How Long Do Stitch Braids Last? [How To And Maintenance]

Stitch Braids : How To, Styles, How Long Do They Last

Don’t we all desire a hairstyle that is protective, stylish, trending, and versatile? It is possible to have such a hairstyle that improves the hair quality and texture without damaging them. We are talking about nothing other than – Stitch Braids.

Stitch braids are extremely popular amongst braid lovers for the several ways in which they can be styled. There are unlimited amazing hairstyles that you can try with stitch braids without ruining your hair. Additionally, stitch braids are low maintenance and promote hair growth, making them a preferred choice.

While you want to ace the stitch braid styling, it is important to know how to style them and how long do stitch braids last. Fortunately, it is not challenging to understand stitch braids; all you need is to be familiar with some basic information.

To help you through, we are here with all the information you need about stitch braids to make your look really worth it.

What are Stitch Braids?

What are Stitch Braids

Stitch braids is a braided hairstyle made using the stitch-in braiding technique, resulting in a stitch-like look. In this, the hair is divided into thin or thick horizontal lines. It is more like a sophisticated cornrow type that gives amazing styling results with effective protection and growth.

You can easily achieve this hairstyle by either braiding your natural hair or adding synthetic hair to add volume to the final look. When done correctly, this hairstyle can make your hair look the most stylish with all possible care. Thus, when thinking how long do stitch braids last, it is suggested to seek professional styling to ace the look without any hassles.

What is the Difference Between Stitch Braids and Classic Cornrows?

Though stitch braids and the classic cornrows may appear very similar, they are actually slightly different from one another. Both stitch braids and classic cornrows differ based on the braiding technique used.

For stitch braids, you use your pinkie finger and its nail to create a smooth stitch-looking pattern. You also need different styling products to secure the positioning of the braids and to make them smooth. It is a more specific procedure to get neat and crisp stitch braids.

On the other hand, the classic cornrows are made using the middle and index fingers. Also, not many products are used in this style. However, you might need the essential styling products depending on your hair type and texture.

Styling the Stitch Braids 

Are you looking for effective ways to style your stitch braids? Stitch braids can be done using 2 magnificent methods – the rubber band method and the no rubber band method.

Both methods are simple and can be done even without any professional assistance. Let us get into the detailed description of both methods to style the stitch braids properly.

Before starting with any of the styling methods, it is important to do a little preparation. You should be sure of:

  • Washing your hair with normal shampoo followed by conditioning.
  • Detangle your hair properly for a smooth final look.
  • You may or may not stretch your hair before doing stitch braids
  • Get easy access to hair clips, hair mousse, rat tail comb, sheen spray, rubber bands (for the second method), etc.

Method 1: Stitch Braids without Rubber Bands

Stitch Braids without Rubber Bands

  • Section Your Hair: Start by sectioning your hair into as many parts as you want your stitch braids. For example – if you need 2 stitch braids, section your hair into 2 parts, and if you want 8 stitch braids, make 8 different sections.
  • Use Edge Control: It is suggested to use edge control on each section to get the final neat look. Apply the edge control to the roots to make the hair more manageable. However, be careful to use only a moderate amount of edge control to avoid making the hair sticky.
  • Make Horizontal Parts with Braiding: Use a rat tail comb to make horizontal parts as you braid along. Use the first two horizontal sections and braid them together. Once it is done, you can use synthetic hair and keep braiding down between the horizontal sections. Ensure that all the horizontal parts are of the same size to get a uniform, stylish final look. Continue repeating this step until all the horizontal sections are done.
  • Use Sheen Spray: Make use of sheen spray after completing the braids, as it helps control itchiness, irritation, and excessive pressure. If your braids aren’t too tight, you can also skip using sheen spray and let your hair shine naturally.

Method 2: Stitch Braids with Rubber Bands

Stitch Braids with Rubber Bands

The next method for doing stitch braids includes the use of rubber bands. These are the steps that you can follow for this method:

  • Section Your Hair: Similar to doing stitch braids without rubber bands, section your hair into as many parts as the desired stitch braids. For example – if you want 2 stitch braids, make 2 sections, and if you want 6 to 8 stitch braids, make 6 to 8 sections.
  • Use Edge Control: Apply a considerate amount of edge control on your hair roots to keep them manageable while braiding them. This will also help to get a smooth, shiny, and silky final look without causing any kind of damage to the natural hair.
  • Make Smaller Horizontal Sections: This is where you would need rubber bands. In each large horizontal section, make smaller horizontal sections and tie rubber bands on each part. The rubber bands will secure the position of the roots without braiding them. Hold two different horizontal sections and add synthetic hair to braid them down together as one cornrow. Keep repeating this until all the horizontal sections are done. If you don’t want to use synthetic hair, you can skip it and style your natural hair using these steps.
  • Use Sheen Spray: Last but not least, use sheen spray only if necessary. If you face any irritation, redness, itching, or any similar scalp condition, you can use the sheen spray to control them. You can totally skip this step if there isn’t any unwanted excessive pressure on the roots.

Both methods result in amazing stitch braids, and have no concern about how long do stitch braids last. If done correctly using the proper steps, both methods ensure to result in long-lasting stitch braids.

You can choose any of the methods that you find simple and convenient to follow.

How Long Do Stitch Braids Last?

How Long Do Stitch Braids Last?

If you are still concerned about how long do stitch braids last, you can simply relax. A stitch braid is expected to last from 2 to 8 weeks without any complications. However, it is important to give them proper care and maintenance during and after braiding.

The duration of the stitch braids also varies from person to person. If you have smooth hair with good quality and texture, your stitch braids will last longer.

Also, if your hair grows faster, it might make the stitch braid frizzy, and thus, it may not last as long as expected. You may have to include the newly grown hair in the stitch braid by removing the previous one and doing a new one. Moreover, you should be extra careful with growing new hair and should make more use of satin hair accessories to maintain their quality.

Maintaining the Stitch Braids 

Maintaining the Stitch Braids

One of the basic needs to make anyone fall in love with stitch braids is to care for and maintain them. Even if you use synthetic hair for stitch braids, you should never overpower the need to keep them well-maintained. This not only makes the stitch braids last long but also preserves the quality and texture of the hair.

So, how long do stitch braids last? Well, that majorly depends on how well you care and maintain them using good quality products. Fortunately, it is quite simple to follow a dedicated maintenance routine for the stitch braids. Care enough to know?

You can follow these simple steps to care for and maintain your stitch braids.

  • Washing: The first step towards maintaining the stitch braids is to wash them properly. It is highly recommended to not apply excessive pressure while shampooing your hair; rather, be very gentle on the scalp. You can take a moderate amount of shampoo and gently massage the scalp with either your hands or using cotton balls. Use warm water to remove the shampoo; however, be sure not to rub the hair vigorously. You can either use direct water or, again, use a cotton ball to remove the shampoo.
  • Conditioning: After you are done washing the hair, follow the same procedure to condition your hair. Concentrate more on the roots to give them full nourishment and recovery from unwanted dust, dirt, and build-up.
  • Use Natural Oils: After you have conditioned your hair, leave it to dry completely before applying a good quality natural oil. You can apply the natural oil to the roots and scalp to improve the quality and hair texture without any damage.
  • Moisturization: Along with natural oils, you can also use any good quality moisturization for your hair and scalp to keep them in their best condition. How long do stitch braids last – with deep moisturization, they can last for the maximum time.
  • Use Satin Accessories: Last but not least, it is advised to use satin accessories to protect the stitch braids even when sleeping. You can use a satin scarf, bonnets, or satin pillow covers to preserve the quality of the stitch braids.

Final Thoughts

Stitch braids are a style that never goes out of fashion. You can try endless styling options with stitch braids to get a new look every single day. If you are looking for that perfect stylish hairstyle that also protects your hair from unwanted damage, give no second thoughts for trying stitch braids. You will love the versatility, lightweight, and promoted effective protection of this fascinating hairstyle.

If you still have doubts concerning stitch braids or about how long do stitch braids last, you can write to us in the comment section. We assure you that we offer the best assistance and relevant information to make you absolutely sure of this gorgeous hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Stitch Braids Cost?

It is possible to get stitch braids at an affordable price. Generally, the average cost of stitch braids ranges between $80 to $200 depending on the hair type, length, texture, quality, complexity, and size. Since both the methods for doing stitch braids are quite similar, they hardly make any difference in the cost.

Is it Possible to Increase the Life of Stitch Braids?

There is no specific answer to how long do stitch braids last. It merely depends on how well you care and maintain them. Therefore, yes, it is possible to increase their life with dedicated care by using good quality products for washing, conditioning, and moisturizing.

How to Avoid Unwanted Friction and Frizziness with Stitch Braids?

You can very easily avoid unwanted frizziness and friction with stitch braids. Simply use a satin scarf when going out and use satin pillow covers when sleeping. Make sure to cover all your stitch braids to maintain uniformity without any damage.

What are the Factors that Affect the Life of Stitch Braids?

Several factors affect how long do strict braids last. The type of synthetic hair used for stitch braids is one of the deciding factors. Also, the braiding technique used for stitch braids also affects its lifespan. Lastly, the quality and texture of your natural hair play an important role in deciding how long the stitch braids last.

Is It Important to Straighten the Natural Hair Before Stitch Braids?

It depends on your choice as you can either straighten them or not. In both ways, the stitch braids will deliver similar results. However, you should use good quality edge control or wax to smoothen your natural hair for a neat and clean final look.

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