30 Amazing Fun Activities for Ladies Church Groups

fun activities for ladies church groups

In every church community, there is a dynamic and vibrant group of women who form the backbone of support, faith, and friendship. Ladies’ church groups provide a sacred space for women to come together, strengthen their bonds, and deepen their spiritual connections.

In this blog, we will explore a delightful array of activities tailored to ladies’ church groups. These activities are more than just fun; they are opportunities to create lasting memories, nurture sisterhood, and grow in faith together.

From uplifting bible studies and meaningful service projects to exhilarating outings and creative crafts, we will uncover a treasure trove of ideas that will infuse energy and enthusiasm into your church group.

Top Fun Activities for Ladies’ Church Groups

1. Beading/Jewelry Making

Beading:Jewelry Making

Beading and Jewelry making is a fantastic activity for ladies’ church groups. It fosters creativity, encourages fellowship, and allows for meaningful conversations. Participants can design unique pieces that hold personal significance or make gifts for others. It is a wonderful way to bond, share stories, and strengthen the sense of community within the church. Plus, crafting beautiful jewelry can be spiritually uplifting, reminding individuals of their faith. This creative and social activity is a perfect fit for church gatherings, promoting both artistry and togetherness among women.

2. Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is a delightful activity for ladies’ church groups. It combines nature’s beauty with the art of design, providing an opportunity for creativity and relaxation. Participants can learn floral arrangement techniques while fostering a sense of community and spiritual reflection. Crafting floral displays can also be a meaningful way to prepare decorations for church events or offer floral gifts to those in need. It offers a therapeutic and purposeful way for church members to come together, celebrate nature’s gifts, and deepen their connections with each other and their faith.

3. Paint Your Own Pot

Paint Your Own Pot

Painting your own pot is an absolutely wonderful activity. It combines artistic expression with the joy of gardening. Participants can unleash their creativity by decorating flower pots, providing a personal touch to their gardening endeavors. This activity fosters camaraderie as women share design ideas and stories while painting. It also promotes a sense of responsibility and growth as they plant seeds or flowers in their decorated pots. It signifies nurturing both their faith and the beauty of nature.

4. Canvas Painting Class

Canvas Painting Class

Canvas Painting classes for ladies in church groups offer a creative and communal outlet. These gatherings provide women with an opportunity to express themselves artistically while fostering a sense of community and spiritual connection. Participants explore various painting techniques, bond over shared interests, and often use their artwork to convey messages of faith and inspiration. These classes empower women to unleash their creativity in a supportive, faith-based environment, resulting in both personal growth and beautiful works of art.

5. Knitting/Crochet


Ladies’ Church Groups dedicated to knitting and crochet create a warm and tight-knit community. Women of all ages gather to share skills, patterns, and conversation while crafting. These groups often produce handmade items for charitable purposes, such as blankets for the needy or baby clothes for hospitals. Beyond the practical, these gatherings nurture friendships and provide a sense of purpose. They blend creativity with service, embodying the spirit of togetherness and compassion within the church community, resulting in both beautiful creations and lasting bonds.

6. Dinner Theatre

Dinner Theatre

Dinner theatre events organized by ladies’ church groups offer a unique blend of entertainment and fellowship. Women from the congregation come together to create and perform theatrical productions, often with a spiritual or moral message, while sharing a delicious meal. These events not only showcase the talent within the church but also strengthen bonds among participants and the broader community. Dinner theatre evenings provide an enjoyable way to combine faith, creativity, and community spirit, leaving attendees with cherished memories and a sense of unity.

7. Christian Movie Night

Christian Movie Night

Christian movie nights hosted by ladies’ church groups are gatherings that promote faith-based entertainment and community bonding. Women come together to watch inspirational films, often with themes of faith, love, and redemption. These events encourage reflection and discussion, deepening their spiritual connections. Snacks and refreshments create a cozy atmosphere, fostering camaraderie. Christian movie nights serve as a means to relax, share values, and glow spiritually, all within the context of a supportive and engaging group setting, making them a cherished activity within the church community.

8. Orchestra Performance

Orchestra Performance

Orchestra performance organized occasionally gives a chance to showcase musical talents within the congregation. These events celebrate the harmonious blend of instruments and voices in praise and worship. Participants rehearse tirelessly to present a spiritually uplifting and musical experience for the church community. Through these performances, women come together to glorify their faith and demonstrate the beauty of music, fostering a sense of unity, spirituality, and aesthetic appreciation within the church.

9. SHS – Special Holiday Show

SHS - Special Holiday Show

The Special Holiday Show was a cherished ladies’ church activity in the 1980s, offering a festive blend of faith and community. This event, typically held during holidays, showcased talents, crafts, and songs. It provided a platform for women to share their skills and creativity, fostering a sense of togetherness within the congregation. The Special Holiday Show became a beloved tradition, uniting church members and celebrating both their spiritual and artistic talents during the holiday season.

10. Museum Tour

Museum Tour

The Museum Tour ladies’ church group activity is typically organized to explore art, culture, and history. During these tours, women from the church would visit museums, gaining insights into various exhibits and artifacts. It serves as an educational and social experience, allowing participants to bond over their shared interest in art and heritage. These tours encourage a deeper appreciation for culture and often include discussions or lectures, enriching the group’s knowledge while fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among the church’s women.

11. Golf


This weekly engaging activity combines faith and leisure. These women come together to bond over their love for golf while fostering a sense of community and spirituality. They play rounds of golf, share stories, and offer support to one another. It’s a unique way to strengthen their friendships, nurture their faith, and enjoy the outdoors together. This activity promotes both physical and spiritual well-being, creating a harmonious balance between sportsmanship and spirituality within the church community.

12. Care Packages for Missioners

Care Packages for Missioners

As the missionary ladies’ church group, overseas missionaries should be actively supported by creating and sending care packages. These thoughtful packages contain essential supplies, personal notes, and comforting items to boost the spirits of these dedicated women serving abroad. Through this activity, the group demonstrates their love, solidarity, and commitment to the church’s global mission. It fosters a sense of unity among the women and reinforces their shared values of compassion and faith. These care packages are a tangible expression of the church community’s support for their missionary sisters.

13. Hiking


The hiking ladies’ church group embarks on regular outdoor adventures that blend spirituality with nature. These women come together to explore scenic trails, deepening their connection to both faith and the environment. As they hike, they engage in meaningful discussions, prayer, and meditation, drawing inspiration from the natural world. This activity not only promotes physical fitness but also strengthens their bonds of friendship and faith. It is a refreshing way for them to commune with God’s creation, fostering a sense of spiritual renewal and unity within the church community.

14. Rescue Mission – Serve A Meal

Rescue Mission - Serve A Meal

The ladies church group actively participates in a compassionate activity by serving meals at a local rescue mission. These dedicated women prepare and distribute nourishing meals to individuals experiencing homelessness and hardship. Through this mission, they exemplify their commitment to Christ’s teachings of love and service. It is an opportunity for the group to extend a helping hand, share kindness, and offer a sense of hope to those in need within their community. This activity embodies their dedication to faith-driven acts of charity and solidarity.

15. Pilates


The Pilates ladies’ group church is a vibrant gathering of women and convenes weekly for fitness and fellowship. Their sessions blend physical wellness with spiritual bonding, promoting health and community. Led by a certified instructor, participants engage in Pilates exercises tailored to various fitness levels. Amidst the graceful movements, friendships deepen, and faith strengthens. This unique fusion of exercise and faith-based camaraderie enriches their lives, fostering holistic well-being in a warm, supportive environment.

16. Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

The prayer walk comes together regularly to blend physical activity with spiritual devotion. Led by a dedicated organizer, they embark on walks, usually in natural settings like parks or traits, where they engage in prayer and reflection. The serene surroundings provide a peaceful backdrop for their conversations with a higher power. This group activity fosters both physical health and spiritual connection, encouraging bonding among participants and deepening their faith through the rhythm of each step and prayer uttered.

17. Play


This activity infuses fun and fellowship into their gatherings. These spirited women, led by an enthusiastic coordinator, convene regularly for games and activities that promote laughter and connection. From board games to outdoor sports, their playdates foster camaraderie and stress relief. Through shared laughter and friendly competition, they strengthen their bonds, offering each other support within the context of their faith. These playdates serve as a joyful reminder that spiritual growth and community building can happen while having a blast together.

18. Cookie Swap

Cookie Swap

The Cookie Swap ladies’ church group organizes delightful events centered around the love of baking and sharing. Women from the congregation gather, each bringing a batch of their favorite homemade cookies. These sweet treats are exchanged among participants, fostering a sense of togetherness and friendship. As they sample various cookies, they bond over their culinary creations and perhaps even exchange recipes. This heartwarming tradition combines the joy of baking with the warmth of community, creating cherished moments and strengthening their connections within the church group.

19. Zumba


Zumba is an energetic dance fitness program that found an unlikely but enthusiastic home in a ladies’ church group during the 80s. This activity combined faith and fun as women gathered to groove to Latin-inspired beats while strengthening their bonds of friendship and faith. Zumba’s joyous movements served as a unique way to promote physical health and build a sense of community, proving that fitness could be a spiritual and social experience in addition to being a physical one.

20. Make Your Own Pizza

Make Your Own Pizza

In the 80s, a popular ladies’ church group activity was “Make Your Own Pizza” night. Women gathered to knead dough, select toppings, and create personalized pizzas. This event not only showcased culinary creativity but also fostered camaraderie. Participants engaged in lively discussions about faith while sharing stories and laughter over their homemade creations. It served as a delicious way to strengthen bonds within the group, emphasizing the importance of togetherness and community in the context of a shared love for both food and faith.

21. Bingo


It is a classic and cherished ladies’ church group activity. This activity brings together women for a fun and social experience. Held regularly in the church hall, it offered a break from daily routines. With bingo cards in hand and a charismatic caller, these gatherings combined luck and sometimes even fundraising for church initiatives. The excitement of winning small prizes created a sense of community and unity among the churchgoing women, making it a memorable and cherished event of that era.

22. Consignment Shopping

Consignment Shopping .jpg

This is a very popular activity and a delightful blend of thriftiness and social bonding. These women congregated to explore consignment stores, seeking fashionable bargains. It encouraged sustainable shopping and often led to treasure hunts for unique, gently-used items. Beyond fashion, it nurtured friendships within the church community and sometimes even supported charitable causes by donating proceeds.

23. Spa Night

Spa Night

The Spa Night Ladies Church Group is a soothing and revitalizing activity among ladies. This activity allows women to escape the stresses of daily life. With scented candles, facials, and massages, it was an evening of pampering and self-care. The shared experience fostered deeper connections among churchgoers and offered a respite from their busy schedules. Spa Night was a cherished opportunity for these ladies to unwind and rejuvenate together during that era.

24. Cards for College Students

Cards for College Students

The “Cards for College Students” ladies’ Church Group activity is a heartwarming endeavor. Women can craft personalized cards filled with encouragement and well wishes for young adults from their congregation heading off to college. The cards can include small care packages, snacks, and study aids. This thoughtful gesture provided emotional support and a sense of community for the college-bound students.

25. Worship Led Trivia

Worship Led Trivia

The “Worship-Led Trivia” Ladies church Group activity is a unique blend of spirituality and fun. Gathered in the church hall, women engaged in trivia quizzes with questions related to religious texts, hymns, and biblical stories. This activity not only tests their knowledge but also deepens their understanding of their faith. It fosters a sense of unity and strengthens their connection to the church. The trivia, set against a backdrop of worship music, made for an engaging and spiritually enriching experience during that era.

26. Bible Book Hunt

Bible Book Hunt

In the “Bible Book Hunt” Ladies’ Church activity, participants embarked on a quest to find specific Bible verses or passages within the holy text. Armed with their Bibles, they are given clues or keywords related to a particular theme or topic. The goal was to locate and read aloud the verses that matched the clues. This engaging activity will encourage members to delve into the scriptures, promoting a deeper understanding of the Bible while fostering fellowship and a sense of accomplishment among the churchgoers.

27. Word Games

Word Games

Word games are a beloved pastime for the Ladies Church Group. These women gathered to play word-related games such as Scrabble, crossword puzzles, and word searches. These games not only tested their vocabulary and wit but also encouraged friendly competition and mental stimulation. It provided a casual and enjoyable way to strengthen their bonds within the church community while expanding their language skills. The word games activity was a delightful blend of leisure during that era.

28. Bowling


Bowling is a super awesome game, and it can bring super fun among the women in the ladies’ church groups. Members would head to the local bowling alley for a fun-filled outing. It offered a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for women of all ages to socialize, compete, and build friendships. The sound of crashing pins and friendly banter created a vibrant and inclusive environment. Bowling nights often concluded with shared meals, reinforcing the sense of community among churchgoers. It was a light-hearted and cherished tradition within the church group.

29. Roller-Skating

Roller-Skating .jpg

Roller skating was a lively ladies’ church group activity that can be brought back to trend. These women gathered at local roller rinks for a night of nostalgic fun. Amidst the disco music and colorful lights, they glided and twirled on wheels, enjoying an active and joyful experience. Roller-skating nights encouraged both laughter and exercise, strengthening bonds with the church community. It was a unique and exhilarating way for churchgoers to connect and relive their youth.

30. Ornament Making

Ornament Making

The ladies in the church groups engaged in creative ornament-making, fostering both fellowship and artistic expression. Gathering regularly, they crafted intricate ornaments using various materials like paper, beads, and fabric. These ornaments were often used to decorate the church during special occasions, adding a personal touch to the church’s ambiance. The activity promoted bonding, shared traditions, and a sense of accomplishment as they contributed to the church’s beauty and spirituality. It was a cherished activity that strengthened their faith and friendships.

Importance of Fun Activities in Church Groups

Importance of Fun Activities in Church Groups

Fun activities play a crucial role in church groups for a variety of reasons. While the primary purpose of a church is to foster spiritual growth and community, incorporating fun activities into the mix can enhance the overall experience and strengthen the bonds among members. In the following points, we will indulge in the importance of fun activities in church groups.

  • First, fun activities help create a welcoming and joyful environment within a church group. When people feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, they are more likely to participate and engage in the group’s activities. This inclusivity is especially important in church settings, as it promotes a sense of belonging and can attract new members to the congregation.
  • Fun activities also foster relationships and connections among members. Whether it is through a game night, a picnic, or a retreat, these activities create opportunities for people to interact in a relaxed and informal setting. These interactions can lead to deeper friendships and a stronger sense of community, which is an essential aspect of any church group.
  • Along with building relationships, fun activities can also serve as a platform for personal growth and development. Many church groups organize activities that encourage members to step out of their comfort zones, develop new skills, or take on leadership roles. This personal growth can have a positive impact not only within the church community but also in other aspects of a personal life.
  • Fun activities can also be a means of outreach and evangelism. When church events are enjoyable and well-organized, members are more likely to invite their friends, family, and colleagues to participate. This can be a non-threatening way to introduce others to the church and its teachings, potentially leading to conversions or at least sparking curiosity.
  • Such activities can align with the values and teachings of the church. For instance, charitable events like fun runs or food drives can serve a dual purpose of raising awareness about important issues and providing a chance for members to contribute to their community. These activities demonstrate the church’s commitment to serving others and living out its mission.
  • These activities can be a source of stress relief and rejuvenation for church members. Life can be challenging, and everyone faces their share of difficulties. Engaging in enjoyable activities within the church group provides a much-needed escape from the pressure of daily life. It offers a safe space where individuals can recharge their spirits, find solace, and gain perspective through the support and camaraderie of their church family.

Summing It Up

All in all, these activities not only provide an enjoyable break from the routine but also offer opportunities for personal growth, creativity, and service to others. They foster a sense of belonging and purpose that is essential in any faith-based community.

Remember, the key is to tailor these activities to the interests and needs of your specific group. Whether it is through crafting, volunteering, or simply coming together for a shared meal, these moments of togetherness can truly enrich the lives of the women in your church group.

So, enjoy these activities, let your creativity flow, and watch as your church group flourishes in joy, unity, and spirituality.

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