

Step 14: Use a Dewy Setting Spray to Complete the Look

Use a Dewy Setting Spray to Complete the Look

If you want to make yourself look sick, the last step is as important as the previous steps. To complete the look perfectly, complete your sick makeup by applying a dewy setting spray all over your face.

It is excellent to keep your makeup intact for longer hours. After using this, your makeup won’t melt, smudge, or fade over time. As a result, this will elevate the eyes more puffy, making the overall look better and more realistic.

Summing It Up

All in all, sick makeup looks are in trend these days. When you explore different social media platforms, you will find that such looks are on trend, and such videos are even roaming the internet, getting viral.

You will be a pro once you practice all the steps a few times. But remember, after you complete the final look, don’t touch your face too much. It might ruin the entire makeup, and people may understand that it is false. You don’t want to waste all the effort, right? So keep it in mind. So, whatever you will do, don’t do it over. Makeup overdoing may appear unnatural.

To ensure everything looks flawless and realistic, carefully follow every step, and you are all set to reveal your fake sick look!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Eye Shape Helps You Look More Tired?

A heavy or drooping upper eyelid can give the appearance of fatigue. While not strictly related to eye shape, the presence of dark circles under the eyes can enhance the appearance of fatigue.

Should You Use Concealer While Creating the Sick Makeup Look?

No, you should use concealer while creating this sick makeup look. Concealer can hide the dark circles and puffiness under your lower eyelid. If you want to look, you have to skip concealer. Instead of that, you can create more puffiness using a concealer brush.

Is It Possible to Create a Realistic Sick Makeup Look?

Yes, it is possible to create a realistic sick makeup look. You need to use some makeup products step by step and learn the blending technique well. When you finish the makeup, you are ready to flaunt your sick makeup look.

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