How Can Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment Help You Achieve Thick, Long & Shiny Hair?

Coconut oil scalp treatment: The route to thick, long & shiny hair

Don’t you think coconut oil is one of the miraculous components that have incredible health benefits? Its use is not just limited to cooking, but it also finds application in skin and scalp treatments. Coconut oil is one of the ancient oils that has managed to stand the test of time and still remains a popular choice for haircare. Many kings and even royals use coconut oil because of its incredible benefits.

Well, this write-up focuses on unfolding the miraculous benefits of using coconut oil for scalp treatment. Everyone yearns for long and thick hair. However, the growing levels of pollution, our sedentary lifestyle, and our diet impact the scalp’s health.

While many of us switch to expensive scalp treatment, did you know you can see effective results with coconut oil? So, let’s explore how you can use coconut oil for scalp treatment.

Why Coconut Oil?

You must be wondering if there are different types of oil in the market and why coconut oil is so popular, especially regarding scalp treatment. Well, this oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Besides, it has a soothing effect. Certain other features make this oil so powerful.

Moisturizing and Hydrating

One of coconut oil’s significant features is its hydrating and moisturizing features. A dry scalp can be itchy and a leading cause of irritation on the scalp and dandruff. Both these conditions are not suitable for healthy hair. This eventually results in hair loss. However, with this distinctive feature of coconut oil, you can keep the scalp moisturized. Coconut oil’s smooth and emollient texture easily hydrates the scalp.

Antimicrobial Defense

Another unique feature of coconut oil that makes it so beneficial for the scalp is that it has anti-microbial properties. The medium-chain fatty acids, especially lauric acid, present in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties. It makes coconut oil a natural defender against fungi and microbes. This feature of coconut oil makes it effective in treating microbial and fungal infections that can impact the scalp. Hence, people recommend using coconut oil for scalp treatment as it prevents the growth of dandruff.

Gentle Cleansing

Coconut oil has been used since ancient times to improve the scalp and help promote hair growth. Besides, it also has cleansing properties, as it can help remove impurities and access oil build-up on the scalp. The natural composition of coconut oil is such that it doesn’t strip off the scalp’s essential oils, maintaining a healthy scalp.

Improves Blood Circulation

If you plan to use coconut oil for cat treatment, you will be amazed by its results. Massaging coconut oil on the scalp stimulates blood circulation. This improved blood flow is important to maintain the nutrient level in the hair follicles, eventually promoting hair growth.

Stronger Hair Root

For healthier and lustrous hair, having strong hair roots is paramount. Coconut oil’s ability to penetrate the haircut extends to the hair follicles on the. that it provides essential nutrients. Thus promoting hair growth.

Soothing Effect on Scalp

Coconut oil can be highly effective in treating irritation and itching of this calculus, which is very common in winter. Moreover, during the rainy season, the scalp becomes sticky. In this case, massaging the scalp with coconut oil will leave a soothing impact.

Maintains the Natural Shine of Hair

You can also use coconut oil to retail the natural luster and shine of the hair. Regular use of coconut oil can help improve the hair’s overall appearance. Thus, it helps retain the natural shine of the hair, making it look healthier and more vibrant.

Non-toxic and Natural

It is recommended that you use cold-press coconut oil, which is a chemical-free process of extraction, thus ensuring that you get to use extracts of coconut in the purest form. Good quality coconut oil is free from harmful chemicals found in other commercial hair care products, thus making coconut oil a suitable choice for people of every age.

No Side-effects

Coconut oil is a safe and natural option for scalp care. It is free from chemicals and has benefits that can promote the growth of the ages. Coconut oil has no side effects and is a safe choice for individuals looking for a good hair care product.

All these features make coconut oil a miraculous product. However, you can find several brands promoting coconut oil-based products. Also, it is recommended that you should take naturally extracted oil. The next segment of this block will take you through the Application of coconut oil for scalp treatment and the right way to do so.

The Science Behind Coconut Oil

There are convincing results to show that coconut oil has several benefits for the hair and the scalp. However, what attracts most people is what is the magical component that makes coconut oil so effective. Well, this oil is rich in medium-range fatty acid like acids. This has anti-microbial and antifungal properties. The presence of this acid in coconut oil infuses it with these properties.

Besides, coconut oil’s molecular structure also contributes to its height and effect on hair growth. This unique molecular structure allows the oil to penetrate the haircut and reduces the protein law. All this culminates to make it an effective treatment for hair fall. However, several studies have shown the miraculous impact of coconut oil on hair damage.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Scalp Treatment?

How to Use Coconut Oil for Scalp Treatment?

As we have mentioned above, coconut oil is loaded with benefits and offers several advantages to health as well. However, using it in the right way is imperative to reap its benefits. If you wish to use coconut oil for scalp treatment, there are certain key steps that you need to follow and factors that you need to consider. Here are a few of them:

Choose High-Quality Coconut Oil

One of the first things you need to count on is choosing the best product. Finding the best one can be challenging since the market is flooded with options. Hence, it is recommended that you should choose extra virgin coconut oil. Cold-pressed method of oil extraction ensures that the oil retains the essence of coconut. Good quality coconut oil will have more effective outcomes and no side effects.

Do a Patch Test

Coconut oil is a great hydrating and moisturizing agent; in most cases, it doesn’t have a side effect. However, it is recommended that before using coconut oil, you should do a patch test. This will assure you that the product is safe to use.

Following the Right Massage Technique

If you wish to get the maximum result using coconut oil for scalp treatment, following the right massage technique is paramount. Ensure that you follow a circular motion and apply coconut oil to the roots of your hair. The best way to begin with is to mildly heat the coconut oil and use cotton balls to apply oil to the roots. Steaming process or cover your hair with a warm bath towel. This will promote the absorption of oil. Besides, you should not miss to massage your entire scalp. This will also initiate oil absorption. The better the oil absorption, the better would be the strength of the root.

Use Optimal Quantity

You should stick to a balanced quantity when using coconut oil for massaging your hair. Overuse of coconut oil or exceeding the level may result in greasy hair. Over-shampooing after oiling can adversely impact your hair strength. It is recommended to use a smaller quantity, and based on your requirement, you can add more.

Combination Treatment

The next important step you can follow is to use essential oil and coconut oil. Since coconut oil is a base oil and doesn’t react with essential oil, you can combine it and reap its benefits to enhance root strength and hair growth. For this, you can take Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil, or any other essential oil you choose. Prepare the concoction of coconut oil and add one to two drops of the essential oil that you feel like using. This will have a calming and soothing effect and will enhance the effectiveness of coconut oil on hair growth—other ways of using coconut oil for scalp hair treatment. For example, you can use coconut oil and yogurt mixture to prepare a hydrating mass for your hair.

Be Consistent

While coconut oil is loaded with numerous benefits, to read those out, you must be consistent in your effort. Natural ingredients may take some time to show that result in usage with definitely give you long-lasting results. Applying coconut oil on a weekly basis and massaging yourself will not only relax your mind but also promote hair growth and blood circulation in the scalp.

Home Remedies to Use Coconut Oil

We have already mentioned that there are several ways you can use coconut oil to improve hair growth and moisturize your skin. Here we will be highlighting some of the easy home remedies that you can do yourself.

Increased Shine and Strength

If your prime concern is the shine and strength of the air, you can mix coconut oil with honey. It is humidifying, and it also locks the moisture resulting in shiny and stronger hair.

Improves Scalp Health

Those looking for enhanced scalp help can use coconut and tea tree oil. The Tea Tree oil has antibacterial properties, complementing coconut oil’s functioning on the scalp. Thus, making it an excellent treatment for dandruff and other scalp issues. You can gently massage the oil and take steam to improve the absorption of the mixture.

Hair Growth

Coconut oil has province to be effective in treating hair growth issues. If you are facing such a problem and want longer hair, you can mix coconut oil with castor oil is great for promoting hair growth because of the richness of ricinoleic acid. It complements the absorption property of coconut oil and promotes hair growth.

Choosing the Right Type of Coconut Oil

We have discussed the benefits of coconut oil at length. However, when searching for the best coconut oil in the market, you will come across several options. You may find extra virgin and refined coconut oil and other variations.

Based on your hairstyle on different types of coconut oil and their features:

Refined Coconut Oil

This type of coconut oil undergoes processing, including deodorizing and bleaching. Though it is safe, you may not get the exact benefits from this oil because it has been chemically treated. Some of the products that you can try are:

Nutiva Organic Steam-Refined Coconut Oil

Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Organic Refined Coconut Oil

Unrefined Coconut Oil

These are labeled as extra virgin or virgin coconut oil. It is made from fresh coconut and undergoes minimal processing. Thus, it stores all the nutrients. Using this oil will give you maximum benefit. However, the extra virgin olive oil may be priced higher than the other variants.

Coconut Country Living’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

OilSpectrum Essentials Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined

Virgin Coconut Oil

It is the highest quality coconut oil available in the market and retains the most nutrients. It is usually extracted using the cold-pressed method. If you want the best results, consider investing in virgin coconut oil.

Sky Organics Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

COCO & CO. Ultra Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic or Non-organic?

As we have mentioned, there are different variants of coconut oil available in the market; the biggest question is whether one should choose the organic variety or the non-organic one. While organic certainly takes the lead in terms of effectiveness and nutrient value, if you are able to afford the price, you can invest in organic coconut oil. Although non-organic oil is also effective, it doesn’t give remarkable outcomes. So, if you are looking for effective hair care and scalp treatment products, we recommend investing in organic coconut oil.

Final Thoughts

This brief discussion on coconut oil on scalp treatment and the type of coconut oil that can give you the best result will help improve your scalp health. Balancing coconut oil treatment with the right scalp health practices, like timely cleansing of the hair, can give faster results.

Coconut oil is a miracle that can be a valuable addition to your scalp care regime. Despite the abundance of hair care products in the market, the fact of the matter is that coconut oil’s benefits have been recognized and accepted by the masses.

Its hydrating nature and antimicrobial properties make it one of the best hair oils. However, it is important to mention that its usage is not just limited to hair growth or improving scalp condition. Coconut oil is used for cooking and baking as well. It also has a nutrient value and is an excellent dietary supplement.

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