11 Important Signs of Low Porosity Hair

Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair to Never Ignore

If your hair acts like a raincoat and doesn’t soak up water easily, too, then you might have low porosity hair. Don’t worry, and it’s like having a special hair type. We’re here to help you understand the signs of low-porosity hair and the basic hints that your hair gives you.

These hints tell you that your hair likes to stay hard to get with moisture. It’s the same as trying to pour water on a shiny plate. It forms little beads and doesn’t go in right away. That’s how low porosity hair behaves with water.

This happens because the outside of your hair is like tiny shut doors, not letting water inside quickly. So, your hair might stay dry even after a shower. Here, we’ll show you these signs in simple words. No need for fancy hair specialists.

We’ll help you know your hair better so you can choose the right care for it. Get to know more about low-porosity hair in detail.

1. Hair Responds Well to Humectants

Hair Responds Well to Humectants

Low-porosity hair has a unique link with humectants, and these are moisture magnets. Just think of this: what it feels like when you open your door to welcome friends. Well, low-porosity hair does the same with humectants. These special ingredients are really fine at holding onto moisture, which is the same as giving your hair a nice drink of water. It’s like when you’re really thirsty, and you finally get a sip, your hair feels that relief, too.

Think of your hair as a sponge that doesn’t soak up water too quickly. If your hair takes its time to get wet in the shower, that could be a sign. It’s like your hair is a bit shy around water, just like how some people are around new folks. If your hair takes its sweet time to get wet and water doesn’t rush in, it might be the low-porosity type.

You can use hydrating shampoo to solve your hair problems.

2. Hair Dries Slowly

Hair Dries Slowly

Think of your hair as a sponge that sips, not gulps. Low-porosity hair is like this slow sponge. It takes its time to drink in moisture. This can be good and a bit of a test for your patience. So, wait a bit more for your hair to soak in all the good stuff.

This means hair that’s a bit picky about soaking up moisture. It might feel like your hair is taking its sweet time to get wet in the shower. And when you use products, they can seem to sit on your hair instead of getting absorbed. You might also notice that your hair takes a while to dry after washing.

It’s like your hair is holding onto that water for dear life. But don’t worry; and there are ways to help your low-porosity hair get the hydration it needs.

3. Products Stay on Hair

Products Stay on Hair

Your hair is like a comfy home where products can settle in comfortably. If your hair has low porosity, it’s like the house is a bit picky about who gets in. This means that your hair doesn’t quickly soak up stuff, so the products you use can stay around for a longer time. It’s like they have more chances to chat with your locks and give them the care they need.

You might notice that it takes a while for your hair to absorb water when you shower. This can make your hair feel a bit stubborn when it comes to soaking in moisture. Because your hair takes its time to let things in, you want to pick patient products. They should be able to wait and work their magic without rushing.

Think of it the same as inviting friends over who don’t mind hanging out for a while.

4. Hair Needs Cleaning for Better Moisture

Hair Needs Cleaning for Better Moisture

Clean hair means happy hair, especially if it’s low porosity. Your hair is the same as a garden path. Sometimes, gunk can block the way, stopping the water from getting in. But don’t worry, a nice and easy cleaning routine is like sweeping the path clean. This helps your hair soak up all the good moisture it needs.

Low porosity hair is like hair that doesn’t want to drink water. It’s a bit shy and doesn’t let water in easily. You might notice that when you try to get it, the water sits on top like little beads. That’s a sign. Another clue is that it takes quite a while for your hair to get wet in the shower.

So, remember, keeping your hair clean and happy is like caring for a garden. And if your hair is picky about water, you might have low porosity hair. Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to maintain moisture.

5. Hair Gets Wet Slowly

Hair Gets Wet Slowly .jpg

Your hair is like a careful swimmer. Just as someone who steps into the water slowly, low porosity hair likes to test the waters first. It takes its time before allowing any moisture in. So, it’s important not to be in a hurry. Let your hair have its own gentle pace when it comes to getting wet. This way, it can make sure to soak up all the good stuff.

There are many signs of low porosity hair that can help you identify it. For instance, it might take a bit longer for this type of hair to get wet in the shower. It’s almost like it’s shy around water. Additionally, when you apply hair products, you might notice that they tend to sit on top of the hair rather than being absorbed quickly.

This is another clue that your hair has low porosity. Understanding your hair’s porosity can be really helpful.

Use a hair dryer to dry your hair fast.

6. Hair Doesn’t Hold Color Treatments Well

Hair Doesn't Hold Color Treatments Well

Coloring hair that’s not very absorbent is a bit like painting on a shiny surface, and it’s a bit tricky. The outer layer of the hair doesn’t really want to hold onto the color, so it’s not so easy to make those fun color changes stay for long.

It’s like having a party with colors, but the colors might not stay for as long as you’d like. When hair has low porosity, it means the outer layer is like a closed door that doesn’t want to let the color in. So, when you try to dye your hair, it can be a bit frustrating if you want your hair to look different and exciting with new colors.

If this happens to you, then these can be signs of low porosity. That’s when you know that your hair might not easily take in the colors you want.

7. Heat Helps Hair Absorb Moisture Better

Heat Helps Hair Absorb Moisture Better .jpg

Welcome your not-so-absorbent hair. When heat softly warms up those tiny hair doorways, it lets moisture sneak in easier. It’s similar to a little invitation. It’s the same. Your hair is a bit choosy about who it lets in, but a bit of heat can help.

Heat makes your hair open up a little and welcome in the good stuff. When your hair isn’t quick to drink up moisture, it might need a bit of help. That’s where the comfort comes in handy.

Those tiny doors on your hair might be a bit firm, but a gentle touch of heat can make them relax. Once they do, your hair can finally get the hydration it’s been missing.

Just as when your hair takes its time to absorb moisture. Use a deep-conditioning hair mask to maintain your quality hair.

8. More Chance of Getting Dandruff

More Chance of Getting Dandruff

Low porosity hair might sound fancy, but it’s like having a cozy spot for dandruff. Think of your hair as a warm and snug corner where dandruff likes to hang out. This happens because it’s not so easy for moisture to get to your scalp. So, those annoying white flakes might decide to have a party there.

Keep an eye out for those pesky flakes. When you see them showing up more often than you’d like, it could be a sign that your hair’s porosity is playing hard to get with moisture.

There are simple things you can do to make your hair less of a dandruff playground. Just give it a little extra love and attention, and you’ll see those flakes making a good exit.

Remember, low-porosity hair can be managed with some gentle care. You can use an anti-dandruff shampoo to keep your hair safe from the dandruff.

9. Hair Doesn’t Work Well with Conditioners

Hair Doesn't Work Well with Conditioners

Picking the right conditioner can be a bit tricky. Some conditioners can act a little too excited and struggle to get in, making a mess instead of making friends.

So, when you have hair that doesn’t easily soak in stuff, go for a conditioner that’s chill and light, like the cool person at the party who vibes with everyone. This way, your hair and the conditioner will get along just fine.

You see, low porosity hair can be a bit picky about who it lets in. Regular conditioners might knock on the door but struggle to get in, leaving behind a residue like that one person who doesn’t get the hint.

But with a conditioner that’s easygoing, it’s like having a guest who knows how to blend in and have a good time. They’ll actually connect with your hair, making it feel awesome instead of just hanging around.

Use a cubicle opening conditioner that could help in opening your hair cubicles.

10. Products Can Build up On Hair Easily

Products Can Build up On Hair Easily

Remember that canvas we talked about that dries slowly? Well, it can also attract a lot of stuff over time. Things might stick around for too long, making things seem a bit messy.

Cleaning often helps your hair stay feeling nice and clean. Just like that canvas, some hair doesn’t let things soak in easily. So, if your hair seems to resist water or products, it might have low porosity.

This can make it a bit tricky for things to get in and do their job. But don’t worry; a good cleanse can still help. Just like wiping down that canvas, you can find ways to ensure your hair stays fresh and happy.

11. Water Forms Beads on Hair

Water Forms Beads on Hair

Hair is like a windowpane, and water is like tiny beads that sit on it. This happens if you have low-porosity hair. Your hair has tightly closed cuticles that don’t easily let water in. It’s like a puzzle for the water to soak in fast. After you shower, try gently patting your hair and give it some time to sip up the moisture.

These signs show that your hair is a bit picky about getting wet. If it takes a while for your hair to get wet in the shower, that’s a sign. Also, when you apply hair products, they seem to sit on your hair instead of sinking in. That’s another sign. Your hair might also take longer to dry because it’s not ready to let go of moisture.

Be patient and let your hair enjoy its moisture time after showering. You can use a daily hair moisturizer for regular hair maintenance.


Remember, these are the clues your hair gives you about how it likes to soak up moisture.

When you understand these signs, taking care of your hair becomes similar to playing a game, a game where you win by keeping your hair happy and healthy. When your hair takes its time getting wet, it’s just telling you that it likes to do things carefully.

Think of your hair as a beautiful thing. It has its secrets, and when you pay attention to the signs, you get to find out the secrets. So, go ahead and pamper your hair with products that match its style. Give it deep drinks of moisture when it needs it.

So, if you want your hair to be of the best quality, then keep these characteristics in mind, which will forever help you to maintain the quality of your hair.

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