How to Do Bubble Braids: Complete Guide

How to do Bubble Braids | Types

Bubble braids are a cool hairstyle that puts a playful twist on regular braids. If you want a cute and one-of-a-kind look, these braids could be just what you’re after.

We’ll walk you through the basics of making braids and find different types of braids to match your taste. These braids involve making sections that look like bubbles all along your braid. This gives your hair a full and textured appearance that’s awesome for any occasion.

Whether you’re off to a relaxed hangout or a special event, these braids can be your top pick. From the classic single bubble style to double braids and more, you’ll find out how to personalize each type. There is no need for expert hairstyling abilities, just a bit of patience and a few hair elastics to begin.

Be prepared to become a bubble braids pro and up your hair game. Show creativity and create a head-turning hairstyle that’s both delightful and easy to do!

What are Bubble Braids?

What are Bubble Braids?

Bubble braids are a fun and trendy hairstyle that makes your appearance unique. They make your hair appear like it has little bubbles along it. This braid works for different types of hair, so anyone can enjoy it, no matter their age. Making this braid is an easy task. First, you make a regular braid along your hair.

Then, you gently pull and tie sections of the braid with clear elastic bands. This makes the bubbles. You can choose if you want the bubbles to be big or small so you get a hairstyle that’s unique and fashionable.

How to Do Bubble Braid

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

To begin your bubble braid, make sure your hair is clean, not tangled, and dry. You can softly brushit to remove any knots. Using a little texturizing spray or mousse can help create a better hold and more volume, which will make braiding easier.

Step 2: Start With Two Sections

Separate your hair into two equal parts by putting hair clips, like you’re getting ready to make a basic ponytail. But instead of doing a regular braid, let’s try something unique. Get a small hair band and put it around the top part of the first section, a few inches down from the top of your hair. This makes the first bubble in your new style.

Step 3: Create Pigtails or a Ponytail

Next, collect the remaining hair below the hairband and secure it with another band to create a ponytail or pigtail, whichever braid you like. Keep in mind that if you position the first tied section higher up, your bubbles will be more spread out.

Step 4: Keep Adding Elastics to Create the Bubbles

This is the part where the magic happens. Use another elastic and tie it a bit lower than the first one you used for the hair section. Gently tug the hair between the two elastics to make it puff up like a bubble. Keep doing this again and again, adding more elastics evenly along your hair, until you get to the very end.

Step 5: Make Them Bubbly

To make your bubbles burst, simply pull the sides of each part between the bands. This shapes your bubbles to be round and big. Remember, don’t pull too much and ruin your efforts.

Step 6: Lock It In With Hairspray

After you’ve made your hair bubbly the way you want, just spray a bit of hairsprayon it. This will make sure your bubble hairstyle stays in position and keeps looking fun all day, even when you’re busy doing things.

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Types of Bubble Braids

1. Easy Side bubble Braids

Easy Side bubble Braids

The simple side braid is a lovely hairstyle that mixes simplicity with grace. It’s great for those who want to look stylish in a relaxed way. To make these bubble braids, you weave your hair like a regular three-strand braid, but with a small change. While braiding, softly pull the outer parts of the braid. This makes the braid different from normal ones.

To do the easy side braid, start by brushing your hair to remove tangles. Then, take a part of the hair at the front, divide it into three equal parts, and start braiding. Cross the right part over the middle, then the left part over the middle.

Now, for the bubble part, after crossing, gently pull the sides of the braids to loosen them and make them feel bubbled. Keep doing this until you reach the hair end and tie the braid with a band.

2. One French Bubble Braid

One French Bubble Braid .jpg

The French bubble braids add a classy feel to the regular French braid. It’s suitable for different occasions, from hanging out with friends to fancy parties. To make this braid, you’ll use the bubble technique along with the French braid. Here’s how: pick a part of your hair near the top of your head.

Split it into three parts and start braiding the French way by crossing the side pieces over the middle one. As you go, take more hair from each side and add it to the outer pieces before crossing them over the middle.

Now, after each cross, gently pull the sides of the braid to make a bubble shape. Keep braiding and bubbling until you get to the lower back of your head, then tie the braid with a hairband.

3. Braids with Curls

Braids with Curls

Combine the beauty of braids with curls for a gorgeous and fun hairstyle. This braid adds fullness, texture, and a playful vibe to your hair, making it perfect for special events like weddings, parties, and proms. To get braids with curls, start by curling your hair with a curling iron or hot rollers.

Once your curls are ready, create the bubble braids, You can choose a side braid or a French braid based on what you like. The mix of organized braids and the flowing curls gives this hairstyle a sharp appearance.

4. Chic Low Bubble Ponytail

Chic Low Bubble Ponytail

The Chic Low Bubble Ponytail is a cool and stylish hairstyle that adds a bit of fun and playfulness to your appearance. This hairstyle involves making a bunch of round sections along your ponytail, giving it a bubble-like look. To get these bubble braids, start by tying your hair into a low ponytail at the back of your neck and securing it with a hairband.

Then, use smaller bands to make evenly spaced sections along your ponytail. Gently pull each section out to puff it up and make the bubble effect. The result is a delightful hairstyle that suits both casual outings and fancier events.

The Chic Low Bubble Ponytail is a great way to show off your style and welcome the youthful feel.

5. Bubble-Braided Ponytail with Braiding Hair

Bubble-Braided Ponytail with Braiding Hair

The Bubble-Braided Ponytail with Braiding Hair is a great choice if you have thin or short hair and want a thicker and fuller appearance. Here’s how to do it: Make a high ponytail with your hair and tie it up. Next, add the braiding hair to the ponytail’s base. Now, start braiding the hair and your hair together. Put small elastic bands as you braid to make bubbles.

The extra hair makes the ponytail look big and exciting. This braid works well for when you want your hair to stand out.

6. Braids on Short Hair

Braids on Short Hair .jpg

Bubble braids aren’t just for long hair; and they can also look amazing on short hair. This braid shows that you can enjoy the bubble trend even with shorter locks. To make Braids work on short hair, start by dividing your hair into sections.

Put small elastic bands on each section to make the bubble effect. This braid works well if you have bob-length hair or even a pixie cut. It adds interesting texture and a unique touch to short hair while letting you try out the bubble trend.

7. Loose Double Bubble Braids

Loose Double Bubble Braids

Loose double braids are a fun and trendy hairstyle. It suits any hair type and length. To do this braid, start by splitting your hair into two parts. Make a regular braid with the first part and tie the end.

Do the same with the second part. When both braids are done, use clear ties to create bubble-like sections along each braid. Gently pull and adjust each section to make it look round like a bubble.

This style appears chic without much effort, and you can choose how loose or tight you want the bubbles to be.

8. Braids on Long, Fine Hair

Braids on Long, Fine Hair

Bubble braids work well for all hair types, even if you have long and fine hair. To make this style for your fine, long hair, first, put your hair up in a high ponytail using a stretchy band. Then, divide the ponytail into parts and place clear bands evenly along its length. Softly tug and puff up each section to make those cute bubble shapes.

This braid gives your fine hair more body and deep, so it looks thicker and textured. Remember to be gentle to avoid hair damage since fine hair.

You’ll end up with a lovely, youthful hairstyle that suits both casual and fancy times.

9. Scrunchies all the Way

Scrunchies all the Way .jpg

To make your braids seem even better and more fun, you can put scrunchies on them. After you’ve made your braids, pick scrunchies that go well with what you’re wearing or how you like to look. Put a scrunchie on each bubble to make an appearance neat and puffy. The scrunchies do two things: they keep the bubbles in place and add color and texture to your hair.

If you like to wear extra things and want to try different scrunchie colors and patterns, this is a really good idea.

It’s simple but makes your bubble braids more special.

10. Braids on 4C hair

Braids on 4C hair

If you have 4C hair, you can use bubble braids to show off and enjoy your natural texture. These braids look great on your curls, making a cool difference between the straight parts and the bubbly sections. To make braids, begin by putting moisture in your hair. Then, split it into parts and tie each part with elastic bands. While you go down each part, softly pull the hair between the bands to make the trendy bubbles.

The outcome? A fantastic hairstyle that displays your special hair while keeping it neat and stylish.

How Long Do Bubble Braids Last?

How long bubble braids last depends on things like your hair type, the way they’re done, and how you take care of them. Usually, they stay nice for a few days to a couple of weeks.

If you have curly or textured hair, it might stay looking good for even longer because of how your hair naturally is. But if your hair is straight, it might need more help to stay in place. To make braids last longer, you can do a few easy things. Put a silk or satin scarfon your hair when you sleep to stop it from rubbing.

You can also use a light hair spray to stop frizz and to keep the bubbles neat. Remember, looking after your braids by gently fixing any bits that have come loose with more elastic bands can also help them last longer.

If you take care of them, you can enjoy having braids for a long time.


As we’ve seen, creating bubble braids is a stylish and enjoyable way to play around with your hair. There are many types of braids, like classic single bubble braids and double-bubble braids. To make a single bubble braid, begin by making a high ponytail and securing it with elastic bands at intervals down the length.

Gently puff out each section to make the bubbles. For a double bubble braid, repeat this process twice to make two levels of bubbles. Use clear elastic bands that match your hair color to highlight the bubbles. You can also add ribbons or clips to decorate your braids. Practice and patience are important.

As you become familiar with the technique, you can try different sizes and spaces for a unique look. Whether it’s for a relaxed day out or a special event, bubble braids offer a playful hairstyle that will attract people.

Now that you have the basics, let your creativity shine.

Have fun styling your hair!

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