How Long Do Highlights Last?

How Long do Highlights Last? Cost, Brassiness?

Are you curious about how long do highlights last? Well, you’re at the right place. This is all about how long they go. It’s important to figure it out for the health of your hair. It is the same as you’ve got these awesome streaks of color in your hair, like when you add sprinkles to ice cream.

But just like as the ice cream melts, highlights can also change over time. Now, we’re not stopping at just how long highlights hang around. Nope, we’re going to chat about cost, too. Highlights come with their price tag, and we’ll break it down in the easiest way. Brassiness is like when your cool hair colors start to look a bit funny. We’ll discuss why this happens and what you can do to keep your hair looking fabulous.

Get to know more about the highlights with us in a very simple and cool way.

What are Highlights?

What are Highlights?

Highlights are tiny bursts of color in your hair. Think of your hair as a pretty picture, and highlights are the small, brighter strokes of color that make it special. They’re those strands of hair that look a bit sunnier than the rest. Just like artists use different colors to make a picture look deeper, highlights bring a bit of extra magic to your hair. If your hair is brown, the highlights might be a lighter shade of brown or even a cool blonde.

How Long Do Highlights Last?

Well, they usually stick around for about 2 to 3 months. That means they stay looking awesome and easy to spot for a few months before they start to fade away.

But remember, this can be different for each person. Some folks might keep their highlights longer, and others might see them fade a bit sooner.

It’s kind of like how different people have different favorite ice cream flavors, and everyone’s a bit unique. It’s like having a mini makeover for your hair that lasts for a while.

Things that Make Highlights Stay or Go

Ever wonder how long highlights last? Well, it’s kind of like how long a rainbow lasts in the sky; it depends on a few things. You know how rainbows are more colorful right after it rains and then fade away? Hair highlights can do the same. So, think of your hair as a canvas and the color as the paint.

If the hair wizard uses a special technique like foil or balayage to add color, it might stick around longer. And just like using good-quality paint makes a picture last, using top-notch color can help your highlights stay vibrant.

What Makes Highlights Last

  • Different Ways of Coloring (Foil, Balayage): Highlights can be achieved using various methods, like foil and balayage. In the foil method, thin strands of hair are covered in foil while the color is applied, creating a distinct look. On the other hand, balayage involves hand-painting color onto hair, leading to a more natural effect. These techniques influence how long highlights stay bright.
  • Quality of Colors Used: The type of color used plays an important role in how long highlights remain good-looking. High-quality colors tend to last longer and resist fading. Colors that are professionally applied using the right techniques are more likely to stay fresh and vibrant over time. Use a hair gloss treatment for better hair quality.
  • Taking Care and Washing: Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your highlights. Washing hair too often or using harsh shampoos can cause the color to fade quickly. Using color-safe products and avoiding frequent washing can help maintain the looks of your highlights.
  • Heat and Hair Growth Rate: Heat styling tools can contribute to color fading, so minimizing their use can help your highlights last longer. Also, the rate at which your hair grows affects how soon you’ll need a touch-up. Faster hair growth means more frequent visits to maintain the color.
  • Number and Length of Highlights: The number and length of highlights on your hair impact their longevity. Ever thought of how long do highlights last? If you have more highlights, they may require more maintenance. Longer highlights can hold color better than shorter ones, as they have more surface area to retain the pigment.

Cost, Brassiness, and More

Highlights are a mini hair makeover. They can cost different amounts. Sometimes, as your highlights fade, they might turn a little brassy as an orange color. But don’t stress, you can fix that with special shampoos or by seeing a hairstylist. It makes things a bit more fun. By the way, if you’re wondering, How long do highlights last? Well, that can vary. It depends on things the same as your hair type and how you look after them.

Price of Highlights

Getting highlights in your hair can cost between $75 and $150 on average. The price might change because of different things. Now, let’s talk about how long highlights stay. Highlights are like little pops of color in your hair.

They make your hair look different and shiny. When you get highlights, they usually stick around for a while before they start to fade. It’s like when you draw on a piece of paper with colorful markers; the colors stay bright at first, but after some time, they might get a bit lighter. So, how long do highlights last? Well, it’s kind of like how long a balloon stays inflated.

Things that Change the Price

The price of getting highlights for your hair can change for a few reasons. First, it depends on how many highlights you want, and if you want more of them, it might be a bit more expensive. Also, where you go to get your hair done can affect the cost. Some places might charge more than others.

The way they color your hair is also important. Some ways take more time and effort, so they could cost more money. Don’t forget that the quality of the highlights matters, too. If they’re really good quality, they might cost more upfront, and that can change how long the highlights last.

How to Do Highlights

How to Do Highlights

There are three simple ways to make your hair more colorful, like when an artist uses different brushes to paint pretty pictures. Hair experts use these methods to make cool styles. Now, let’s talk about how long these colorful touches stay in your hair.

  • Hand Painting (Balayage): Balayage is like a freehand painting technique. Your hairstylist applies color to your hair strands by hand, focusing on the ends. This gives a natural sun-kissed look that grows gracefully as the color is blended easily. Use a conditioner for color-treated hair with your shampoo for better results.
  • Foil Covering (Foil Method): The foil method uses strips of aluminum foil to separate hair strands. The color is applied from root to tip, which can create more noticeable and defined highlights. It’s a precise approach and is often used for a dramatic color change.
  • Using a Cap (Cap Method): The cap method involves placing a cap with holes on your head. Hair strands are pulled through these holes and then colored. This method offers uniform highlights and is a good option for shorter hair.

Ending Notes

  • Using highlights for style: Highlights offer a stylish vibe to your hair. If you’ve ever wondered how long do highlights last? They’re like a creative accessory that doesn’t require wearing. Just a few strategically placed lighter strands can make your whole look pop. Whether you’re going for a subtle change or a more noticeable effect, highlights are your secret-style weapon. Use a UV protection hair serum that will protect your hair.
  • Adding color to hair: Think of painting streaks of sunshine into your hair. That’s what highlights do, and they add beautiful streaks of color. If your hair feels like a blank canvas, highlights can turn it into a work of art. You can choose colors that complement your natural shade or go for something daring to stand out. You should use a purple shampoo for better hair quality.
  • Reviewing what we learned: Highlights are more than just a new look; they’re a way to express yourself. They can last about 2 to 3 months, giving you a temporary change that you can switch up as you please. The cost varies, usually ranging from $75 to $150, influenced by factors like technique and salon location. If you notice brassy tones in your highlights, don’t worry; it happens due to fading and exposure. Fix it with toning shampoos or a hairstylist visit. Remember, highlights are a simple way to enhance your hair’s natural beauty, and now you know how to make them work for you.

Good Things About Highlights

  • Adding Style without Harm: Highlights are a super cool way to give your hair a trendy boost without hurting it. Think of putting in some lighter streaks to create a chic appearance that stands out, all without harming your hair. You might wonder, how long do highlights last? Highlights are like adding a touch of flair to your hair. They’re not just any streaks, they’re like tiny spotlight moments for your lovely locks.
  • Making Curly Hair Look Better: If you have curly hair, highlights can totally change things up for you. They give your curls a boost, making them really noticeable and adding some extra oomph to how your hair looks. This can make your curly hair look even better and catch people’s attention. Now, let’s talk about how long highlights last. Highlights tend to stick around for a while.
  • Giving Hair More Deepness: Highlights aren’t only about colors; they can also make your hair look deeper. When you add lighter shades to your hair color, it gets a fancy effect that makes it seem thicker and more active. You might be wondering, how long do highlights last? Well, highlights usually stay around for a few months. They gradually fade as your hair grows, so you’ll need to touch them up now and then to keep that bright look.

Fixing Unwanted Color in Highlights

Fixing Unwanted Color in Highlights

  • What is a Brassy Color? A brassy color in highlights is when your hair turns orange or too warm, making it look unnatural. It can happen when the initial hair color isn’t completely removed during the highlighting process. This results in unwanted warm tones showing through.
  • Why it Happens: Brassiness can occur due to factors like exposure to sunlight, using harsh water, or inadequate bleaching. Over time, even well-done highlights can turn brassy because hair dye fades and exposes the underlying warm pigments.
  • Solutions: To fix brassy highlights, you have a couple of options. Firstly, toning like purple shampoo can help neutralize the warm tones, bringing your hair back to a cooler shade. Secondly, it’s wise to consult a hairstylist who can assess your hair and use professional products to correct the color. They might suggest toning treatments or color corrections based on your hair’s needs.


So, there you have it, the scoop on how long do highlights last, the cost involved, and tackling brassiness. Remember, those fabulous highlights you get in your hair can stay for different periods.

It’s like having a special spark of color that hangs out with you. Now, about the cost, getting those highlights might vary. It depends on where you live, your chosen salon, and how much hair work you want. It’s like picking different flavors of ice cream; some might be a bit pricier, but they all taste good.

So, whether you’re wondering about the time your highlights stick around, the money you might spend, or how to keep them looking awesome, now you know it all.

It’s all about enjoying these styles with your hair, feeling great, and rocking those highlights like a superstar. Keep shining and loving your hairstyle.

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