Creative Games and Ideas for Door Prize Giveaways

Creative Ways to Give Away Door Prizes

Are you stuck trying to get a cool way to give away door prizes? Carnival tickets have become dull. So, it is time to add a fresh touch to your door prize giveaway ideas. Introducing new and creative ideas for door prize giveaways will help engage your guests. We all know that door prizes are essential in birthday parties, baby showers, wedding or office potlucks, holiday parties, and so on. Giving a door prize is a great choice to bring more enthusiasm to the event.

But if you use the same method for door prize giveaways repeatedly, it will become very boring. Your guests will also not find it interesting anymore. So, continue reading if you want to learn about some creative ways to give away door prizes.

In this blog, we will discuss the 12 most creative door prize games for giveaways at different events and surprise your guests.

What is a Door Prize?

What is a Door Prize?

If you are unfamiliar with the term door prize but want to incorporate it in your next event. Of course, because it is trendy nowadays. Then we have made it easier for you. We will quickly look at what a door prize is before discussing unique door prize games. A door prize is given to a group of people or the winner at the end of the event. Primarily, the door prize refers to gift certificates or baskets that you can give to everyone who attends your event.

Unique Ways to Give Away Door Prizes

Arranging door prizes is a great way to make any event fun. You can find various interesting ways to give the door prize to the winning guests. You can arrange different fun games and quizzes for giveaway door prizes.

Below, we will list the top 12 unique door prize games you can try for your next event:

1. Guessing Games

Guessing Games

Guessing game is one of the most popular and innovative methods to give away door prizes to your guests. It is also very easy to arrange, and you can create your variations according to your event theme and need. It is simple: if you have a large crowd or an adult-specific event, you can put a celebrity’s name, place, or item on their back and ask them to guess it. Whoever guessed it right gets a prize. But if it is a small gathering like kids’ birthday parties, you can try guessing games like Hedbanz Picture Guessing Board Game to give away door prizes.

2. Play Cards

Play Cards

Another popular door prize game you can try is play cards. Playing cards never go old, and when you add an element like a prize, it becomes more interesting. It is one of the fun door prizes games to give the prize. Also, it will help your guests to have a great time playing. The card games are suitable for both adults and young adults. And you can decide the game pattern depending on your crowd. For example, if you organize it for young adults, distribute 50% of the cards to your guests and attach the rest with your prize. Ask your guests to draw one by one. Who gets the matching cards gets the prize, too.

3. Play Bingo

Play Bingo

Playing a Bingo game is also one of the popular door prize games for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other similar events. It is a simple and fun way to distribute the door prize/ prizes among your guests. Suppose you have brought 6 items for the door prize. Then, the first 6 guests who get the Bingo will win a door prize. You can purchase a Bingo Game for Adults for a fun Bingo game. It will be more fun to continue with the same game to select all your door prize winners instead of starting over each time. It is a suitable game for adults, and you can use it for office events, weddings, and baby showers.

4. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Everyone knows hide-and-seek games. It is one of the most popular kid’s games that almost everyone has played in their childhood. You can incorporate fun games in your event to decide the door prize winner. It is an excellent option to engage your guests and make the event more interesting. It is ideal for kids and young kids. And you can easily incorporate it in events like birthdays, Thanksgiving, family get-togethers, or Christmas Eve celebrations to help young guests to enjoy the event. Also, if you wish, you can incorporate it for adult events like holiday parties or baby showers.

5. Play Hot Potato

Play Hot Potato

Have you ever played hot potatoes? If not, it will be the best option to try for your next event. It is one of the most versatile and inexpensive door prize games. Also, it is quite fun and thrilling, so all your guests will love to participate. Arranging it is also simple: let the prize pass on to your guests’ hands while playing music. And anyone holding the prize will take the prize with them. If you have a small gathering, one door prize will be enough. But if you have arranged multiple tables, you must have one prize for each.

6. Best Advice

Best Advice

If you want to turn your door prize game into a fun and helpful conversation with your guests, you can try this game. As the name suggests- in the best advice game, anyone who gives the best advice on any chosen topic will get the door prize. It is very simple, and you do not need extra preparation to arrange this game. Choose any relevant topic that goes well with your event and ask your guests for advice. For example, if you are organizing a housewarming party, ask your guests for vastu tips or home maintenance advice and select a winner of the door prize for giving the best advice.

7. Best Joke

Best Joke

Looking for some fun door prize games? Best Joke can be the showstopper of your event. It is an incredible option to make your event fun and full of life. It is quite similar to the Best advice game. The only difference is that here, you ask your guests to crack some fun jokes instead of seeking advice. It can turn your event into rounds of laughter and giggles. You can choose a topic or theme that matches the event (like a school farewell). Or let it be free flow so guests can choose according to their preference. It is an ideal door prize game for holiday parties, school camps, weddings, or similar events.

8. Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Asking questions at an event to decide the door prize winner sounds fun. If so, why not try it at your upcoming baby shower or birthday party? It can also be a great choice for congratulatory ceremonies. You can ask some fun questions to your guests to select the door prize winner. Ask questions like – ‘Who’s birthday day is closest to the event date?’ or ‘Who has been married for the longest?’. And select the winner of the door prize game depending on their answers. It is a great way to prevent favoritism and get a fair choice, especially in official events.

9. Let’s Make A Deal

Let's Make A Deal

Want to try some bold door prize games and stunt your guests? You must try our next option for your next wedding ceremony or birthdays. Let’s Make a Deal is a fun game to dare your guests and see who is willing to make the deal. You can ask who is carrying a journal of a red knife, and that person gets the door prize. If you want to make it more challenging, ask your guests for a hair clip or purple pendant to get the door prize. The idea of this game was inspired by a TV show named ‘Let’s Make a Deal’. It is also a trendy game for selecting door prize winners.

10. Layered Gifts

Layered Gifts

Bring additional excitement and enthusiasm to your celebration parties with the layered gifts for door prizes. It is one of the easy and fun door prize games that keep Your guests guessing – who will get the prize ultimately. A layered gift means wrapping the prize with multiple layers and letting your guests remove one layer each time. And the last person who removes the final wraps gets the gift. The layered gift door prize game is an absolute delight for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. If you are arranging a layered gift door prize game for kids, it would be best to give them proper instructions and monitor so the game can end smoothly and funfully.

11. Icebreaker Game

Icebreaker Game

Icebreaker Game is one of the most challenging door prize games you can try for any social event. It is one of the most effective ways to distribute the door prize and warm up conversations with your guests. It can be a great option for birthdays, freshers’ welcome, or wedding ceremony parties. You can also use it for a large gathering for Christmas. The icebreaker Game is also an excellent method to let your guests talk with each other and become more comfortable. The rule is simple: the person who does best in the icebreaker game and becomes completely comfortable gets the door prize.

12. Random Drawing Door Prizes

Random Drawing Door Prizes

Lastly, the random drawing door prize game is also an interesting option for your upcoming event. Random drawing door prize games are suitable for all ages and events, so you can easily incorporate them without worrying whether they go well with your crowd or event theme. It is also one of the popular games for door prize giveaways. So, most people love this method and find it interesting. If you have a small gathering, you can write your guests’ names and put them in a jar to draw the winner. But if you have a large gathering, use raffle tickets.

Popular Door Prizes

Popular Door Prizes

You can try several things for your event door prize. It primarily depends on the event you organize and your guests (i.e., their age or taste). Here are some common/popular door prizes you can try for your event.

  • Crochet items.
  • Travel voucher
  • Gift voucher
  • Teacups
  • Food coupons
  • Skincare kit
  • Cookies or chocolate box

Summing It Up

Door prizes always sound cool, whether it is a comfortable, homely get-together or weddings/office potlucks. Door prizes bring additional charm to the event and make it more interesting for guests and hosts. Door prize giveaways are often inevitable to create a jolly environment for your event. You can use this opportunity to make your event more fun and enjoyable with a creative way to distribute the door prize.

You can arrange a beautiful musical game for hot potato or layer the prize with multiple wraps to add a fun element. You can also ask your guests to play a game or crack a joke to get the prize. The option for door prize games is endless, and above, we have covered 12 creative games you can try.

So, pick any idea you like and prepare for a fun event with door prize distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Buy Door Prizes for All of My Guests?

People usually play various games to distribute door prizes among their guests. So, you only give away door prizes to the winners of a game or multiple games. There is no need to buy prizes for all of your guests.

Can You DIY Door Prizes?

Yes, you can DIY door prizes for your guests. If you have an event like a housewarming or birthday party, homemade door prizes will be best. They will carry your personal touch to help your guests feel warm and welcome.

What Are the Best Door Prizes Games for Kids’ Birthday Parties?

In this article, we have listed some amazing door prize games. Among the list, hide and seek, guessing games, questionnaires, hot potato, and layered gifts are some children-friendly games you can try at your kid’s birthday party.

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