9 Amazing Benefits of Honey for Your Skin

No doubt honey is great for your health. You must have already made it a part of your lifestyle, like adding it to warm water and consuming it first thing in the morning to cleanse your body.

Perhaps you were using it as a natural sweetener, and it also has great medicinal value. However, do you know that honey, the nectar of gods, is a cure for all kinds of skin issues and a boon to everyone suffering from problems?

The main reason can be because of the way honey is extracted and manufactured. Enzymes, plants, and bacteria together combine to give us honey, and the unique process makes it free from any form of contamination.

This is probably why the more raw and unpasteurized it is, the better the results are. Honey is an all-in-one cure for anything related to skin, from cleansing it to fighting infections; Honey does it all for your skin.

We have compiled a list of some of the many benefits of honey for the skin, and we hope this is helpful.

1. Acts as a Moisturizer

Acts as a Moisturizer

If you have dry, itchy, or combination skin, honey is perhaps one of the best methods to moisturize your skin. People with these skin types need to keep their skin moist all the time, and the significant quantities of glucose and fructose in honey make it possible.

Honey for the skin acts as a natural retainer of moisture by absorbing the water particles from its nearby environment. For best results, honey should be combined with excess amounts of coconut oil and then applied to the skin for better results.

Once honey for the skin is applied, the skin will remain moisturized for a very long time. You can apply honey either at night or in the morning as a face mask for just a few minutes before washing it away.

Due to the presence of excessive sugars in the honey, it acts as a natural humectant, which means that honey for the skin can preserve moisture for a very long period of time. Humectants complete their job by transferring moisture from one subject to the other.

They draw moisture from the air surrounding them and give it to the skin. This prevents the loss of moisture on the skin by keeping it smooth and soft for hours.

2. Keeps Skin Inflammation in Check

Keeps Skin Inflammation in Check

When a human body comes in contact with pathogens or irritants, it’s the tendency of the body to react in different ways. This reaction is known as inflammation, and these reactions can be pain, illness, heat, allergy, redness, swelling, fever, or high temperature.

While inflammation helps to get your body on track by putting you on the path of recovery, the process can often be very daunting or painful. One such example can be chronic inflammation, where there are painful results that often interrupt your lifestyle and disturb your sleeping patterns.

Honey for the skin acts as a natural remedy to inflammation and keeps the body healthy and in check. It helps us to decrease the intake of medicines to treat skin inflammation.

When there’s a rash or swelling on the skin, honey can be applied to reduce either rash or swelling. This honey grabs the liquid out of the swollen areas to provide calmness in the skin while diminishing the heatness in the body and the pain. Honey for the skin is the best way to calm the skin and reduce skin inflammation.

3. Reduces Scars

DIY Skin Cleanser

Out of the many reasons why honey for skin is a boon, the reduction of scars is also one major reason. While there can be many reasons for how this phenomenon can be explained, the simplest way to understand is honey helps in the exfoliation of the skin, reduces pigmentation, and helps in the reversal of the effects of inflammation, which, in turn, prevents the scars and reduces their marks on the body. The reason for the scars can be many cuts on the body, marks of inflammation, stretch marks, bacteria infection, etc.

Because of the prevalence of this kind of bacteria on the skin, scars produce raises in the skin. Applying honey to the skin on areas where there have been scars will help the body fight against bacterial growth, which in turn heals the body from raises and scars and slowly diminishes its appearance.

Because honey contains hydrogen peroxide and aids Acne Healing properties, honey for skin can be used quite regularly, even as face masks, to see some progress in reducing and fading the scars.

4. Reduces Acne

Reduces Acne

Honey for the skin is a natural process with the unique advantage of naturally cleansing the skin and removal of acne. This includes honey unplugging the pores and acting on the acne on the skin.

There are particular situations of acne where, because of the bacteria, the skin pores are affected, and acne is formed. It’s hard to get rid of these skin conditions, but with the ability of honey for skin to kill bacteria, honey can help us get rid of acne.

Honey already naturally contains calcium, iron, copper, vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, etc. So, when this is mixed with good quantities of water, it results in the creation of hydrogen peroxide.

This mainly helps the honey for the skin to kill the bacteria. When honey is applied to the skin regularly, it helps open up the pores of the acne and brings the pimples and contaminants onto the surface of the skin. 

5. Helps Overcome Wrinkles

Helps Overcome Wrinkles

Wrinkles are no longer a problem of old age. From kids to young adults, everyone is facing wrinkles on their skin. At the same time, the reason for wrinkles can be many in this day and age.

However, honey for the skin acts as a good natural remedy to overcome these wrinkles. The reasons for the wrinkles can be the reduced property of skin elasticity in the body, increase in dead skin cells, decrease of skin cell production, dry skin, etc.

However, when honey is applied regularly on the skin overnight or during the day actively as face masks, it repairs the cells in the body. Honey for skin hydrates and moisturizes the skin improves the skin’s collagen production, etc. All of these will help keep the wrinkles in check and prevent them from occurring as long as it is being applied to the skin regularly.

6. Restricts Skin Infections

Restricts Skin Infections

One other good thing about honey for the skin is that it both reduces the risk of skin infections and fights against them. Skin infections may occur because of numerous reasons, but one constant would be because of the presence of bacteria on the skin.

Now, honey for the skin kills the microbacteria before it spreads. If you already have an existing skin infection, for example, due to a cut, be sure to use honey on your skin regularly, and this will help reduce the cuts by fighting off the bacteria.

Also, if your wound or cut is recent and if there’s a high chance that your skin is being exposed to all kinds of atmosphere, then there’s also a high chance that the wound will soon turn into infection due to the foreign bodies carrying bacteria onto the skin.

This can be prevented by applying honey to the skin regularly on the wound, and this will wash off any harmful bacteria that can cause infections.

7. Improves Antioxidants

Improves Antioxidants

If we look at aged people and compare them with, say, young adults, their body takes longer to heal from any kinds of issues like swelling, cuts, etc. This is because of old age, and the body takes time, and the process is slow for anything.

This aging can be because of oxidative stress, which can cause problems for the skin. Honey for the skin, on the other hand, is an excellent way to produce antioxidants that protect us against harmful oxidants.

One of the main sources of oxidative stress is because of the sun and its UV rays. When the body is exposed to sunlight regularly for longer periods, it triggers aging.

Applying honey to the skin whenever possible, especially when you will be in the sun for long hours, is a great way to protect yourself from the sun as applying it on the skin produces antioxidants. In some cases, this protection from harmful UV rays will protect the body from wrinkles, skin infections, skin cancer, etc, apart from helping against aging.

8. DIY Skin Cleanser

DIY Skin Cleanser

In today’s world, there are many face washes and body cleansers to choose from, and honestly, we don’t know if they are safe. They are definitely made of different chemicals, but sometimes, getting in contact with those cleansers can negatively affect your body.

So, instead of using them, you can try honey for the skin. Having honey as a part of your skincare routine can give you good results for your skin.

Since honey contains antioxidants, it prevents your body from aging, its antibacterial nature will help you fight acne and other skin infections, and its antiseptic properties will help your skin heal faster.

Honey for skin will keep the skin hydrated for longer hours by taking moisture from the environment. To get all these benefits, all you need to do is rinse your face or skin first with hot water and then massage your face and skin with honey until it’s not sticky anymore then rinse it off with cold water and continue with your skincare routine.

9. Helps with Skin Exfoliation

Helps with Skin Exfoliation

Over time, with age, the ability to produce new skin cells reduces, and this can cause dead and pale skin throughout the skin. While honey for the skin helps to provide moisture to the skin and keeps it hydrated, it also brings dead skin cells to the surface.

When the honey is applied, the dead skin cells and bacteria will be brought to the surface of the skin, and then, while washing, they will be worn off from the skin. The pores are also brought to the surface and worn off.

By wearing off skin cells, the body regains its ability to produce more skin cells and collagen. For best results with exfoliation, honey for the skin should be combined with baking soda.

This combination can then be applied all over the skin, and it’s great to use it 30 minutes before the shower. The sticky substance on your skin will remove the dead skin particles, and while showering with cold water, all of those will be worn off easily.

Summing It Up

You might already have a bunch of skincare that might be personally tried and tested by you. However, though you might not have an issue now, it’s important to understand that honey for skin can be part of your daily routine to hydrate and for glow.

Remember to use the purest form of honey available for better results. Though raw honey can be expensive, it’s still very affordable and inexpensive when compared to the costly skincare that might not even yield any results for you!

Use honey for skin to cleanse your body, hydrate, glow, fight off infections, exfoliate the skin, and protect against wrinkles and aging. Indeed, honey is the natural magic that your skin needs for anything and everything!

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