Aztec Clay Hair Mask: What are the Benefits And How to Apply

Aztec Clay Mask for Hair Benefits And How to Use.

The earliest memory of everyone with clay was when we were kids and used to try creating different objects. You must have even seen or used clay in your pottery classes, making pots, cups, plates, bowls, and other objects. But what if I tell you that clay is also beneficial for your hair? Yes, you read it correctly, so you don’t have to read it again. The clay is very beneficial in a lot of ways, which we’ll discuss later in this article.

But not every clay is useful, so please don’t go around applying clay to your hair. Only Bentonite clay should be used on your hair. So, later in this article, we’ll tell you everything about this clay as well as the benefits it brings to your hair.

We’ll also tell you how to use an Aztec clay mask on your hair.

What is an Aztec Clay Mask?

Just like other skin care products, the Aztec clay mask is a skincare product made from bentonite clay, a fine clay derived from aged volcanic ash. This type of clay has been used for centuries as remedies due to its various properties. The popular product, “Aztec Secret Indian healing clay, consists of calcium bentonite clay and, when applied to the skin, acts as a magnet attracting dirt, oil, and impurities from the pore.

What are the Benefits of Aztec Clay Masks on Hair?

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Now let’s discuss the main question that you have been asking the whole time, “What are the benefits of the Aztec clay mask on my hair?” So there are many benefits of Aztec clay masks, so I’ll tell you some of them.

  • Clarifying and Detoxifying: The mask helps remove excess oil and impurities from the scalp and hair, promoting a clean and refreshed feeling. This happens because bentonite clay is known to be a negatively charged material, and the toxic substances that are present in your hair are positively charged. The bentonite clay attracts and absorbs all the toxic materials. So, next time, you don’t have to worry about your hair being oily.
  • Curl definition: If you have curly hair, then this product is for you. The clay mask can enhance curl definition by promoting a healthier scalp and hair environment. It is not only beneficial for the ones who have curly hair. Rather, it is for all types of hair.
  • Reduces Dandruff: If you are someone who has dandruff problems and is tired of trying different products to reduce it, then you don’t have to worry. This natural technique of applying the Aztec clay mask can cure the problem and dandruff, so you don’t have to deal with it anymore. It’ll clean your hair follicles and get rid of the dead skin cells for you, which will stop the bacteria from creating dandruff.
  • Hair Growth: After the Aztec clay mask helps over the dandruff problem and cleans your hair follicles, it will lead to more healthy hair follicles. So you’ll have stronger and thicker hair growth and less hair fall.
  • Soothe Scalp Irritation: Almost everyone faces these problems on their scalp, which is irritation leading us to scratch it to the point we start losing our hair. But this is where Aztec clay comes into play, as Aztec clay contains minerals that can help calm and soothe an irritated scalp, reducing itchiness and redness. 

How Do You Apply an Aztec Clay Mask to Your Hair?

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Applying an Aztec clay mask on your hair is very easy. All you have to do is follow these easy steps I’m about to tell you.

  • Mix the Mask: Start the first step with a clean, plastic, or glass bowl and a wooden or plastic spoon. Then, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Aztec clay powder to the bowl. You can select the amount according to the length and thickness of your hair. Then, slowly start adding apple cider vinegar or water to the clay powder and mix it until you achieve a smooth, paste-like consistency. It is advisable to use 1 part liquid and 1.5 – 2 part powder, but you can adjust it according to your needs. 
  • Section Hair: The second step is to section your hair into manageable parts for even application of the mixture and to make the process easier for you. 
  • Apply to Hair: In this step, you need to use your hands to apply the clay paste to each section of hair. You can start from the roots and work your way down to the tips of your hair. Massage gently so that the clay mixture gets covered thoroughly and promotes blood circulation.  
  • Leave on: After applying and massaging the mixture to your hair, leave it for about 15 – 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can cover your head with a shower cap or plastic wrap to prevent the mask from drying out.
  • Rinse: After 30 minutes, you can now rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and make sure to remove all the traces of the clay.
  • Use Shampoo as much as you need: After rinsing, if you are still not able to remove the clay from your hair, you can use shampoo to wash it away. But make sure that you don’t use shampoo which is not too harsh on your hair. It is advisable to use a sulfate-free shampoo that doesn’t contain any drying element. But it is still recommended not to use shampoo if it’s not needed. 
  • Apply Conditioner: Now, it’s time to apply some conditioner to your hair to restore moisture in your hair. Voila! The whole process is complete.
  • Apply Oil: After all these steps, you can apply your favorite oil. Voila! All the steps are complete now. 

Will You Face Any Side Effects After Applying This Hair Mask? 

Whenever we use any products for the first time, we always have this fear of facing side effects. Because as we all know, any product in the market has its pros and cons. So, as we discussed earlier, the Aztec clay hair mask is generally made from bentonite clay and is associated with minimal side effects. There have been few reported side effects, but they are largely non-existent.

However, excessive usage of this product might lead to dryness in the hair, so it is advisable to monitor your hair’s response after using it and adjust the usage accordingly.

But overall, you don’t need to worry about harmful side effects.


You must have one last question: How many times should you apply this clay mixture? Well, my answer to you would be to use the Aztec clay mask once a week on your hair to get all the benefits we discussed above. So, in this article, we discussed what an Aztec mask is and what benefits it provides to the hair. We also discussed how to use it properly and how often it should be used.

It’s great that you are researching everything thoroughly before applying any product, which shows your concern for your body and your curiosity to do it right.

Make sure to read the article once again so that you don’t miss any points.

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