How to Grow Natural 4C Hair Using Rice Water: A Complete Guide

grow natural 4c hair using rice water

We all like to include rice in our regular diet. After all, it has many nutrients essential for a healthy body and mind. But we need to be aware of some other benefits of this food item. Yes, rice has been long used by Asian women as a secret ingredient for beautiful skin and hair.

Today, almost all around the world, everybody is aware of these benefits, which is why you will see people across the globe trying out various ways to enhance their beauty using rice.

Rice can make your skin clear and glowing, but it also helps hair growth and managing it wonderfully. Especially for the 4C hair type, this ingredient can be magical to promote faster growth and healthy hair.

But for that, you must know how to make rice water for black hair and quicker, natural growth.

Read about all of it below.

What Exactly is 4C Type Hair

4C hair is classified as a distinct type with very tight curls and intense coils. When dry, these curls can shrink to 75% of their total length. This hair type has a less visible curl definition than others, so it is also more prone to knots and tangles. It goes without saying that the 4C type of hair needs more care and conditioning than other curls. This makes it one of the prominent reasons to read about 4C types of growth.

What is Rice Water

After soaking, washing, or boiling regular rice, the milky liquid left behind is your rice water. Though this water has many benefits, it is an excellent hair cleanser and conditioner with additional qualities leading to hair growth. This makes it a fantastic option to learn how to make rice water for black hair.

Some Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

Yes, we have read about the various unique properties of rice water. But what makes this ingredient unique, especially the 4C type hair? Read about it below:

  • Fastens Hair Growth: Rice water is rich in amino acids, making it an excellent source for hair growth in Asian women. That is why many of these women have powerful and luscious hair. In addition to this, it also contains Vitamin B, E, and C, which are best for promoting faster hair growth.
  • Damage Protection: Rice water miraculously contains a lot of carbohydrates and proteins, around 7 to 16%. This ensures that your hair gets added protection even after rinseing it off with water. Because of this, your hair breaks less and is protected from damage.
  • Better Shine and Improved Hair Elasticity: Rice water makes your hair shiny because of the amino acid it contains and strengthens it from the route that enhances the elasticity.
  • Detangles The Hair: One of the best features of rice water is that it conditions your hair to make it smooth and soft. Because of this, your hair remains smoother and presentable all the time. That is why it is highly recommended for 4C type of hair for better conditioning And hair protection.

Best Ways to Make Rice Water for 4C Hair

Best Ways to Make Rice Water for 4C Hair

Though you will find innumerable answers on how to make rice water for black hair, here are the best and easiest ones for 4C types. Follow them exactly as mentioned below to get maximum benefits from rice water.

1. No-Boil Rice Water

This method does not require any boiling or cooking of water and hence can be a go-to way to use rice water for black hair or 4C hair growth.


  • Half a cup of rice
  • 3 cups of water
  • Essential oil of your choice – 2-3 drops.


  • Add the rice in a bowl
  • Add water to it
  • Rub the rice a little or swoop with a spoon
  • Let it stay for half an hour or more so that the nutrients from the rice get absorbed in the water.
  • Strain the rice water carefully.
  • Add the essential oil to it.
  • Rinse your hair with this water after shampooing or cleaning it thoroughly.

2. No-Waste Rice Water Preparation

In preparing the best solution for your hair growth, wasting the rice is not good. You can use this method to make the water if you think the same. It is the easiest one from the rest and does not allow rice waste.


  • Wash the rice you intend to cook at home once and drain the water.
  • During the next wash, do not drain the water. Store this water in a separate container.
  • You can use this rice water to clean your hair directly or store it in the container for the next day or two and then use it during hair wash.

3. Fermentation Method

This method of using rice water for hair growth is considered one of the best and most impactful because it contains fermentation. During this process, all the nutrients are absorbed in the water at their maximum capacity, making it highly beneficial for usage.


  • Half cup rice
  • 3 cups of water
  • Essential oil – 5-6 drops


  • Pour the water into the rice in a container.
  • Rinse it or swirl it with a spoon
  • Leave the container covered for a day or two.
  • Strain the water after two days
  • Add drops of essential oil to it.
  • Use this water as a conditioner, or rinse your hair with it.

This process involves fermentation of the rice so that you might get some smell in it. Around six drops of essential oil will help you eliminate this smell when using water on your hair.

4. The Boiling Rice Method

This method can consume some of your time, but it is also very effective for the hair due to rice water.


  • Half a cup of rice
  • 8-9 cups of water
  • Essential oil – 2-3 drops


  • Wash the rice with water once.
  • Add rice and water to a utensil and boil until it softens.
  • Strain the excess water.
  • Add essential oil
  • Use it to rinse your hair.

Though these are the exact methods you must follow to make rice water for 4C hair growth, remember that the quantity of the rice and water depends on the length and volume of your hair.

Ways to Use Rice Water on 4C Hair

Ways to Use Rice Water on 4C Hair

Since you know how to make rice water for black hair, it is time to learn how to use this on the 4C types. Ensure you follow the instructions below to gain maximum benefits from this process.

1. Rice Water as A Detangling Agent

Applying rice water to hair rapidly conditions it, making it silky and detangleable. By decreasing surface friction and smoothing the cuticles, rice water keeps the strands from tangling.

  • Use the rice water you made using any of the above-listed methods.
  • To make your hair damp rather than wet, mist it with warm water.
  • Apply a liberal amount of rice water to your hair using a spray bottle until you feel its smoothness. You can even directly pour the water if you want.
  • After about five minutes, remove the rice water and gently free your hair from tresses before you wash off the rice water.

2. A Shampoo Agent

Another effective way to use rice water on 4C hair type is by adding it to the existing shampoo or creating one using the DIY method.

  • Mix the fermented rice water with your existing shampoo and use it as always. Adding this water will work as a conditioner for your hair, making it soft and manageable.
  • For the DIY method, use shampoo concentrate, add the rice water to it, even add some experts-advised essential oils if you want, and then use it naturally to your hair.

3. As a Natural Conditioner

This is the most popular rice water method for 4C hair growth.

  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo.
  • Pour the rice water or apply it like a conditioner on your hair.
  • Let it stay for 5-7 minutes
  • Rinse off the water and enjoy the smoothest texture of your hair

4. Pre-Wash Method

This method is advisable for those who want the rice water to stay on their hair for a long and enjoy excellent results.

  • Apply the rice water on your hair directly or mix it with olive oil.
  • Let it stay overnight over your hair.
  • Wash it with the regular shampoo the following day.

Fermented or Plain Rice Water: What Should You Choose

Fermented or Plain Rice Water.jpg

Though both ways of making rice water, which is highly beneficial for your hair, are the same, there needs to be clarity about which would be best for your hair. As per the experts, fermented rice water is highly recommended over plain water for the following reasons:

  • The PH level in the plain rice water is higher.
  • This PH level is reduced during the fermentation process, which aids in closing the cuticles. This process protects your hair from damage.
  • During fermentation, a substance called Pitera is released, which is high in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other nutrients that help keep the cells healthy and promote healthy hair growth.

Duration to Keep the Rice Water in Your Hair

Duration to Keep the Rice Water in Your Hair

The exact duration and time you should let the rice water stay on your hair varies depending on your hair type, length, and other conditions. At a minimum, you should let it stay for fifteen minutes as this is essential to absorb the nutrients in the water and promote hair growth or soften hair. You should rinse off the rice water after no more than an hour if you have poor porosity hair or protein-sensitive hair. Even when the rice water is rinsed out, inositol remains in the hair, functioning as a barrier. Therefore, there is only an advantage to leaving it on for a short time. Sometimes, the hair does become very dry if you keep the rice water for a more extended period.

Consistency of Using Rice Water for 4C Hair Growth

Using rice water for black hair growth requires understanding how frequently you should opt for this ingredient. However, when you start the process and view positive effects on your 4C hair growth, try going for it repeatedly, like once a week. However, after a certain period, reduce the consistency as rice water is rich in proteins, and this treatment shouldn’t be taken more often.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Using Rice Water for 4C Hair Growth

Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Using Rice Water for 4C Hair Growth

If you intend to use rice water for 4C hair growth regularly, consider these pointers for maximum benefits.

  • For someone who wears braids and tight styles regularly, the scalp requires regular hydration to keep it strong and healthy. Using the rice water spray on such hair occasionally is a good treatment in such a case.
  • Is it recommended to perform a patch test on your 4C-type hair to ensure the rice water suits it and does not cause any issues before trying it over the entire scalp?
  • Using the rice water before the deep conditioning step is highly beneficial for 4C hair growth. The hair gets all the benefits and strength of amino acids and protein before conditioning. It makes it look good and helps keep it more robust and healthy, enhancing overall growth.
  • According to hair experts like Wynter Baxter, 4C hair requires hydration too often. However, using protein treatment more frequently on such hair can overload it with this component, leading to unhealthy results.


Rice water can be an excellent source of nutrients for 4C hair that ultimately calls for better growth and health of the tresses.

But while using it, it is essential to follow the exact guidelines on making rice water for black hair and use it as per the instructions.

Remember, like any other body part, your hair requires regular care and varies from others.

Always ensure you use the rice water consistently and per the quantity and period that suits it.

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