How to Make 4C Hair Curly: A Guide

How to Make 4C Hair Curly: XTechniques

Taking care of afro-textured hair is difficult. Not to mention, wearing it in one fashion gets boring fast. So, instead of a top bun, you can change it up and wear it in curls. The naturally kinky hair needs protecting as well as celebration. Keeping the ends tucked away might keep them safe, but some fresh curls look beautiful.

There are several ways to make hair curly, even as voluminous as the 4c type. And there are even ways to get ringlets with minimum damage and no heat. So, if you are searching for ways to make 4c hair curly, look no further.

In this article, we discuss the best ways for 4c hair types to attain perfect curls.

1. The Maximum Hydration Method

Curly hair needs more care and product than straight hair to attain its flawless beauty. Often, curly-haired people would have to follow 4 or 5-step routines during wash day. One such routine that makes its stand among methods of making 4c hair curly is maximum hydration. This would deeply moisturize each strand and help you gain back lost luster.

To make this method work, you need to stick to the strict regime for 7 consecutive days at least. The process slowly makes the strands absorb as much moisture as they can without overdoing it. These 5 steps in total will give you beautiful curly hair.

The Maximum Hydration Method

  • Step 1: Cleanse the hair thoroughly and clarify it with some apple cider vinegar. The AVC, when used with water on a 1:1 ratio, removes all the dirt and preps the hair.
  • Step 2: Co-wash the hair with conditioner so that it remains soft and clean while you detangle.
  • Step 3: Next is the clay rinse, which is done by choosing either Bentonite, Kaolin, or rhassoul clay.
  • Step 4: Section the hair to put in the leave-in conditioner for proper moisturization.
  • Step 5: Use a styling botanical gel made with herbal extracts and oils so that the hair doesn’t dry out.

2. The Straw Set Method

Straw sets give your 4c hair the perfect curls that last for a long time. It also makes the hair look good in an economical way. For any length of hair, you are sure to get perfect coils using straw sets. While looking to make 4c hair curly, you need to find methods that preserve natural hair.

The straw set method just needs a pack of straws along with some bobbly pins apart from your regular products. Just make sure you have the right kind of shampoos, conditioners, and setting lotions in place. A wide-tooth comb is also needed for the detangling process.

The Straw Set Method

To set your curls with straws, you need damp hair. So shampoo, clean, and prep your hair thoroughly. While you are using a conditioner, make sure it is the right one, and the hair does not dry afterward. You can also use a light moisturizer on the scalp and hair before putting in the lotion.

To curl the hair tightly, you would need lots of setting lotion. Then, section the hair and start putting the hair in tight coils around the straws. The spirals should be tight, but not too tight, and they have to be secured with bobby pins. They dry the hair with the straws inside a dryer for perfect curls.

3. The Shingling Method

Another hair care method that is sure to make your hair curly is the Shingling method. It is one of those methods to make 4c hair curly that shows off these specific types. The kinky hair forms perfectly elongated curls that are lustrous and bouncy. The process used curling creams or gels after a leave-in moisturizer, promising full hydration.

When you want to show off those beautiful curls, you know that effort must be put in. The shingling method, therefore, would take hard work to yield to beautiful curls. But it is a short process and takes only 20 or so minutes.

The Shingling Method

This process, too, needs the hair to be co-washed before the start. The moisturized hair will then need detangling with a brush before you curl it. Then, section parts of your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner so that the strands are not crunchy.

The hair should also be wet when you shingle the smaller sections of your hair. The curling creams smoothen these parts as you separate them from the big sections. Make sure the hair is fully damp at every step of the way. Then, you can air dry or blow dry it for bouncy curls.

4. The Bantu Knot Method

Bantu Knots are a great way to keep your hair up in luscious curls. The luxe feeling you get from these is unparalleled. Your kinky hair would benefit from this heatless method that is suitable for hair of any length. For short hair, make smaller sections, and for longer hair, you can make bigger sections.

You do not need too much in terms of materials if you want to curl your hair using Bantu knots. Just have your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and setting lotion ready for use. Along with a rattail comb and a few elastic bands, the knot-out curls will be ready.

The Bantu Knot Method

To put up your hair into bantu knots, you will need to start with prepped hair. So, shampoo and condition accordingly, as seen in the first steps of almost every tutorial. Then, detangle your hair and divide it into neat sections using a rattail comb.

Each section of hair will need lotion as they are twisted. The process is to wrap the hair against itself like a screw. The coils should be near the base, and bring the section of coils closer to your head tightly. Set the coils in place with elastics or pins and keep them overnight. Come morning, release the coils and flaunt your beautiful curls.

5. The Flexi Rod Method

Flexi rods can be used for any kind of hair type to make them curly. But they are especially beneficial for 4c hair as they form around the naturally kinky hair with ease. Wetting the hair before setting it is also not a necessity for flexi rods. No matter the state of your hair, these flexible little tubes will give you beautifully defined curls.

When you start setting your hair with flexi rods, you will not need too much materials. This 4c hair curly method needs just a packet of rods along with some leave-in conditioner. Keep a rattail comb and a spray bottle of water handy as well.

The Flexi Rod Method

Dry hair is also perfect for these curls, as wet hair takes more time. Carefully detangle your hair and put it in sections using a rattail comb. Then you have to mist over the sections to make them damp. But use a little water so it is not fully wet.

The sections will also need some leave-in conditioner to make them soft. Once you have prepped the hair, curl the sections around the rods and bend the ends towards the inside. The size of the curls depends on the type of flexi rods you use.

6. The Braid And Curl Method

Curls are a great way to make your hair look big and beautiful. And with the braid and curl method, you are sure to have voluminous and bouncy curls. Often times this method makes the hair frizzy and less defined. But if you just put a little more time into the process, you will get the luscious curls you deserve.

The braid and curl method yields great results, but you will need a lot of patience. As for materials, have a useful set of leave-in conditioners and moisturizing oils ready. The curling occurs with the help of perm rods, but you will need two types of combs: detangling and wide-toothed.

The Braid And Curl Method

In this method, too, you start with clean and prepped hair. The hair should be slightly damp before you put it in the leave-in conditioner for optimum moisturizing. Then, divide the hair into four broad sections and oil them further.

In each section, smaller sections are brought out, detangled, and divided into two. The two parts are then twisted together and wrapped with a perm rod at the end. This method can also be used overnight when wrapped in a silk bonnet.

7. The Twist-Out Method

For the last method, we have a simple way to keep your 4c curls defined. As you twist out your natural kinky hair, you will be able to create a variety of patterns. Natural hair may be hard to manage, but with this method, you can have anything, from tight ringlets to chaotic waves.

As the twist-out curl technique doesn’t need too many ingredients; the basics of your haircare, like good shampoos and conditioners, would do. For proper curls, you should also get leave-in conditioners and moistening hair oils for added hydration. And with some gel or curling custard and a tooth comb, you are ready to get twist-out curls.

The Twist-Out Method

Like most cases, you have to start your hair care day with a soothing round of shampoo and conditioner. Then, divide your hair into four large sections and apply a good amount of leave-in conditioner to each section. These will need further oiling before detangling.

Of the four sections, make smaller sections in each and start twisting with some curling custard. Once you have covered your whole head, you will see that the curls hold their shape. Let them dry overnight before you take out the curls and fluff them.

Bottom Line

Managing voluminous and kinky hair can be troublesome. But with a little care, they can look so beautiful that no straight strand can compare. And a way to glam up 4c hair is to style it in curls. There are several ways, like the minimum hydration technique, that make hair curly without heat damage.

The methods are many and use lots of different products. From flexi rods to straw sets, the options are endless. And each of them is staggered to give your natural coils definition.

Let us know about your favorite technique for attaining perfect curls in the comments below!

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