Black Male Hair Growth: 15 Essential Tips

Hair Growth Tips For Black Males

Are you a black man dealing with stunted hair growth or hair damage? Hair loss can affect black men physically and emotionally, leading to fewer social interactions and low self-esteem.

From stress to diet and excessive use of hairstyling products to genetics, there are various factors that can lead to hair loss in black men.

But worry not! There are ways to promote healthier hair growth from your roots. You just need to follow a consistent and healthy hair routine, massage your scalp regularly, and have a balanced diet.

Use sulfate and paraben-free hair products to keep your hair follicles and scalp healthy and free of inflammation. It is also important to keep your hair hydrated so that the strands don’t feel brittle and break easily.

Let’s take a look at a few other black men’s hair growth tips and tricks that can stimulate hair growth and help you grow back your damaged hair.

Black Men’s Hair Growth Effective Tips and Tricks

We bring to you 15 tried and tested black men’s hair growth tips and tricks that will prevent hair fall and encourage new hair growth.

1. Apply Hair Oil Regularly

Apply Hair Oil Regularly

Do you know that regular hair oiling is the key to helping your hair grow longer and thicker? Many black men skip oiling their hair, leading to slow hair growth and hair breakage. When your hair is dry and dehydrated, it is more prone to damage as the strands become brittle and break down easily. Oil your hair twice a week to strengthen your hair shafts and promote hair growth. You can use castor oil as it is rich in fatty acids and nourishes your hair from the roots. While oiling, massage your scalp for a few minutes to increase blood circulation and increase the production of healthy hair.

2. Moisturize Your Hair

Moisturize Your Hair

One golden rule for all black men looking to encourage their hair growth is to use more conditioner and less shampoo. Moisturize your hair regularly with a good quality conditioner, and your hair will look smooth, silky, and healthier. Deep conditioning is one of the most effective ways to make black hair grow faster. If you skip conditioner, your hair will get exposed to extreme damage by wearing away the cuticle layer, making your strands appear thinner. You can use a conditioner that contains powerful fortifiers or concentrated proteins to strengthen your strands.

3. Have a Balanced Diet

Have a Balanced Diet

Do you feel like your strands are stuck at the same length for years? Hair cells divide at a very fast rate in your body, making hair a demanding tissue. Hair growth is sensitive to dietary inadequacies, like restrictive eating and skipping meals. For optimal hair growth, your body requires a diet high in antioxidants, fiber, omega-3, proteins, and plant-based foods. So, stock up on tons of seafood, vegetables, and lean meat, and avoid processed and fast foods. Incorporate at least a palm-sized amount of protein for your lunch and breakfast, a portion of complex carbohydrates in all your meals, and zinc, Vitamin B12, and iron-rich foods in your weekly diet.

4. Take Vitamin Supplements

Take Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements can aid you on your journey to healthier, fuller hair. Just like other body parts, your hair also requires a supply of specific nutrients to grow fully. Hair vitamins contain ingredients like vitamins B12, C, and E, which have been associated with the growth of healthy hair. Experts suggest that intake of omega-6 and omega-3 supplements for six months can help black men combat hair loss. You can also take supplements containing ingredients that address internal issues that cause hair thinning, like nutritional deficiencies, hormone fluctuations, stress, and aging metabolism. Consult your doctor before taking any of these supplements so that you don’t get any allergy or reaction.

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5. Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims

Another effective black men’s hair growth tip is to get regular trims for optimum hair growth. With regular trims, you can easily get rid of damaged, dry, split ends that restrict the growth of healthy hair. If you don’t cut split ends, they may work their way up your hair strands, leading to even more breakage. Depending on your lifestyle, hair condition, and hairstyle, you could need a trim every six weeks to six months. However, if you take care of your hair and have healthy hair, you won’t need to get your hair trimmed very often. When you visit the salon to get your split ends trimmed, ensure that the stylist is not cutting more than the required length, as it will hinder your hair growth process. If you’re worried about seeing extra strands in your hair brush after detangling.

6. Limit Styling Products

Limit Styling Products

If you’re a black man who loves using styling products on a day-to-day basis, then you’re causing long-term damage to your hair. Constant heat styling can cause immense damage to your hair in the long run and lead to issues like hair dryness and breakage. Hot air penetrates into your cuticles and badly affects your hair structure. It also destroys keratin and the pigments that aid in hair growth. So avoid using styling products on a daily basis and use a heat protection spray to minimize their side effects. If you use any heating product, ensure it is from a good brand and choose a low heat setting to get your desired look.

7. Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Have you been slapping bottles of your favorite shampoo daily to get healthy and clean hair? Washing your hair daily can do more harm than good to black men’s hair. An expert-recommended black men’s hair growth tip is to wash your hair only once or twice a week it can strip away your hair’s natural oil, leading to hair fall. If you have damaged, dry, or chemically treated hair, less frequent washing can help reduce dryness, which in turn will reduce breakage. While washing your hair, keep all kinds of products at least an inch away from your scalp.

8. Check for Dandruff

Check for Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the main reasons for hair fall in many black men. The constant itching makes you scratch your hair every now and then, causing your hair to fall out. The flakes on your pillowcase and clothing every time you comb your hair can also be very embarrassing. Dandruff can be caused by various reasons like an imbalance of skin microbes, weather changes, poor hair health, pollution, and allergies. You must get your scalp condition diagnosed to know the exact cause of dandruff. Use dandruff shampoo, follow proper hair hygiene habits, and go for scalp oil treatments to get rid of dandruff and promote hair growth.

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9. Wear a Durag

Wear a Durag

A durag can be bliss for men with Afro-textured hair as it protects your hair from pollution and other outside elements that take a toll on your hair. It can also help maintain the moisture level of your scalp and prevent it from drying out. To use a durag, you just need to tie it around your head in a way that it covers all of your hair. When tied correctly, it applies pressure to your hair follicles and scalp, encouraging new hair growth and stimulating blood flow. The best thing is that you can leave it on for as long as you want for best results. You can also use it overnight as the silk fabric traps all the moisture on your hair, helping you wake up with healthy, soft hair.

10. Brush Your Hair Gently

Brush Your Hair Gently

Hair brushing is the best fit for your everyday tangles, but they can also take a toll on your hair if you’re not brushing your hair properly. When brushing your hair, be gentle and don’t apply excessive force, as it can lead to hair breakage. Black men with thick hair should divide their hair into different sections and then brush it gently. Also, find a hairbrush that doesn’t work against your hair. Plastic hair brushes can be very damaging to your hair, so avoid using them. You can use boar bristle brushes that have more tension naturally, helping you get shinier and smoother hair.

11. Avoid Using Two-in-One Products

Avoid Using Two-in-One Products

Many black men make the mistake of using two-in-one products to save their time. But over time, these products can damage your hair, so it’s worth taking some extra time for your hair care routine and using products meant for specific tasks. For example, you might be tempted to use two-in-one conditioner/shampoo, but they are not good for your hair. Conditioner is meant to moisturize, and shampoo is meant to clean your hair, but when you use two-in-one products, you don’t even get the benefit of one. These products are also harder on your hair and don’t give enough hydration.

12. Be Gentle When Towel Drying

Be Gentle When Towel Drying

If you aggressively dry your hair after washing it, then it can cause more damage than good. Wet hair is prone to breakage and hair damage, so black men should use a gentle towel to dry out their hair. An effective black men’s hair growth tip is to blot your hair with a towel rather than rubbing it against your hair. Being too rough on your hair while towel drying can make wavy or curly hair frizzy and decrease hair volume. Use a microfiber towel with a gentle cuticle, as it will quickly dry your strands and make them silky and soft. Microfiber towels won’t cause friction, unlike your normal towel, so your hair won’t get damaged.

13. Apply Egg Mask

Apply Egg Mask

Do you know that you can achieve the hair of your dreams with the items lying in your kitchen pantry? Egg can be a wonder drug for your hair as it is a protein-rich natural product loaded with minerals like copper, sulfur, zinc, and selenium. All these ingredients facilitate hair growth and also improve hair quality. Mix egg and castor oil in equal quantities and apply it to your hair and scalp. You can use this mask once or twice a week to get the best results. This hair mask will control hair fall and also promote new hair growth.

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14. Check Your Medications

Check Your Medications

If you have tried everything and still can’t get the desired results, check the medications you’re taking on a daily basis. Many prescription medications are directly associated with hair loss in black men. Some of the commonly prescribed drugs that can lead to hair loss include statins or cholesterol, antihypertensives (blood pressure), hormone replacements like testosterone, thyroid, birth control, and certain antidepressants. You can discuss with your doctor to prescribe alternative medicine if the recent one is causing immense hair loss.

15. Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair fall in black men. When the stress-regulating hormone is high, it drastically changes your hair cycle, causing hair fall. When your hair follicles get into the resting phase, they shred before time.

It is therefore important to avoid stress and lead a happy life to avoid hair fall and other hair-related problems. You can also do physical exercises daily to elevate the production of endorphins responsible for a happy mood. A brisk walk, jogging, and stretching exercises can lower your blood pressure and ultimately reduce hair fall.


Maintaining strong and healthy hair doesn’t need to be a difficult task for black men. From regular oiling and moisturizing to limiting heat exposure and getting regular trim, there are various ways you can control hair fall and promote hair growth.

You should also avoid stress and limit the use of styling products that damage your hair in the long run.

If you’re losing your hair, you don’t need to panic, as you can control the situation by trying out the above-mentioned black men’s hair growth tips. With the help of these tried-and-true tips, you will be able to achieve the healthy, gorgeous hair of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Main Causes of Hair Fall in Black Men?

Excessive use of styling products, stress, unhealthy eating habits, and dandruff are the main causes of hair fall in black men. Internal health issues and certain medications can also lead to hair fall in black men.

How Can Black Men Prevent Hair Fall?

Black men can prevent hair fall by ensuring they consume food rich in protein, omega-3, nutrients, and vitamins. They can also massage their scalp regularly, avoid using styling products, and wear a durang to prevent hair fall.

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